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I consultation so far and the second scheduled for...

I consultation so far and the second scheduled for tomorrow. Very excited about it all. After my first consult, I was ready to schedule, but though it'd be better to see at least two people. Second consult tomorrow is with Dr. Gilpin. I've wanted to do this since around age 12 - didn't really grow out of the interest and now super excited that it's possible. To be continued . . .

Consultation #2

Had a consultation with Dr. Gilpin yesterday. He's wonderful! Listens well and explained things very well. I didn't feel talked down to at all - no question was "too stupid". Also, the software he uses to demonstrate the changes he would make is very sophisticated, so I was able to see clearly what and how he would address stuff, with feedback from me, based on my preferences. If you're in the Nashville area and considering facial plastic surgery, I would highly recommend a consult with Dr. Gilpin. Even if you decide he's not for you, you'll be better informed about what's possible and how it's done! Also, office staff (i.e. Ashley) is really great as well, and does whatever she can to put you at ease. I was, like, 30 min late for my appt because of traffic and getting lost (of course) - they still saw me! Still trying to figure out how to download pics on here, so will do so when I can . . .

Surgery is scheduled!

So, I've scheduled surgery for the first week in November. It feels like forever away! Just more time for me to be nervous/excited about it. I've decided to post some "before" pics so folks can see what I'm talking about. Mainly, I'd like my nose to be straighter and for lack of a better word, less "bumpy". Also, would like improved overall symmetry and balance with chin augmentation and lipo. I've scheduled with Dr. Gilpin and feel like I'm in good hands, but still so nervous!

Surgery Completed!!

Had my surgery on 11/3, and so far can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Gilpin and his staff have been! It was a 5 1/2 hour surgery under general anesthesia. I think that just goes to show how much of a perfectionist Dr. Gilpin is - he takes his time to make sure he gets it right. Recovery has been hard. Don't let anyone tell you that post-op looks worse than it feels! I felt exactly as bad as I looked, BUT it was also pretty remarkable how quickly I began to heal. Still having some head and nasal pain on PO day 8 despite taking acetaminophen at regular intervals. Any suggestions of adjunctive measures to deal with this pain are VERY welcome. I've included some pics below. Will continue to update as recovery progresses!

More pics . . .

One thing I forgot . . . my throat was VERY sore. Almost felt like strep and my uvula was stretched/swollen and hanging on the back of my tongue. Uvula is normal again, but throat still sensitive, especially in the morning.

7 month update

Hello there ~ it's been about 7 mos since the surgery, and overall, am very happy. The surgery has definitely been worth it! Still feel good about my choice to work with Dr. Gilpin. Very happy with chin, but some disappointment that my tip is still crooked. Will be meeting with MD in October to see how things are looking then and to determine if the possible benefits of another procedure would outweigh the risks/cons. Will keep updating!
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