My journey with Smile Care / Smile Direct Club - Nashville, TN

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I'm not sure what exactly to think about Smile...

I'm not sure what exactly to think about Smile Care Club. I was super excited and ready to try the experience, signed up online, took my photo assessment, paid the money, got my impression kit in. I sent the impressions back, got an email stating it was received(02/22/2016)!! NOW IM PUMPED!!! 6 days later (2/29/2016) I got my starter tray and the whitening kit!! Everything fit great! I called that day and confirmed fit, the gentleman however, didn't take any of my information, 2 days later I got another email stating that I should have received my starter tray and to remember to call so they can start the process. I called back, confirmed my fit one more time in case it wasn't noted. Waited another week (03/08/2016) and emailed them regarding my treatment plan. She said it would take 7-10 days following the day they received my impressions (02/22/2016) which would have been 11 business days since the time my impressions were received, but I waited a while longer. On 03/11/2016 I got an email stating that my licensed Dental professional had to make a revision to my plan. On 03/18/2016, I emailed them back and asked for an update on the treatment plan, never heard back. I called 2 days later, they said they did not have an update on my plan and they will get a manager involved and have a member of the care team call and update me. (today 03/28/2016, still no call) on 03/24/2016, I emailed again to follow up on the "waiting for approval" that the live chat rep said was in progress. Still no response. Sent an email today, got an email stating that my plan was complete, but its waiting for approval from the licensed professional.... Not sure how long approving takes... I was under the impression that you sent the impressions in, 7-10 days later you get the starter tray and treatment plan, then 21 days later you will have your aligners to "a better smile" Im already past a month into it, and haven't even seen my treatment plan, which means whenever they decide to send that to me, I will have to wait another month just to start my treatment. AWESOME!!! Starting to lose faith, especially after I was encouraging some of my friends who have minor imperfections to look into it as well... but seeing as how I cant get any answers and its taking this long... I am starting to think I should retract my excitement. :(

Recv'd a call back!!!

After I left my review above (03/28/2016), by the end of the day I got my treatment plan emailed to me, and on 03/29/2016 I recv'd a call from my care team stating that I should have got my treatment plan, and asked if I reviewed it and if I had any questions or concerns regarding my treatment outline. He was very nice, provided me with his phone number if I had any additional questions or concerns. I purchased my aligners on 03/29/2016 after I ended the call. I got an email on 04/05/2016 stating that they are working on my aligners at the lab and they will send me an email when everything is complete and they ship the aligners and provide me with a tracking number. At this time I am still waiting for the lab to be complete the order, but I should be getting my aligner shipping confirmation and be able to start my treatment within a week or two!! Ill keep you posted!! :)

Aligners have arrived!

Hello all!! Wanted to give you a brief update on my Smile care / Smile Direct club review.

Today I got my aligners in. I choose to do the payment plan at the moment, I was scared if I paid for them all at once, that I would lose contact with them. So I choose to do the payment plan option. In my box I got today 04/14/2016, I got 2 sets of my 20 aligners, along with my chewies and another case!

I never got a tracking number from them on my order, so I was surprised that they came in today! according to the packing slip, it left their facility on 04/12/2016.

Im excited to start my journey and see what the finished product will be!!! I have uploaded what came in the mail today.

Tray 1 update!!

My Aligners came in on 04/14/2016, so I just wanted to give you an update on how it feels, and what I'm experiencing!!

When I got my aligners I could tell that they were made out of better quality, and they fit alot better, I can actually hear them snap into place on the two areas, according to my treatment plan, that we are working on.

The first 2-3 days I could tell there was a little tension or pressure. Nothing unbearable It was a little uncomfortable but nothing some advil wont help with.

I can tell when I take them off to eat, that my teeth arent hitting in the familiar comfortable places they used to sit, which is good, that means that its working and my teeth are beginning to shift to their new place for tray 2 to do its thing!

I hadnt taken a picture of my teeth, but decided to.... and of course there is NO flattering angle what so ever, so bare with me!! As you can see in some pictures, my case number and a "U" or "L" is also listed for "upper" and "lower" I can feel the print on them, with my tongue so thats a little weird feeling hahah!!

On my starter trays they cut up my mouth and scratched my cheeks and tongue... I have not had any problems with the actual aligners, they are cut more precise and don't rub and give me sores. I was a little afraid that it would happen every time i put a new tray in, that I would have mouth sores , but so far so good!!

Looking forward to the process and getting closer to my new smile!!

