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I've always been interested in straightening my...

I've always been interested in straightening my teeth, fixing some spacing on the top and crowding and rotated teeth on the bottom. My smile isn't terrible, but it's something I would like to be better! I went to an Invisaline diamond certified dentist a few years ago who looked at my teeth for about 10 seconds and told me it would take 18 months and $6,500!!! I said absolutely not! I'm not delusional about my teeth, I know they are far from perfect but I felt as if he was just gouging me. I went to a new regular dentist last year and casually asked her about Invisaline since she does it too, she didn't say how long it would take, but the receptionist told me it would be a "full treatment plan" of $3700, $3200 if I paid in full that day, otherwise I would have to pay something like $2000 before making the first appointment, and the rest at the first appointment. Oh, great, sure, I'll get right on that! Better than the original gouger, but still not within reach. I stopped even thinking about it.

A few months ago I started seeing ads on Facebook for SmileDirectClub, and after largely ignoring them because I thought it would be the same price as Invisalign, I finally took a peek at their website, watched some YouTube reviews, and decided to try.

So I took my photos, sent them in, was preliminarily approved! Paid $47.50 for my evaluation kit which took what I felt like was forever to arrive (it was like 10 days, but I was still anxious!), did the impressions the same evening it arrived, and sent them off the next day and got the confirmation email that they had received them. I just got an email over the weekend that said my treatment plan is being created! I'm assuming that means my impressions were accepted.... It was unclear.

I am waiting to see my treatment plan before I authorize my payment, only because I want to make sure I like what they are planning on doing before I proceed.

My only real con at this point is that I got multiple emails while I was eagerly waiting on my eval kit that basically said "Send us back your impressions so we can proceed!" which was frrutrating because I WANTED to, I just couldn't because DHL hadn't handed them over to USPS yet. So I just wish their automated email tracker would be able to see the shipping status before sending those kinds of emails. But that's a minor thing.

Happy so far, will continue to update!

Uploaded the photos I send to SDC for my pre-eval.

Treat Plan is Ready!

Got the email today that my treatment plan was ready to view - I'm pretty pleased with it! The only issue I have looking at it now is that there will be a small gap in between my bottom front teeth, but I think that might be because of how my teeth are shaped, since you can see that from the top view they are perfectly straight in the front on top and bottom.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the treatment plan will also partially fix my overbite pretty well actually, which is awesome and totally unexpected! I was looking to do this strictly for cosmetic reasons, and I'm just even more excited to start now that it will actually fix an issue to boot!

I uploaded screen shots of all angles from start to the final tray. See the guide in the top right hand corner of each photo to see which side/area it corresponds to. I think before and after is pretty obvious between each.

Overall at this point I'm super happy with SmileDirectClub, and I can't wait to proceed!

Ordered my braces!

Hey everyone, just thought I'd give a brief update. I ordered my braces this past Friday even though my digital renderings had been available for about 2 weeks. Yesterday I got an email saying they were working on printing the 3-D models of my teeth! So I'm super excited about that. I figure I should have them by October 3rd if hey really end up taking 21 business days. I hope they don't!

My only issue this far, again, is the near barrage of contact I received between getting my digital renderings and actually purchasing my aligners. I received the email with the digital rendering on August 26th, and between then and September 2nd when I actually purchased them, I received 3 emails, plus text messages prompting me to buy them. It was a little desperate and I found it very off putting. But not enough to deter me obviously!

They're here, they're here!

I got an email early last week alerting me that my aligners had shipped, and they arrived today! I'm so excited to start and also honestly a little bit nervous. Even though I am paying month by month they sent me a Glo whitening kit anyway. They also sent the first 3 trays, a case, an outie tool, and chewies. And an informational pamphlet of course. I'll update in a few days about how it's going in terms of pain, lisp, etc.
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