Step-By-Step Review of Smile Direct Club - Nashville, TN

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I came across Smile Direct Club during a Groupon...

I came across Smile Direct Club during a Groupon search for lip fillers in my area (my best friend and I are preparing to get lip fillers in December. The Groupon caught my eye because my teeth have been really bothering me lately. I had braces in high school and when they were removed I loved, loved, loved my teeth for the first time in my life. I was unafraid to smile in photos and stopped hiding behind my hand when speaking to people. My wisdom teeth were surgically removed in my late 20s and since that time my teeth have begun moving again. I lost my retainer a few years ago during a move and I have noticed lately that I have stopped smiling in photos again and I am beginning to hate my smile all over again. I have a teen that will be getting braces this year and the thought of paying for 2 of us to get braces at the same time is completely overwhelming. So, back to the Groupon, needless to say it caught my attention. I jumped online, poured over the reviews (both the good and the bad), and promised myself that if I went thru with it then I would definitely leave the footsteps of my journey behind for other consumers to follow if they chose to.

I popped the Smile Direct Club Groupon into my cart, checked out, and off we go. That was on 10/14/16. I followed the directions of the email i received and logged in and created my account. I received a followup email that stated if I went ahead and completed my picture assessment that it could speed things up. So I did. On 10/17/16 I received an email saying that my pictures had been approved. Oh also on 10/14/16 they emailed me stating that my impression kit had been shipped, but I'm still waiting on that.

I'll keep you up to date on my journey. Here is to hoping to save a buck and gain some confidence again :)

Ug - shipping :(

Today is 10/21 and I was getting a little concerned that i hadn't received my first impression kit yet. I had received my "It's on it's way" email on 10/14 which had a link to track the shipment. I've been unable to track it. When you click the link it takes you to the USPS tracking info which asks for a tracking #. They didn't provide a number, only a link, so that was a bust. I assumed the kit had shipped out of Nashville (correctly it turns out) and since I only live an hour outside of Nashville it just didn't make sense for it to take this long unless there was an issue. So I reached out via the live chat feature on Smile Direct's website for the first time. It was very simple and the representative answered me within just a few minutes. She was very pleasant, stated that she could help me, and asked for my email. I gave her my info and w/in just a few minutes she provided me with the tracking # and said that my kit would be delivered 10/27. I thanked her and we were done. Now, I have a tracking # which is excellent and a date of delivery which is also excellent. What isn't excellent is that it is taking a package 2 weeks to go the distance of an hour. I checked and it did, in fact, ship out of Nashville. This makes no sense. I'm being impatient, I understand that, and I hate waiting for anything (which is my problem not theirs). With that being said, I sincerely hope that the rest of this journey doesn't progress as slowly as this package is :)

I will update again once I receive this thing and we will see if I can get a good impression (since I've read that it can be a little difficult). Have a great weekend!

Happy Suprise!

Checked the mail on Saturday (10/22/16) and my impression kit came - yay!!!!! In the box you get 4 impression trays (each with it's own catalyst and base to mix) and a direction pamplet. READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. One thing I found really, really helpful is that I read somewhere online (on a site for retainer impressions) that you should press the mold into your teeth rather than biting down on the tray. Supposedly biting down causes slipping. So with that in mind, and having fully read the provided directions, I dove into taking my impressions. Here are my thoughts:
1. Practice putting the trays into and out of your mouth several times before starting. You would be surprised how hard it is to neatly get them in place when your on a timer.
2. CONTROL YOUR GAG REFLEX. I didn't have as much issue at all w/ the bottoms but the tops were borderline torture. What's funny is that I had totally forgotten (blocked out) sitting in a dentist chair w/ tears rolling down my eyes while getting impressions and trying not to throw up. This brought it all back lol.
3. Definitely have a drool towel ready.
4. Be prepared to be completely grossed out at the amount of spit that will be created.
5. I would do this when you are alone at home.

That's it. I've stuck them back in the mail as of this morning, 10/24/16. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that they get accepted and we can get this party started. I've read a lot of reviews/comments where others have had to repeat their impressions over and over and I don't want to live that hell (w/ all the shipping wait times on top of that) so my thoughts are that if my impressions get rejected then I'm going to try and find their 3D imaging place in Nashville and take a little trip (since I'm only an hour away).

I'll update once I receive word about my impressions. Have a great week!

That was fast!!

Woot woot! Received an email just now, 10/26/16, stating that they have received my impressions and to please allow them 3-5 days to look review them. Here is to hoping that they are good to go because I really don't want to do that again :( Hope everyone is having a good day!

