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I had always wanted to change my nose and I wanted...

I had always wanted to change my nose and I wanted to do a lipo face down on my chin. I decided to start looking for doctors in the Nashville area. I wanted to have my surgery done with the "Top Core" doctors in Nashville. My first appointment was with one of the "Top Core" doctors but his specialty wasn't rhinoplastic so he recommended me Dr. Larry Young. As a searched Dr. Larry Young he didn't have pictures of his clients nor he wasn't a "Top Core" doctor but I still made an appointment with him. When I met Dr. Larry Young I was very pleased with everything he said and took all the time to explained what it needed to be done but what threw me off was that he recommend me a "CHIN IMPLANT" instead of "LIPO FACE". So I went to have another appointment with another "Top Core" doctor and as soon as I was done with my appointment I inmediately called the office of Dr. Larry Young and I booked my surgery with him.

Post op 3 & 4 THE WORST

My surgery went well. I was able to breath the first night but I threw up 3 times that night and I needed more pain meds than necessary. Post op 3 & 4 were the worst ordeal ever for me!! I had a hard time breathing and eating and I couldn't believe what I got myself into.
On the 3rd and 4th day was face was extremely swollen and I felt so horrible because all the girls that I have seen with chin implants did not change at all compared to me. My husband said my face looked horrible and wanted my chin implant to be removed.
I had always been a calm person but the first 6 days of my surgery were a rollercoaster for me.

Tape off/Cast off- post op 7

Today I had my appointment to take my tape and cast off. Dr. Larry Young asked me how I was liking it and I said it was horrible and that my fave changed completely compared to all the other girls that had chin implant or did not changed at all. Dr. Larry Young said that everyone heals different and I should wait at least 3 months for almos my final result on my chin implant. I told him that I wanted to take my chin implant out and he said I needed to wait to see results. I felt more calm at the end of the consult and I decided rajah instead of complaining about how my face looks that I'm just going to wait patiently for my swollen to come down.
BTW my face did change every single dad and it keeps changing so far! One day will be less swollen and than another one will be worst. Sometimes you just need to move on and don't think about it too much.

My NOSE looked swollen which I knew it was gonna happen, I wasn't surprised because I had read that when they take your cast off your nose looks like a pig so I didn't mind at all. The tip of my nose is pointed up which I LOVE! The bump that I used to had it's gone so far. Also Dr Larry Young placed cartilage to improve my nose.

More Post op 7

I never wear make up on my face but I have been using Mupiron Ointment in my nose around my nostrils were some of the stitches used to be at(outside of my nose). Also I have been taking arnica 3 times a day which I got from Dr. Larry Young's coordinator. As you can see my FACE was never BRUISED at all. I used a wet towels for the first 3 days of my surgery around my eyes recommending Dr. Larry Young.


I will be updating as soon as I get my next appointment.

Pics Before surgery

I have a hard time finding pics where I don't smile.

Post op 13 SO FAR SO GOOD

Today was my second appointment. My doctor cleaned my nose again and took some stitches out again. There's still some stitches in my nose which he will take care on my next visit. My chin looks like it's healing nicely. My smile is still not completely back yet maybe like 50% back. I'm hoping that my smile will be complete back by my next visit.

My doctor recommended me not to touch my nose, still sleep elevated which I don't mind at all.

Rhinoplasty: My nose still looks HUGE. Maybe like 10% of the swollen has come down. My nostrils are even, my nose looks even... and bump still gone so far. As you can see in the pictures the TIP of my nose used to lean forward before the surgery... now my tip is supported. I'm not so worried about nose so much... even though it looks BIG I'm hoping with time the swollen will come down.

Chin Implant: The swollen has come down 30%-40%. I feel a lot better than the first week. I love my profile from the side so far! I have mixed feeling about the front of my face:/ but so far so good. Before I wanted my chin implant to be take out completely but now I'm thinking maybe a size smaller, maybe medium size? Lol (btw my chin implant is large size). I hope by my next appointment I don't have these mixed feelings anymore, if so I will let you know.

Post op 13- Nostrils & Smile

My nostrils look good and my smile looks fake. My smile is 50% back. Waiting for a full smile to be back

BUMP on my nose at 10 days post op

I started noticing a bump on nose at 10 days post op and started getting a little bit bigger where I could definitely notice at 16 days post op. Now that I'm at 1 month post op I can still see my bump but changes all the time, sometimes will be smaller or sometimes will look bigger. I'm not too worry about my bump yet but definitely will bring it up to my doctor when I have my appointment at the end of this month. BTW I NEVER PUT TAPE ON MY NOSE and my doctor always said not to touch my nose.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but the procedures done on my nose were to remove a bump from my nose and put support on my tip.