BTW - Im on the 20 tray plan, for 1900$ I choose the payment plan because I wanted continual support, alot of places forget about you after you are paid in full.... So I paid 299 down, and 99 a month.. I had a coupon for 150 off, but since I choose the payment plan, I guess that voided?? I asked on the website chat and she said the payment plan was 99$ a month and that was just how it was... I guess its an incentive for those of you who paid in full... but I'm not saving any money.

Called- No Answer, No Return Call. Emailed - No response.

SO, My initial thought was that I was going to do the smile pay for my aligners. Got started on that. my thoughts behind this, was that I didnt want to lose contact with the provider if I paid in full.... Recently I decided I would just go ahead and pay off the Treatment Plan / Aligners and have all my aligners with me. The reason for this is because I am the type person that likes to have somewhat of a plan. After doing some more investigating on the aligners, I didnt notice any that choose the smile pay option, and there was no updates on when you will receive your next aligners (I only got 2 of my 20 in my box, which is understandable since I choose the payment plan) But I like to know when the next set will come. I dont want to be hanging out with my second aligners come time to switch them out, and have no aligners to change into and have to wait a couple more weeks. That would throw everything off. I would also like to send the insurance claim form into my insurance to see if any benefits are approved.

Anyway, I called to payoff the treatment plan, with no luck of anyone answering or returning my call. So I emailed 04/25/2016, no response yet.

Will keep you posted on the outcome and information thats provided.

I am a week away from changing my aligners. Ive noticed spacing between my top front teeth so seems like everything is going as planned. :)

PIF! Woot! Recv'd call back!

Received an email at 1:22 regarding my balance and that they will ship the aligners in partial shipments (10/10). Which is expected as I believe you have to re do impressions at 10 to make sure everything is going as it should. Don't quote me on that, it's just what I've gathered.

I also got a phone call at 2. The customer service was very polite and helpful. I did get the new pricing they are offering which is awesome. I asked her about my coupon I had when I first bought my aligners. But since I was paying payments I didn't get to use the coupon. She checked on it and stated that she could not provide the additional discount since I've already started paying. She offered some other things, and all was well and I was satisfied. So I paid my treatment in full, and I'll be receiving my other 8 out of the 10 aligners in a week or so I'm sure (since I already have 2 of the 10) and after they see all is well after those 10, I'll get the last 10 of my set :)

Tray 2.

I changed out my aligner to aligner 2 last night. OMGOSHHHH they are TIGHTTTT. Much tighter than the first ones, they snapped in place, and I had to use the chewies... yes, that tight!!! I took some advil and went to sleep, slept great, no pain. Woke up this morning, no pain... about 30 mins later, it felt like someone punched me in the teeth all night. You know that feeling when you hit your mouth, or your teeth and they ache like they could maybe be lose or something because you hit so hard (but they aren't) that's what it feels like!! That is the only way I can explain it . WOW.. We will see what the next couple of days bring, in the mean time, I'll be keeping my advil / tylonal close by!!

Tray 2 - Photos.

Just wanted to upload my photos of my Tray 2.. I dont think they are much different than my first pictures, but for the people who may be curious... Excuse the lighting, I have my office lights off, my head is killing me, and the light from outside, and the shadow from my phone made me look like I had a giant bruise on the side of my face, so I cropped it down. I had a sunburn recently as well, so my face is peeling in some spots as well, sorry lol!

Recv'd Trays 3-10

As I stated above, I decided to paid off my treatment plan. Today I recv'd trays 3-10 in the mail, along with an extra case (this would be case 3 they have sent! not complaining about extras!!)

I have attached pictures of the box... which still states "Smile Care Club", Instead of "Smile Direct" along with the picture of the aligners.

In my post on 04/26, I stated that I was wanting to get the insurance form from Smile Direct, stating that my treatment was PIF so I could see about getting reimbursed from my insurance company. Currently I have not heard back from the email I sent them regarding that. A couple days ago I live chatted on their site, and they said they would transfer me over to a senior care specialist... Im not sure how you transfer a live chat, but it didnt happen anyway. I got an email today regarding my aligner change and how things are fitting and how did the last aligners fit and if I had any questions. I answered the questions, then sent another email asking again about the insurance form, we will see if anything comes of it.

Insurance Claim Form

As you may have read above, I requested the form I needed (on 04/26 & 05/06) to send to the insurance company to be reimbursed for the treatment.

Today 05/11 I received an Itemized bill from them to send to my insurance company. (Attached)

Im not sure if thats all I need, or if Ill have to fill out another form from the insurance company... Ill repost the process below after.... or should I say IF, it works out.

