Dont Try This at Home! 25% TCA - Nashville, TN

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I was considering a TCA peel last year. I read up...

I was considering a TCA peel last year. I read up on it like gangbusters. I knew everything there was to know about the process. It was ridiculous how much I read.
I ordered the product online and did a patch test. The patch seemed to heal very slowly, but I assured myself that due to the low complication rate, the residual redness would go away in time.

I went ahead with the full 25% TCA peel and burned my skin. I will post pictures.
Please let me assure you of how careful I was. I had everything ready, had directions that I followed to a T. If I had a do-over, I would have ponied up the cash to go to the dermatologist and be under professional care.

I plan to undergo multiple v beam treatments to try to correct the persistent redness.

I wish I had just stuck to my salicylic acid peels. My skin loved them and they did no harm.

Photo...Six Month Mark

Hi there...after all the shocked replies I received about my skin, I wanted to post an update pic so everyone can see that everything has healed and there is just a bit of persistent redness. This last pic I am wearing makeup in; however, I wear very light makeup. I put in the arrows because without them, I dont even think people would notice. :)

A couple more pics

A couple more pics

Its been a 14.5 Months

The scarring is still there. It is lighter and finally I am seeing just the hint that it is starting to fade to a brownish rather than pinkish scar. I restarted a regimen of hydroquinone and RetinA about 6 weeks ago, so I will be back in a few months with more updates to see if there is any improvement. I look some pics in the bathroom this morning with no makeup (forgive ugly tired morning face!). The lighting in my bathroom stinks and I take pics with my iPhone, so I just did my best. All of my scars are easily covered with makeup. Fortunately, much of the red scarring is on the cheek, so i just use less blush
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