Turning 40 This Year, a Gift to Myself. Nashville, TN

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I have my sugery date set! 3/9/2016! Patiently ...

I have my sugery date set! 3/9/2016! Patiently counting down the days and putting together the list of things that I'll need while recovering. I've requested my time off work and will be going in for my pre surgery consult in a couple of weeks. After interviewing doctors, I made my decision to go with Dr. Gilpin. My consult with him went very well and I've been impressed with his staff. The price quote was fair and I chose to go with a surgical center vs. a local hospital pavillion to help with cost. I'm planning on posting photos through my journey. ?

It's the little things...

I appreciate it when a thoughtful gesture is made. This just makes me feel more comfortable about my decision to go with Dr. Gilpin's practice.

"Before" Photos from my consult on 2/4/16

25 Days and Counting!!

I've waited all of these years for this to finally happen and these past three weeks are slowly creeping by. I've had time to give thought as to why I've waited so long. I believe that you tell yourself that plastic surgery is too expensive or you come up with other things to do to try and make yourself feel better. Ultimately, I wish that I had researched the cost and interviewed doctors sooner. Hindsight is 20/20.
I'm still worried about my not being able to workout for so long. I CrossFit/Olympic Lift 5 x's a week so not being able to train will be a difficult task. In the end I know it's for the best so I plan on letting Netflix entertain me and allow my body to rest and recover.

Cleared for surgery...

I had my physical this past Monday to get my blood work done and surgery clearance from my primary doctor. All went well and I got the green light! I was put at ease because when my doctor found out that I was having my rhinoplasty done by Dr.Gilpin, he had great things to say. He confirmed that I made the right choice by choosing a double board certified plastic surgeon that only specialized in the face and this was without my asking his or prompting his opinion. I'm ready for this to happen. So glad I chose to invest in myself with this decison.

Plumping the lips? Any advice?

I've been giving some thought to my consultation and Dr. Gilpin mentioned that some of his clients notice their lips more when they have had rhinoplasty. More than likely because they are more visible or are not overtaken by a larger nose. I'm seriously considering having my lips worked on as well but have no idea where to begin, the options or cost. The more I look at my pictures, the more I can consider it so that it will be a balanced effect and let's be honest, I just want to feel good about my appearance. I want a beautiful result.

Any CrossFitters/Lifters with tips for recovering after Rhinoplasty?

Any CF'ers or Lifters with tips for surviving the recovery period after open rhinoplasty? How did you stay sane? Did you do any mobility? I'm planning on taking 6 weeks off and returning then at about 50%. I'm just worried about muscle loss. Thanks in Advance!

Pre Op Complete!

I had my pre op appointment this week and took care of my surgeon's, anesthesia and surgery center fees. Dr. Gilpin's office made it a breeze because I took care of everything there. I got my post op kit in a cute cosmetic bag, along with my post op care instructions. Dr. Gilpin allowed me to get my prescriptions early so I don't have to worry about filling them on my way home. I stopped at Whole Foods and got some extra items that other Real Self er found helpful. I'm still debating on whether I will need a humidifier. Checklist is almost complete. Now we just count down the days. :)

Surgery complete and now to recover...

I cannot believe it. I had my surgery literally less than 24 hours ago. Still in disbelief that I set and accomplished this goal. Where to start? I was so nervous the night before. I woke up at 4am, checked in at 6am and was rolling to surgery a little after 7am. Dr. Gilpin came to check on me, review our plan and talk to my husband about what to expect. He is such a good doctor. All I remember is being rolled into surgery and thinking of a good memory so that I went under anesthesia, that I would have a great dream. So I dremnt that I was in Destin on the beach with my family. Honestly, I remember rolling to the surgery suite but nothing else after that. I was told that they had a hard time getting the breathing tube down my throat. And I felt it, my throat hurt so bad! It's just now feeling back to normal. The staff at Cool Springs Surgery Center were great from pre to post surgery. It was so hard to wake up! And my eyes, from where they lubricated them were so greasy and cloudy. I remember that it was so important to tell the nurse, "Good Morning". Lol! But they were sweet when they told me it was almost 2pm. My husband and dearest friend waited for me and were there after I woke up. I remember drinking water and Sprite and the drive home felt like it took 20 hours versus the actual 20 minutes. I threw up all of that water and Sprite mixed with a TON of blood swallowed from surgery. It was a horrible thing to see in the mirror because I could not get on my knees. I literally stood up and threw up in the sink. But I felt so much better afterwards.

I'm really surprised at how little I'm looking at my nose. I thought I would be analyzing it but I'm top nervous! I know what I see is not what it will be.

I knew I'd have black eyes, simply because I bruise so easily. I'm on my schedule of antibiotics, pain pills, stool softner and arnica montana. Thankful for my husband. He's making sure that I stay on the track with taking my pills on time.