If anyone has already filled out the insurance claim form, please post your process below to help us others, who have not filled it out in hopes we are headed in the right direction. :)

Tray 3

All is going well! tray 3 felt tight, it also felt more tight on my gums on the lower right side. It has rubbed a sore :( They were hard to get in and out yesterday when I changed them. This morning on the top right side, I can take that half of the aligner off with my tongue.

What I also noticed was weird on this one, on the top left next to my front tooth, when I take off the aligner it almost gets that sensation like when you all of a sudden get something stuck in between your teeth. Its really weird.

My front teeth dont feel like someone punched me with this aligner lol!! So Ill take all the weird little things :)

Tray 4.

Yowza!!! TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT - So tight that for the first time, Ive used my chewy hoping it would help. When I bite all the way down on my chewy, the pain is relieved, then as soon as I let up, even a little I think it might hurt just a little more for a few seconds.

Now usually I change my trays at night with advil or Tylonal. Well I will be pretty honest here, I am a week behind on changing my tray if you havent noticed... whoops... so one thing lead to another, and I got lazy... lets just throw it all out there... So what went from accidentally forgetting to put it in after I eat and brush, went to forgetting to put it in all night... I know I know... Not a good idea... well what went from not having it in at night... a couple days later I forgot to put it back in after brushing in the morning, and I went to work without it.

Things have been pretty crazy at the house, I have my niece visiting for a few weeks... and with a toddler trying to rule the roost, and be bossy and jealous, and my niece needing stuff at the same time Im getting ready.. well I have a forgetful mind in general... SO this intensified it.

ANYWAY, so I decided I better wear my tray 3 for an extra week since it was a smidge tight....

SO here I go onto Tray 4... and WOW. yikes it hurts, and to make matters worse with my bright ideas, I decided to change them out this morning, instead of last night... wont make that mistake again.

Ive noticed two areas that are improving. One is the tooth on my bottom right... You can see that in the beginning pictures, it was a little crooked, I feel like theres been movement. the other area is the gap where I had a tooth extracted on my top left side, the gap is getting smaller. I think on my treatment plan, it showed that gap being closed on tray 9 or 10... so we will see!!!

I went to the dentist the other day for my annual exam and cleaning, she complimented my teeth, so that's a plus!

Comparison Review

So, a friend of mine got invisible aligners from her dentist.. not invisalign, but invisible aligners like what smile care club provides.

I was actually in shock by what hers looked like compared to mine. I figured they were all kind of the same, apparently not.

You could DEF tell that she had aligners in, as they hang off of her teeth. (for example, imagine the bottom of your teeth, then having the aligners like 1/4 inch off the bottom of your teeth) its very obvious that she has something in her mouth, which effects her speech, and theres slobber bubbles hanging out in there lol. I honestly dont know how she does it. Its almost like they dont fit, because they dont snap onto the teeth in place and arent snug like mine seem to be. That would bother me, yet she still wears them with no complaints... I asked her if they provided any chewies thinking maybe they are just too snug that they arent popping into place. She said they werent provided, and that thats how the dentist put them on in the office, so she knows that they are right... Im confused at how a dentist lets their patient leave with their aligners not even fitting correctly. I would personally question their ability to work on my teeth, and seek out someone else, but Im weird like that. She also said that she skipped the first tray, because her dentist told her to. Which is also very odd to me as well. He said that her teeth have already moved, in a positive way, so they didnt need the first tray... Im not sure that your teeth move and get crooked and things of that nature and then after time they just simply move back?!g hmm.... Maybe the impressions werent good... I wouldnt think her teeth would move that much in 2-3 weeks that she waited for them to come in, but everyone is different I guess.

All in all, I think I would DEF rather have mine from Smile care/ Smile Direct club, over those. I just dont understand the process if they arent snug on the teeth and hanging off how they are doing what they are supposed to be doing... I am by no means a dentist, but Im not sure thats how they are supposed to be. We will see I guess..

Tray 5.

Snapped right in!! :) Tight, the back on the top left (same side as the gap on the top) it was kind of hanging a little off my teeth, nothing noticeable I could just feel that it wasnt on there very good. Chewed on my chewies for 30 mins or so, took some advil, went to bed, woke up, they are snug and tightly fitted on all on teeth! These ones dont hurt as bad as tray 4 did. But I can tell that I have made some progress since the beginning.

I've attached my normal pictures for this tray!!