I look like a man! 3 weeks post op

Chin Implant: Like they say sometimes things will get worst before they can get better. At 3 weeks post op I was pretty much done. My chin did not change after my last appointment with my doctor and I was getting very impatient with how things were looking. Anyways now that I am at 1 month post op I have to say that the swelling did come down. I never used a chin garment?? So I'm not sure if maybe that's why my results were so different from everyone else?? I have to mention that I also got Botox in my chin to help with chin implant not moving... A week before my surgery I got Botox in my chin and I had to say that it made my chin look bulbous and fake!/: I wish I had taken pictures when I got Botox just to show how it looked.

My smile its still stiff maybe my smile it's like 70% back at 3 weeks post op.

I'm not taking medicine or pills at this time. I still try to sleep elevated but it's hard before I know I'm sleeping on my side :(

1 MONTH POST OP- Rhino & Chin

Rhino: I have to say that I NEVER HAD PROBLEMS BREATHING not before my surgery nor after my surgery. The first week after my cast was removed, never had to worry about breathing. If my nose were to stay the way it is right now I will take it!! I had read too many reviews and I hope my nose doesn't change for worst ;(

Rhino update: The length of my nose got smaller... maybe it's me? But I do feel like the length of my nose got smaller. The tip of my nose is still swollen and I feel like it hasn't change which I don't mind at all. My nose changes ALL THE TIME. Sometimes will be more swollen or sometimes the right side of my nose will be more swollen for now I just let it be.
Procedures done on my nose: WERE TO REMOVE BUMP AND PUT SUPPORT ON MY TIP.

Chin implant: The scar on my chin pretty much healed completely. I do feel the scar when I touch it and I do feel the chin implant as well. Like I said maybe it's me but I do feel like the length of my chin implant got a little bit smaller and looks less bulbous?? Also the front of my face looks smaller, I notice that it doesn't look as big as it did before?? I have to say that I feel better with my chin implant :) and I do hope if it changes it's for better :) POSITIVE VIBES!

I will update after my next appointment with my doctor.

1 month & 2 weeks

My smile is at 70%

Rhino: I still have a bump on my nose. Dr. Larry Young said it was swelling and I do agree with him. Stitches haven't come out, my doctor said they will be out on my next appointment. I still breath good... so far no problems. TIP: the tip on my nose actually got a little bit smaller, I have to said that made me so excited! lol My nose still oily, I clean my nose and face with a wet towel and everyday I use nasal saline spray.

Chin implant: I'm starting NOT to feel my chin implant no more, unless I press hard underneath I might feel it? but I definitely don't want to press on it!! My doctor said not to put pressure on it.

I have to say I'm very happy with my slow recovery!! I also got a complimentary facial on my last appointment... I almost fall asleep. My nose got cleaned up outside for the first time, no more dead skin on my nose. I will be posting PHOTOS on my next post.

Having a better feel for it!!

I have to say this before continuing for those struggling... I called my PS at least 3 TIMES WANTING TO REMOVE MY CHIN IMPLANT during my first 2 months. So for those thinking that it won't get better it actually DOES. No one heals exactly the same and I was expecting my results instantly.

Smile 80% I still have swelling and I have a feeling it would actually get better. My results are coming slowly but surely. I will try to update after 6 months post op.

Chin Implant NOT WORTH IT :(

Never though it was going to come to this but the chin implant never got better. At my first appointment with Dr. Larry Young I asked for the chin implant to be removed and he said to wait 3 months to see full results and at 2 months post op I called him twice to removed my chin implant but he said to wait 6 months and now at my last appointment that was at 6 months he just told me to wait 8-9 months. I can't wait any longer... I feel that this chin implant has taken my life away and I can't tell you how depressed I had felt. I don't know how I waited so long to but I can't wait any longer and feel like removing the the chin implant with my own hands I feel so depressed.

Chin implant removal scheduled with a different surgeon

Finally I have an appointment with a different surgeon to remove my chin implant I just want everything to turn out fine and move on. I just want this nightmare to end.


I feel like it was my fault for not removing my chin implant before. Even at 6 months post op people will tell me that I look like a complete different person or not even recognize me or give me an ugly look as I am a freak. I can't even go out... and if I see someone that I know I will hide. I can't even believe that the surgeon that I trusted didn't want to remove my chin implant even though he knew I wanted to remove it since day 1.... I just want to live and be happy

This is me at 4 months post op

This is me at 4 months post op I have to say that I didn't look bad. Like I said there were days were I didn't look as bad

Chin implant removal

I'm 8 days post op from chin implant removal I feel like a burden has been taking out of my shoulders. At 4 days post op my husband said I looked a lot better even with the swelling. I have to say that taking it out was the best decision. I'm happy even though I still I have a lot of swelling. I wish I could had taking it out earlier I can't believe what I went through but I'm glad it's out.
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