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Well I'm scheduled to have this procedure done...

Well I'm scheduled to have this procedure done very soon. I definitely have mixed emotions. A little scared, nervous but also excited. I have 3 amazing kids and I'm 30 years old. I have lost all of my weight from my pregnancies and have been doing pole fitness for about 6 months (which is great exercise for your core!) I'm 5'1" and about 117 lbs. After consulting with 2 doctors both have said they feel like a MR is not necessary in my case. I really hope so because I have read that it significantly cuts down on the recovery time. The surgeon I chose to go with said if the MR was necessary he would go ahead and proceed with that at the time of surgery. I can feel almost a finger space of separation between my abs but it's not much. It's just the loose skin that bothers me especially when doing planks and you see this "blob" of skin hanging lol. Anyway I will post pictures and try to update my status the best that I can so that hopefully it will help others. xoxo

1 day postop

Well yesterday went really well. I only remember bits and pieces. When I woke up in recovery I remember the only pain I felt was on the incision line..like a burn. The nurse gave me some more pain med and it went away. Still feeling it a little bit but she said it should go away in about 48 hours. I slept pretty good last night on a recliner. I'm getting up about every 2 to 3 hours to just stand up and walk around. I've never been able to sit still so that's probably the hardest thing for me. I haven't taken off my binder and I probably wont until tomorrow so when I do that I can take some pictures. I'm just now starting to get my appetite but don't want to eat too much until I have that first BM. I'm so glad to finally get this procedure done. Now I can't wait to be able to start working out and work on my pole fitness...which I LOVE so much.

3 Days Post Op

I feel pretty good today. I think the second day was pretty bad for me but everyday has been getting better. I can almost stand up straight. I haven't taken any pain medicine since 2:00 pm yesterday. Finally had a BM this morning..it didn't hurt or anything. I guess the stool softeners and gas x has helped. Yesterday was the first day I took off the CG and so I took a few pics but I had to take a nap after, I was so exhausted! I also stay up most of the day and walk around the house a lot. My appetite is also coming back so I had a protein shake this morning and I just ate a wonderful spinach salad..YUM! I go back to the doctor on Monday for my first postop app. I have one drain it doesn't bother me that much I'm actually happy that all that fluid is being released from my body. I am very swollen so I don't seem to have much of a shape right now but that's ok I know it will come. I'm happy with the incision and my belly button. I have to say my skin is so itchy and not to mention tight! I love it. I may have a dog ear on my left hip but it's cool I know it's too early to tell and that it can be fixed so not a big deal. I should of taken some more prep pics of me in a plank because that's when I had the "blob" of skin that would just hang and also when I sat down I had that extra fold of skin that had to be tucked in my pants lol

More pre op pics

7 Days Postop

I can't believe it's been 1 week! I've been doing pretty well. No pain meds for about 5 days now. I take tylenol every once in awhile when my back starts hurting. I recommend to anyone considering this surgery to do as much CORE work as you possibly can before surgery. I couldn't imagine doing this without having any back strength. I see the doctor at 1:00 today for my first postop so I'm excited about that. I took my second shower today and the bandage across the incision fell off so I got to see it. I like it..very clean and low. Yesterday was very hard for me emotionally. My boyfriend of 5 years ended our relationship because he didn't want me to have the surgery done and he told me 2 days postop..over the phone : / It hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe in my heart that I did nothing wrong and it hasn't and won't change me as a person. This was a decision I made for myself and I was emotionally and financially prepared for it. Since he never wanted to make a serious commitment..meaning asking me to marry him I got tired of waiting and decided to do something for myself. Lucky for me I have a lot of people that love and support me so that helps a lot.
Sorry ladies just had to vent a little. With the holidays right around the corner and having 3 children I'm struggling with staying strong through all this but I know I will be ok.
Other than that I'm happy with my decision and look forward to a new year. Merry Christmas!
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor..spent a good amount of time with me at the consultation. His staff are very sweet and helpful.

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