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I started Smile Direct Club (Questionaire &...

I started Smile Direct Club (Questionaire & Photo Assessment) on 4/29/2016. Photo Assessment was approved and I purchased my first impression kit 5/05/2016. I received my first impression kit 5/11/2016 and mailed them back 5/14/2016 (I know I took forever lol). Lab received impressions 5/19/2016.

Unfortunately they were DENIED! 5/20/16 ???? I ordered another impression kit 5/23/16...Long story short and 8-10 impression kits later I got approved after 4 months of impression kits and waiting for them to be accepted they were APPROVED! Most people would've gave up lol and I'm so glad I didn't ????.

My final impression kit was approved 8/16/16 ???????? I got my treatment plan 8/23/16 and paid for my aligners 8/26/16 ??. Now for the lovely waiting game until I receive my aligners is on now ???? which is 21 business days from the day I paid. Hoping they come in sooner (2 weeks). I feel like I've waiting and been patient enough. Now I'm ready to start the treatment process. I'll try to keep updates coming.

Below are before pictures of my teeth ????????????

Received Trays 1-3

Yesterday (9/23) my aligners arrived! Yay! I was so happy when they arrived and was so scared that they wouldn't fit so I popped them in to see if they would fit as soon as I got home to them which was around 2pm.

At first when I popped them in I was like "that's it?" But give it a hour or so and you'll wish you would've waited until bedtime like they suggest you do. I won't make that mistake again. You're gonna need pain killers as well for the first 3-5 days after putting in a new tray. I'm holding my bottle of ibuprofen tight. The feeling is very irritating after a while but I can't complain too much that just goes my teeth are starting to move.

Today is day 2 of tray 1 and when I have to take them in and out to eat the soreness is REAL. Hopefully I'll have some relief by Monday *fingers crossed* but I can already feel a difference from today than yesterday in the soreness. I'm even able to close my mouth more from how it was for me yesterday. I have a bad lisp if I feel like lol. My sister didn't notice a difference but my mom did right away lol.

I'll keep you guys updated!

Tray 2 update

It is currently Day 2 of Tray 2 and so far not much discomfort as it was with the first tray. Maybe because my teeth had to get used to start moving at first so my mouth had more pressure with tray 1....if that makes sense lol.

A week after I received my first 3 sets of trays, I also got my trays 4-6. So I should receive all my sets by December if everything goes as planned. Also the annoying pressure with tray 1 lasted until Day 4 until it subsided and the tray became loose enough for me to pop it in and out with my tongue by a week.

Any questions leave below. Pictures also attached :)
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