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I can't give a full review right away, but I...

I can't give a full review right away, but I figured I would edit this one as my recovery progressed.

I had 0.5-0.75 of a Restylane syringe injected into my smile lines about a half hour ago, and my face is still a bit numb. I don't mind the swollenness at all (hopefully it's not that much, because I'd like it to stay relatively close to where it is now), and the only redness I have so far just makes it look like I have a bit of acne around my mouth (which usually happens about once a month anyway). I walked back to work immediately after the procedure and no one has noticed anything. We'll see if my fiancé says anything over dinner. :)

The procedure itself was super easy. The doctor's assistant came in and put some numbing topical cream on my lines, and the doctor came in to take a look at me about 5-10 minutes later. She had me make some facial expressions, then put some more cream on me, and said she'd like to try the injection without dental blocks so she could see where to fill better. (Apparently, the dental blocks stretch the skin above, so they can obscure the depth of smile lines.) Since I wanted the best results, I gave her the thumbs up.

After the second dose of cream did its thing, we started on the right side first, then the left, then put a bit more into the right. Waiting for the very first needle prick was far worse than the actual sting itself. On that first side, none of the injections hurt enough to write home about. A split-second sting followed by maybe 5-10 seconds of a minor burning sensation. Definitely FAR less painful than, say, a flu shot in the arm. The second side was pretty similar, except one of the first injections there did sting/burn enough to make my eyes tear up. None of the rest were that bad though, and the touch-ups back on the first side again were even less painful. I'd call the experience "uncomfortable" to be sure, but I've experienced way more pain for a much longer duration doing laser hair removal. (Which I endured without complaint for fantastic results.)

There was no real massaging, but the doctor did smooth the areas down after each injection. I get the impression that the material is easily molded immediately after it's injected.

On my way out, the receptionist gave me some Arnica pills (1 had to be taken right away), a cute little icepack, and a card for my follow-up appointment in about 3 weeks.

Tonight, I'm going to pick up some Arnica gel from the drugstore.

The numbness is way less now, in the time I've taken to write this, and I'm starting to feel some minor soreness in very isolated spots. I'll keep up with the ice and the Arnica, and see what things are like in a few days.

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