Geez - of course they were rejected

Today, 10/27/16, I received an email from Smile Direct stating that my Impressions had been rejected :( The only positive note about this at all is that the turn around time from when I returned the impressions until they reviewed them was phenomenal. On the other hand, I followed every instruction to the letter! They were still rejected! That really, really stinks. The email was extremely pleasant and it included a description of why they were rejected. Apparently it was "tray movement" while the trays were seated in my mouth which caused a dual imprint. Hmmmm...I double checked my impressions prior to sending them and I didn't see any dual imprints (believe me I looked). Then again, I'm not a dental professional. It's disheartening and frustrating and I don't see how I could possibly do a better impression than I've already submitted, but I will attempt it yet again. Of note, earlier in my review I stated that in the case they were rejected that I would drive to Nashville and get them scanned. I have been Googling away trying to find their Nashville facility and I can't find anything. I wonder if they no longer do scans there? I'm going to call today and find out and if not then I will order the 2nd kit. They also stated in the email that there is a charge for the 2nd kit, but the amount will be applied to the total cost of my treatment when I order my aligners. I'm going to go sulk a bit before I give them a call. Hopefully this kit will ship much faster than the last.

Second kit ordered

On 10/28 I called and spoke with a rep regarding my choices for retaking the second set of impressions. Turns out that they are remodeling the Smile Shop in Nashville and therefore it is unavailable until December. The positive side is that at least that will be an option if I screw up the second impression kit. Since the 28th was my birthday, the rep was incredibly kind and didn't even charge me for the 2nd kit (usually $49). So it was mailed out that day and now I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. Next update when it gets here!


Here a couple pics of my teeth. As you can see, I have crowding on the lowers and one of my teeth on the uppers is turning outward which is irritating.


I know I said I would update when I received my second kit...I forgot :) When I ordered my second kit I asked for a smaller kit size. When I did the impressions the first time I had to push the kit onto my teeth rather than biting down. When I tried to bite down I couldn't because the trays dug into the roof of my mouth and into my gums. Well the smaller trays definately did the trick. This time I was able to bite down on the trays. As a side note - the instructions that came with the smaller kit were a little different than the instructions that came with the 1st one. The second kit said to hold the trays in your mouth for a full minute longer than the first one did. So I completed the kit, sent it back, and this morning I received the email stating that my impressions were accepted!!!!! Finally!!! I'm going to have to wait until after the holidays (probably) before I start this journey, but I will update as soon as I do.

I'm on my way!!!

Shew! I have a lot to update. Ok - so I started a lot sooner than I originally thought. On Black Friday I received a text from Smile Direct saying that they were offering a Black Friday special that would take $250 off the total price and part of this could be applied to the initial down payment which would bring the down payment to $99. I immediately made my down payment and signed up for the monthly $99 plan. Everything happened very quickly and this past Saturday, 12/10/16, I received my first 3 aligners. That's a VERY quick turn around compared to other reviews I've read. In my box I received my first 3 aligners, a removal tool, chewies, directions, and whitener. My aligners fit perfectly and I haven't experienced any discomfort at all. My teeth move quite easily though which is why I think I haven't really been sore. Crossing my fingers that everything else goes this smoothly. I am very, very impressed so far. The quality of the aligners is awesome and I love how light weight and unobtrusive they are. I can speak, work, go to town, smile, etc and unless you look very closely you can't even tell that anything is in my mouth. I freaking love that! TU so much Smile Direct :)

3-month update

I am so, so sorry for not updating sooner! Things have been amazing with this company. They debit my account for my payment on the same date every month (they even send you an email a few days in advance to remind you of the upcoming payment). They also send me an email every month wanting an update on how things are going, if I"m having any issues, etc. They seem to send the aligners in sets of 2 or 3. All of my aligners have arrived in plenty of time. I've been very impressed. So now to the good stuff - my teeth are moving exactly like they show in the treatment plan. LOVE THIS! My daughter just got traditional braces and watching her having to take extra precautions w/ them, travel to the dentist on a monthly basis for tightening, and paying the $$$$ for them as well just reinforces why I chose to go a different route for my teeth. I didn't want to cut any corners w/ her teeth and chose to be traditional. I am so impressed with my experience w/ Smile Direct so far. Thank you for giving us a better, easier, and less expensive option to traditional braces.
p.s. I will update w/ a photo soon. Got to run!

Updated pics

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