So So Happy I did it!

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I just want to look normal again. I feel so...

I just want to look normal again. I feel so disfigured! We have 6 beautiful children. I was on complete bed rest with 2 of them and limited activity with another. I ballooned up to 230 at only 5'6 and then almost 7 months ago had our youngest and dropped back down To 190. I love my kids and they were worth ever stretch mark but I really need me back!

Dr chosen! Date official! New me here I come!

My initial appointment was with a doctor that I just had a nasty feeling about, so we decided to consult with a few more, so that was my day... I saw three surgeons (or so I thought) my first was with a wonderful board cert surgeon, he was very serious and ready to help me! Answered all questions!

Then I moved on to someone that I believed to be board cert.. I went in there feeling good about me and my shape but he made it a point to tell me that my problem would not be fixed by TT after picking up my stomach and shaking it. He said I needed laser lipo and proceeds to show me photos of a 62 year old woman 4 inches taller then me and over 270lbs down from 360. Not only was she vastly different from me he butchered her, made her look worse and seemed proud! He showed me 5-8 more before and afters of women he had talked women into the laser lipo and they all look awful! Literally butchered!! And then there were the ones he actually did tt for, I could have cried for these women. Then he looks at me again and says I need my butt hips and back done as well!!!! Just sitting listening to him babble I asked what would happen with the extra skin after lipo. He said "it will lye flat and i can cover it with CLOTHES!!!" The whole point in this venture was so I could like what I see naked again! Not to cover it up!! I then find out that he is an ear nose throat dr and does plastic surgery on the side!!!!!! Any way on to the third and final dr!

Dr Michael Hueneke

Great location, great staff, and all around awesome guy with vast knowledge and skill! He was so thorough, polite, and flippen funny! I walked in their heart broken by the previous dr and walked out Knowing there is hope and I'm beautiful! I'm gonna be me again!! So so excited!!

Preop scheduled :)))

July 3rd!!! So excited! And very ready for healing to begin!


53 days and counting!!

This was me November 2012

Just before I had our 6th! At 230lbs

My misfortune!

I can't stand looking at it!

More of my yuck :(

I'll be so happy when it's gone!

Times not going fast enough!

I want this over! I want to sit in the tub and look down not see the two gross mounds of skin! I am naming it. It will now be refered to as yuckity yuck yuck or more formally 3Y lol and I vow to banish it from my body forever!! Sorry guys lol just tired if looking at it!

34 Days!!!!

Woohoo!! But I was on the hunt for a stage two CG and I was wondering how I should size it?!? I mean I know the Dr will be taking off a lot of skin so how do I know I'm getting the right size?!

Did I mention.....

How excited I am?

Getting so close!!

14 days and ha preop today!!

My apt time is 830am... Have to be ther at 630am! Almost there!!

7 days!!!!!

Omg am I realty gonna do this!?!?!

I am not.....

I am not expecting perfection or to look like a model! I just want to feel normal! I don't want to feel gross and unattractive anymore! I just want me back! I'm so excited but terrified and I need this over with!

11 hours and I'm on the flat side!

Prayers ladies, please!

I did it!!


On the flat side

Pain is moderate but tolerable.

Did it :))

So happy:). Sore but so so happy!!!

Made it through the night!

In some pain from the muscle repair ! And very very stiff! But all in all feeling ok! When does it start feeling better?

Feeling ok

I'll post better pics in a bit My drain bottle sprung a leak headed doctor to have it replaced

Update pics

Just a few new photos. Still very sore and swollen but still loving it!

Got a shower

Feel so much better!

Po day 4

Ok so day 4 and I'm not feeling aweful Pretty nauseous and light headed but the pain is not horrid. I'm draining roughly 40cc twice a day. Swollen to the extreme around my girly bits! Itching under my binder! But all in all still very happy I did this!

Day 5 feeling pretty good

Unfortunately I am seriously constipated Been taking the colace since the day before an still nothing. Smh. I would have pain If I weren't constipated. Omg it sucks! I want this drain out. I keep snagging it on my undies. Ill be glad when we can take it out !

The incision doesn't bother me at all. It's all still kinda surreal. Can't believe I actually did it!!! Ill post more pics later!

WOUDN'T have pain

If it weren't for the constipation

My first outing proved exhausting lol

My 8 month old had to go to the dr and my husband wouldn't leave me home alone! So we loaded my swollen toosh into the car and figured 2 hours at the most! We by the to e we got home I'm so swollen and tired I look like I've been hit by a truck. Off to bed I go!

Seriously swollen

1 week check up today!!

Went great, I have to keep my drain until Monday but all looks great!!

1 week post op


Omg the worst pain I've ever felt and I'm the mother of 6! I had a bad coughing spell last night and thought I was going die!!!

Just thought I'd toss a few more pics!

I myself can't get enough! Lol I know that's sounds conceited but ive never liked my belly and this feels so good!!


My incision is itching so bad!!! But looking so good for 9 po

Any suggestions for the intense itching!?

Yay me!

Comfort level is finally starting to even out from my over doing it yesterday!

Full belly maternity pants!

I just had our youngest 8 months ago and had all my maternity clothes. My skin is very tender so jeans weren't an option this morning. I tried on my full tummy maternity pants with the spandex waist and omg they feel wonderful and with a nice top u can't even tell they are maternity!!!

Ooooey gooooey belly button this morning

Wth? It's been perfect til now!?!?!


I pulled my drain stitch, it broke and now I have to go have it restitched! But I am getting my belly button stitches out.

Day 14!