No cartlidge needed from my ear!

I forgot to mention that Dr.Gilpin was able to complete the rhinoplasty with my nose cartlidge and did not have to harvest any from my ear. He was very happy with the procedure and came to check on me afterwards to let me know all went well. He can't wait to take post pictures and that's a great encouragement to me!

I knew he would call the next day but he called my husband a few hours when we got home to check on me and follow up on how I was doing. Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Gilpin.

It's so weird that it felt like it would take forever for this day to come and it's happened! I'm keeping a super positive attitude because I know that it's half the battle in recovery.

I've had water, smoothies and pineapple juice since I have been home.

I keep touching the anti nausea patch that they put behind my ear and keep having to wash my hands. Ha! I'll take it off later today to make sure that I follow direction.

I'm not a fan of the Biotene Moisturizing Mouth Spray. I've been keeping the dry mouth lozenges handy and those seem to be working alright.

I will say this, I'm surprised that I can actually breathe a little through my nose. I have the cast and drip pad but I don't believe that he impacted my nose or put a splint in there. Not that I notice. He did share with me that his approach is a very gentle one. I'm still primarily breathing from my mouth out of instinct.

I'm icing as much as I can to help the swelling go down.


The night before my surgery, I gave myself a really good facial and used a Biore strip because I knew that I wouldn't be able to wash my face.

After my surgery, I definitely recommend wiping any and all areas that does not interfere with your sugery because there was iodine all over my face and neck. It felt so good to have a wet wipe to give me a refreshed feeling. :)

2nd Night Post Op

Well, I'm pretty sure that I do have a splint inside. I gathered the guts to give my nose it's first full cleaning tonight and caught a glimpse of the metal splint.

I did not have any nausea today and have held down the smoothies, pineapple juice and mashed potatoes. I'm a little stir crazy already. It's rare that I'm home this long. There is so much I want to do but I keep forcing myself to sit and rest.

Other than that, all is well. Dr.Gilpin called to check on me and he relayed how happy he was with the procedure and was confident that I will feel the same.

I'm diligently cold compressing my black eyes. I hope that they will fade soon.

A Beautiful Arrangement from Dr. Gilpin and Staff...

Such a beautiful arrangement and surprise arrived today. They have made this such a positive experience for me and I'm so glad that I took the time to find Dr.Gilpin and his amazing team.

Day 3 Post Op...

They say it's the worst. It feels like it. My face is so swollen and I'm so congested. Forget trying to control a sneeze. I keep feeling a yawn coming on and have to fight with all my might to keep from stretching my face in any way. It's torture. I've had a few friends come to visit and check on me. I love my girlfriends. They are so supportive of my doing this. I'm going to keep icing to help the swelling and am going to bump up the water intake to flush all the toxins out of my system. Hopefully, I'll get some relief in the next few days. I noticed that my ankles were swollen right away. I'm sure it's because I was on an I.V drip for so long. Hopefully, that will go down as well

What's worse than breathing through your mouth when sleeping?

Breathing through your mouth when sleeping with your bottom and top retainers in. Wah!

I'm being a whiny baby, of course. Trying to say positive with a small dose of sarcasm because this is all elective. I just cannot believe that my face is as swollen as it is. I've bumped up my water intake and am also drinking pure pineapple juice vs. taking Bromelain. I don't know if I've missed the window on the topical arnica. It doesn't seem to be a good idea to do both the topical and oral.

I'm trying not to hyper focus and obsess with my nose right now. Trying to just focus on healing. I would be lying if I didn't say that I wish that Dr. Gilpin could take the cast off now to give me a seek peek but I know it's a process.

I've begun reading a book I picked up that's supposed to be a good one. "Everything I Never Told You", by Celeste Ng.

The constipation struggle is real, by the way. The stool softner only help a bit. :/

Day 5 Post Op

I had an anxiety dream that I blew my nose really hard and my cast came off messing up everything. I'll be glad when Tuesday comes and I can go back to Dr. Gilpin to have it removed. I don't know why I'm so nervous about taping it myself afterwards. I guess I just want it to look beautiful and not mess anything up. I'm doing my best to keep a positive attitude but my swollen cheeks/face was something I was not prepared for and I'll be honest, it's getting me a little down. I've switched to regular Tylenol and have put away the pain pills. I just don't like how I feel on them even with the additional pill that helps with the nausea that I was prescribed.

Some good news is that the brushing around my eyes is lightening up. I have began slowly massaging them up and towards my temples. I heard that this helps move the blood and toxins to drain into your lymphatic system. If anything, it feels comforting.

Another plus is that once a day, if I lay just right, I can feel the gunk draining from my nasal cavity and if I suck on the back of my throat, it will pull a good amount of gunk that I can spit out of my mouth. This has been relieving the pressure and all of the blood is dark which leads me to belive that it's not new, so hopefully that is an indicator that I am not having any new bleeding.

