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I had a badly deviated septum that needed to be...

I had a badly deviated septum that needed to be repaired, and I decided to have a rhinoplasty at the same time.

Day of surgery: Woke up from surgery extremely out of it. Had a really bad headache and my lip hurt (I had maybe bit it during the post surgery recovery. After some time waking up, they got me dressed and sent me home. Took pain meds and anti-nausea meds, had some soup and went to bed.

Day after surgery: Not in much pain from procedure, but taking pain meds due to headache and an extremely sore throat. Spent most of the day in the recliner. The other bad issue going on today was an extremely dry mouth, so throat lozenges have been my best friend. Drinking/swallowing is uncomfortable. Every drink or swallow creates a vacuum effect in the back of my nose which makes me feel like I am struggling for air. Drainage wasn't horrible, and I used saline drops in each nostil several times today as Dr directed. I end the day rinsing out each nostril with a light saline mist and gently cleaning the blood out of only the outermost nostil with a Qtip.

Days two and three post surgery

Day two was pretty bad. Very uncomfortable with the packing, and it's hard to drink liquid due to the vacuum effect, so I felt dehydrated. Most of the oozing is gone, so no more mustache. Face is more swollen today, especially under my eyes. Continued pain meds due to headache and throat pain. Used Shower Pill wipes for a sponge bath and managed to brush my teeth and put on clean clothes. At the end of day two, I felt like I had some really bad globby drainage caught in the back of my throat, so I sniffed it back to try to get rid of it, and a huge glob of junk was in my throat. I had to cough to get it out, and when I spit the most horrible looking mass was in the sink. Just awful. I also managed to spit out one of the plastic stints from inside my nose. I called the doctor and he said not to worry about it, that it should be fine. The upside to spitting out the packing material is that I can breathe through my nose, and drinking became significantly easier.

Day three: face was the most swollen so far. Applied ice and arnica and it has gone down throughout the day. Off pain meds, just taking Tylenol. Drinking more so urinating more. Except for the really dry crusty feeling insidey nose I feel pretty good.

Day 4 Post Surgery

Tip: Get Arnica Montana sublingual pellets to start taking immediately after surgery. I wish I had them on Day 1, but I didn't get them until last night and they have already made a significant difference in my swelling overnight. Also, I cannot strongly recommend enough finding a doctor that will NOT use packing in your nose. If you can't, at least find one that will take the packing out the next day or two after surgery. I have been obsessed about reading about this procedure since I had it, and so many doctor's post care instructions mention taking the packing out a day or two after surgery.

Day 4 started off fine. Felt better overall and mood was good. Was able to do a few more things than previous days. However, as the day wore on, my nose started really throbbing and started itching, which is not pleasant since you can't touch anything. I went out to the store with husband driving, and by the time I got home I wished I hadn't gone, at least not without taking some nausea meds (I am a highly nauseous person). Starting to dread the office visit Monday, because even though I badly want this splint off my face, I am not looking forward to the cleaning of the inside of my nose. The doctor only told me to irrigate with saline drops, which I have been doing, but I can still feel a ton of swelling and crusty junk in my nose. I have read that other doctors recommend gently cleaning the inside of the nose with a qtip and saline and or peroxide, but my Dr didn't say to do that. It is incredible how each doctor's follow up advice is so different from the others. Can they not reach a consensus on what is the best practices in post-op care? Anyway, last night was the worst yet for sleeping. Couldn't get comfortable, nose was congested so I was breathing out of my mouth and snoring.

Day 5 Post Surgery

Pretty much the same as yesterday. Swelling and bruising almost completely gone. Still rinsing out nose several times per day. Getting antsy and nervous about follow up visit in two days. I keep reading on other doctor's after-care instructions that you should take a pain pill prior to your follow up visit to help with the pain and discomfort of the removal and cleaning and to have someone else drive you, but my doc didn't mention any of this. I think I am going to take the pill and have husband drive.

The only thing new is the feeling that I want to rip these splints and tape off my face because I feel like my face is being held hostage.

I have decided a list that I would recommend anybody going through this surgery should have on hand and ready before you go under the knife.

Arnica Montana pills and topical cream
Yeast infection medicine (if you have trouble with antibiotics)
Anxiety meds (if you have an issue with anxiety)
U shaped travel pillow (helps with sleeping propped up)
Extra pillows
Neil Med sinus/nasal bottle and packets or neti pot
Afrin spray
Saline spray/drops
Sore throat spray and throat lozenges
Stool softener (constipation is normal with this procedure and meds)
Lots of qtips
Shower pill body wipes for the first few days when you don't feel like showering
Lots of soup/oatmeal/soft foods
Some comfort foods
Lots of movies, TV shows, books to catch up on
Someone to stay with you at least 24 hours

That's all I can think of for now.

I will update again in two days after follow up visit.

1st follow up visit rhinoplasty and septoplasty

Yesterday was a week since surgery day, and it was time for my first follow up visit. This is probably the most nervous I have been in a long, long time, and a certain terror has set it based on some of the things I have read about other people's follow up visits. I decide to take a pain pill and have the hubby drive me. In the office, the doctor sprayed a numbing spray in both nostrils, came back maybe 10 minutes later and sprayed again. Lucky for me, I did not have to endure the packing removal that others have said was so painful, because I spit mine out on day three, along with one splint. The doc removed the other splint which felt more weird than painful, but when he started messing with the stitches inside my nose between my nostrils is when I thought I would hit the roof. It mostly was extremely uncomfortable and tender. Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought, but again I had no packing to remove. Then the doctor removed half the staples in my head from the fascia transplant, which was weird but not painful. I finally got to see my nose and boy do I have a Honker! Nose is really swollen and my tip is so round, but I was expecting that so I am not upset and know its part of the healing process. I have to go back in a week for more examination and to have the rest of the staples removed. Instructions for the week is to basically finish my meds, leave my nose alone, sleep propped up still and still take it easy. I am still taking arnica pills for swelling and arnica gel topically. I will update again after next week's post op.

Two weeks post surgery update

Last week I had the splint removed and my nose cleaned out. I mentioned that my nose was HUGE. I didn't let it upset me because I had read enough reviews that I knew it wasn't permanent. Well my nose was huge for about two days post splint removal. I felt like I had a clown nose or a prosthetic nose on my face and I was very self-conscious about it. But then the swelling came down quite a bit, and once the bridge of my nose narrowed out I started to feel like me again. I know from many reviews that the tip is the last to go down in swelling, and I would agree, although every few days I seem to notice a change. The doctor checked me out again two weeks post op and said everything looks good inside and out. My airways are really clear most of the time, and I am sleeping better already and have more energy. I have another follow up in a month. Until then I am still applying arnica gel once per day, using saline often and decongestant spray when needed.

10 months after surgery

Since my last update, I can say that my nose continued to swell and go down randomly here and there until around month 6, and then it stabilized. I haven't noticed and changes in the last few months. The tip of my nose is not quite as narrow as I expected or wanted, but overall my nose looks great. I had a little bulb at the end of my nose which is gone, and the small bump in my bridge is gone. Most importantly, I can breathe! I had quite a bit of congestion for a few weeks this summer, but I think it was likely due to me relying too heavily on nasal decongestant spray and the resulting rebound congestion. I am extremely happy I had this procedure done.

Almost two years post surgery

I just wanted to check in to say that I am so very happy that I had this procedure done. I still can breathe through my nose so much better than I ever did on my clearest day pre-surgery, and the visual changes in my nose have been significant to me and well worth the cost and recovery.
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So far, so good.

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