Random VM

So I was at work yesterday and I missed a call from TN, they left a VM and I listened to it after work. According to the VM it was smile direct club, an automated recording saying that my impressions kit is on its way and I will be on my way to a better smile.

Which confused me... considering I already obviously have trays and Im only on Tray 5...

I read a couple places that says tray 10 you will have another set of impressions if you are on the 20 tray plan to make sure everything is going as planned. Which if thats the case, we are a bit early...

I never got an email from them either saying that something shipped. Actually the last time I got an email from them it was May 26th. Which was when I moved to tray 3. Since then, I havent heard anything from them, so Ive just been trucking on.

Has anyone else had to take impressions randomly during their course of treatment.

Another thing I thought of... I seen on FB an ad, I commented on their ad saying that Im using them and love it. I have a blog on RealSelf. So I thought, well maybe they are just trying to send out impressions to interested parties to get them to sign up... but that couldnt be the case, considering they dont have my phone number or anything just off a comment I left on FB.

So I guess we will see if I get anything from them in the mail and see what it says..

Tray 6.

So far so good. Tight, but not as tight as the last ones. They dont snap as hard in. I noticed that one tooth in particular is sore on the top left side. This is because its a little pushed out of line, but I can tell with my aligners that they are pushing it back in line to be nice and straight. :) The gap is getting smaller on that top left side. According to my treatment plan by tray 10 it should be pretty much closed. :) The bottom ones are snug, but I am not feeling any pressure on the bottom ones with this tray.

Tray 7

Good morning all!!! Ok, so Im a little late with my review. I changed into Tray 7 on Wednesday night. It was tight like normal which is always good. This tray I noticed has kind of roughed up my cheeks a little on the inside. It doesnt hurt any, I just noticed with my tongue that both sides are a little rough. Anyway. So they sent me an email telling me to change trays, they asked when I changed and how long I've been keeping them in and if I had any questions regarding the fit etc of the tray. Pretty standard. They also asked for pictures of my progress on this email. They requesting 13 pictures. Ones with my aligners in, and ones without. One thing Ive noticed on those emails... Im not really sure that they actually read them... could be wrong... Ive sent a question in about how my dentist shaved down my front teeth to make them even... not much was taken off but there is a gap between the aligner and my tooth. I asked if they will take more impressions before sending out the last 10 trays.. and use those impressions to make the next set. I have yet to get any response and ive sent it in probably 2 times.

But no complaints. Everything is moving along. I will upload some pictures (probably the ones that they asked me to take) after I get that accomplished... its going to take 2 people to do those pictures.

Tray 8

OKAYYYYYYYY, this tray is TIGHT.... like when I put it in, I had to literally shove it in, it made my teeth hurt SO bad. It almost felt like I skipped trays or something.......

As for improvements.... the gap is almost closed, I cant even stick my tongue between those two teeth (on the left upper side) so theres def improvement there... however, the tooth next to the front middle one, now has a gap.... which to me is unattractive, I dont want a gap at the front of my smile :( and I noticed my "canine" teeth arent even anymore in my mouth, ones is more towards the front, and the other side is scooted more towards the back of my mouth, which is odd (if that makes sense) NOW, The bottom right side where the tooth was turned slightly.... well its pushed my other tooth (bottom middle) back so the front bottom two, are off set... when they use to be straight. Thats now an area of concern for me.

With all that being said... I went and looked at my treatment sheet and noticed that the last 10 arent doing things that Im real excited about... my smile is pretty good right now, other than working to finish close that gap (which would be completed by tray 10) and try to fix up my bottom front teeth where it kind of messed them up. Well according to my treatment, the last 10, they are wanted to do what appears to me as push the left side teeth up... which REALLY off sets my smile, one side will me much lower than the other side... then towards the end, they are wanted to do what seems like push my front teeth up as well... my teeth arent very "long" so if they get pushed up further then I may have chic-let teeth. YIKES... remember in my previous posts, that my dentist shaved my front teeth to be straight across so that already took off a little height.. I may email them, and ask them about my concerns and also tell them Im not interested in the second 10, with how to top teeth transform.

End of Tray 8.

I have been pretty bad with this tray. So Im a little late on changing it out. However, my teeth... hurt. where my gap is closing, my gums are all inflamed and swollen and it hurts. Also, I noticed only two out of 4 back teeth they have moving forward (the 4th one being my wisdom tooth, I didnt expect to move anyway) I have attached pictures from the end of this tray. Tonight I will be moving on to Tray 9.
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