I am drinking as much water as I can handle to flush out all of the meds, anesthesia and toxins from my system.

Until now I've been walking around the house to get the blood flowing. I might go for a walk later tonight but will wait until it's dark so the neighbors don't see me. ;)

I feel so much better today...

I feel so much better today. I transitioned to the Tylenol vs. the pain pills. My oldest daughter washed my hair for me and that made such a huge difference in the way I felt. The swelling has gone down some and my face is starting to peel from it. I'm glad I bought face wipes. The neck pillow and face wipes have been life savers. Everything else I honestly could have survived without. I have not work my contacts regularly since the surgery. If they go in, they don't last long and I take them out. If it wasn't for the fact that I have been sleeping so much, I'd be concerned but I've been taking advantage of this rest time. I usually wake up at 4am and work out until 6am, then get ready for a full time job and then come home to my husband and kids.

I did have a hard time getting to sleep last night. It was tempting to go back to the pain pills but I'm glad I didn't. I woke this morning more clear headed.

My post op appointment is tomorrow and the cast comes off! At this point, I'm not sure which I want more...to see my nose without the cast or to be able to take a shower! :)

Retainer Update

I had my braces taken off at the end of last summer and wear a bottom and top retainer every night. It has been so hard to sleep with my mouth open and with them in so I just wear my retainers now during the day to avoid the chance of shifting. I'm sleeping in such bursts anyway that I find I'm wearing it more during the day than at night. I hope that this helps anyone who has a rhinoplasty coming up and has been wondering about it. I honestly thought that I might wear my retainers during surgery but they need your mouth clear of anything because of the breathing tube that they need to put in for surgery.

Day before cast removal...

Post Op Appointment

First reveal after my stitches and cast were removed. I had my post op appointment today. The stitches being removed were the most uncomfortable part. It felt like a good bit of pinching but was over pretty quickly. I almost didn't want to look in the mirror, but when I did, I was so happy with the results. I expected to see swelling but even with the swelling, I could see what a wonderful job Dr. Gilpin had done. I was taped again after the cast was removed and will need to wear it for another week.

I've extended my time off work by a few days. I didn't bounce back like I thought I would and will need to recover properly.

Ashley from Dr.Gilpin's Office gave me a few samples of concealer to help cover the bruising.

I can't stop looking in the mirror in disbelief. I'm so pleased with the results. I will go back again in another week have the tape removed, another post op check up and to get instructions on how to tape at night.

I'm still sleeping elevated to be on the safe side, keeping the sodium low and doing my best to focus on healing.

Comparison Picture

Here is a split screen showing right before surgery and my first post op visit.

Update Tidbits...

I have been bathing up until this point and finally felt up to taking a shower. It was a solid effort to keep my tape dry but it honestly made such a world of a difference to wash my own hair and scrub all of the yuck from being stagnant at home.

Not working out the past eight days has been so difficult. My morning work outs keep me balanced body, mind and spirit so it has been an adjustment not having that in my routine but I know it's all for the best. Keeping my patience levels in check.

The swelling is subsiding...

It's a relief to see the swelling subside. I've been working on my bruises with hot/cold compresses, apple cider vinegar and a topical called DerMend. I hope that they will wear away before I return to work in a couple of days.

I still feel like I'm waking up from surgery every time I wake up from a nap or overnight. Not sure if it's a residual of the anesthesia. My eyes tend to feel a bit sunk in with some pressure in my head and tends to lessen over the course of the morning. I'm down to Arnica and Tylenol each day now.

2 Weeks Post Op

I went in for my 2 week post op and to get released to go back to work. What a difference a week makes. The bruising is gone and the tape is off! It's still swollen but I still love what I see.

I can sleep regularly now! I have gotten used to sleeping a bit elevated and I've read it's better to prevent face wrinkles so I may just keep it up! ;)

I still have to wait yo work out. It makes perfect sense. The swelling that would come from an elevated heart rate is going to interfere with healing so I'm going to patiently wait it out.

No glasses for at least 4 weeks. Dr.Gilpin is so kind and was going to show me how to tape them so they wouldn't interfere with my healing and I told him it wasn't that much of an issue with me. I primarily wear contacts anyway.

I go back in one month and am looking foward to seeing the progress.

My last remaining instruction was to tape each night before bed. Dr.Gilpin gave me a demonstration and the tape to use.

I'll make sure to post an update along the way.

Another side by side comparison...

Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Gilpin was very thoughtful and listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish with my rhinoplasty. His staff, especially Ashley and Chelsea have been helpful and have done a great job of communicating with me. My consult lasted longer than I expected and I never felt like I was being rushed. I'm looking forward to finally accomplishing something I've dreamed about doing for many years.

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