Feelin good but still draining 25cc. Guess ill be keeping it a while.... But still lovin my results! Ill post more pics later

2 weeks!

First pair of jeans since surgery. NO MUFFIN TOP

Drain!! SMH!

I've gotten so blessed with the lack of pain so I feel crazy for whining about the drain but its driving me nuts!!! My drainage is still not going down or changing color and I've accidentally pulled it twice! On day 15 with no end in site. My incision is beautiful my belly button is healing and looking good. But this drain!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I feel like its stopping me from being mom because I have to be so careful when I move! I can't even hold the baby for fear that her sweet little feet will catch it or move it in some way!

Just needing to show off my reasons ....

These are my reasons for getting up daily! They are also the reason my tummy had to get tucked lmao. But I'm so extremely blessed.

Drains are finally coming OUT!!!!

Dr is coming in on his day off to pull this blasted pain in my a$$!

Got my drains out today

Thanks to my amazing dr for coming in on his off day to pull them!! I feel so much better! It didn't hurt at all. He was done before I realized he had cut the stitches!! He took my belly button stitches as well!!

Incision at 17 days po

Already looking good! My BB is healing nicely to!!

My honey Went panty shoppin lol

He's a bit excited that I can wear just about any style now lol. I'm a bit excited too!

Crazy swollen tonight!

But still feeling good, I think I just did to much today?

Before and after

2 weeks preop and 2 weeks post op

Before and after

Still lovin it

Scar up date

I can not believe it is healing so beautifully !

Got to take a Bath!!!!

Felt so good to set back relax. After this weeks events I definitely needed it!

Since all this worry...

Since all this worry about my sweet baby girl started I've been so swollen. Been trying stay calm and focus on healing because she needs me, all my kids need me! But I'm still just so scared!



Shopping with a new friend

And still not swelling bad!! No matter how bad I swell, nothing will ever be as bad as my before!!

Swelling is still staying down ;)

And the bio oils working wonders on my scar!

Before and afters

2days post op and today 3weeks5days

4 weeks tomorrow

I think I over did it today and still didn't get my house back in order.

I've cleaned for 2 days and bathed all my (4) dogs today. Tummy is so tight but still don't look terribly swollen. See my ps tomorrow :)

It's been a long weeks

Drs appointments for just about everyone :( but the weekend was better. We went to watch my Husband play his Tuba in a DixieLand band in Indian and while we were there got to go to the Mesker Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Had a Blast! But I did end up quite swollen :( but not as bad as it has been so Baby steps!

For those of you worried about your BB

I was worried sick about my BB 11 days PO but not it looks FABULOUS!

Antibacterial soap and peroxide once every other day!!!

5weeks 3 days woke up feelin great

Despite the set backs from other health issues and stress I have been so blessed to have had such a great result with so little discomfort!

I pray daily that all of my friends here are doing well and healing quickly! Thank you all for all of your support!

Even swollen I am so happy!

I love that I can look down when sitting and not see that blob!

Fell and swelled up.... It is subsiding

But It was so bad that it stretched me scar and where it was nearly invisible it is now red :(( praying it lightens again! I slept end on ice and caught myself but the jolt hurt so bad.

Still pleased

Belly button healed nicely. Now gotta get the redness to go down

Swell hell round 2!

I feel so tight!!!

Belly button scar at 9 weeks

Lookin pretty good I think.

Before and after

I've these. They always make me smile!

Not related but had to share

She has grown so much. Started walking 5 weeks ago and has not stopped lol. So glad I got the TT when I did, if I had waited I wouldn't have been able to keep up with her!

Hey ladies just a quick update

Feeling great! Everything is back to normal except a few numb spots around my incision and my skin still feels tender. Still having some mild swelling by the end of the day!

Swelling subsiding


Just another day

Feeling good. Always get up feeling sexy but by the end of the day I'm swollen and feelin fat lol

Discoloration due to excessive swelling

Just wanted to update you.. While the swelling in this photo isn't bad at all I wanted to share what's happening. If you look back on my photos you see my scar is extremely light and almost nonexistent but due to the excessive swelling I've experienced it has become very red. My dr assures me the discoloration is temperary and will ease as soon as my swelling does. I just thought this info could be helpful. So hear you go. My big red scar lol

Just a pic

Still swollen but still love that I don't have to his "the thing" anymore

Just an update

Feeling good swelling is still happening but less and less every day.


Finally subsiding

4 months post!

Lovin it!

Shopping without the swollen abs

Felt great to try on clothes without the thing or swollen abs :))

Still swelling a bit

But it's getting better all the time! I'll post pics later;))

7 months out

And still loving it. I've had a few knots come up under my scar but dr insists it's just scar tissue. Swelling is almost nonexistent now :).


Loving it more and more. Recently started tanning and my scar is looking so good


Will it ever go away completely? No complications. Healed perfectly. No lipo. But the swelling is still lingering after nearly a year :(. Still no regrets and still love it but so tired of the swelling

Still lovin it!

Almost a year now :))

Now that my tummy is a success...

Think I'm getting a breast lift as well. What are your thoughts?

Hey guys just a quick update

It's been a year and half and I'm still loving it. Swelling has finally subsided and I feel great! I'm getting my boobs done In July. My scar is nearly non existent but my tummy is not as tight as it was but that is life. I still love it and so well worth everything!

He is amazing!! In every aspect! His staff is wonderful! I just have no words for what he has done for me! This man came in early from his vacation to take care of me himself and on his day off!! He is a one of a kind, caring, compassionate and very skilled PS!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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