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Let me start by saying, I've had extreme sweating...

Let me start by saying, I've had extreme sweating from my armpits my entire life. It would happen pretty much as soon as I took a shower. Apply deodorant/antiperspirant and within 2 minutes I'm already sweating through whatever shirt I'm wearing. I could literally do nothing, sitting and watching TV, driving, walking, etc. and out it came. I was limited to the color shirts I wore, mostly blacks or dark grays, because within ten minutes it looked like I just ran 2 miles. It was always a constant battle trying several different methods to prevent or minimize the sweat but nothing truly worked, from high strength deodorants, pills, even hacker methods.

Luckily last summer, I came across MiraDry online after doing some research. The operation looked so easy and had a huge success rate. So it took about a year to finally get around to do it but that's because of my job not because of my indecisiveness. The stars and moon aligned and I was able to get it done in Nashville at the Belle Meade Dermatology clinic. I was more than ready and within a week after my initial consultation, it was go time.

Preparation was quick and easy. I literally walked in the room and laid down in the chair as they prepared all the tools. They first lay down an outline, put on similar to a temporary tattoo, that is used as a guideline for the operation; not sure if it's for the the machine, the shots, or both. Then they started with four or five small shots to numb the area before they start putting in the bigger needles. The area is almost completely numb by the time they start and they will poke around the armpit to make sure that there are no remaining hot spots. Once that's complete, they are ready to begin. I had absolutely no pain, feelings, or hot spots on either armpit when they started using the machine. She told me that if I feel anything, or if the heat becomes overbearing, they can numb the area more if needed however, it was not. I was immediately given an ice pack after each arm was done and before I knew it, the operation was complete. I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to drive home, but that was not an issue. I was still numb and could still use my arms without pain.

My armpits were a little swollen an hour after I got home. The areas were still numb until about four hours after the operation but the ice packs were cool enough to soothe the area. The swelling increased quite a bit, with a little bit of pain, and looked as if I had a baseball implanted into each arm. She recommended 800mg of ibuprofen three times a day. I would recommend, if they can, to give you four ice packs to take home. Two to keep in the freezer while you have two in. You'll want to constantly ice the location to keep it cool to reduce the swelling. About every half hour to 45 minutes, I would trade out between the packs and the small Dasani water bottles that were frozen from being in the freezer. They worked well but became tiring from keeping them in. The small ice packs work the best, and take less time to freeze and are much more comfortable. I also used Neosporin to rub on twice a day after washing my armpits with light soap and water which actually felt good when it was applied. Plus the areas are so dry, that the Neosporin actually works like a lubricant too.

So after day one, some of the swelling went down. Still in a little pain when I woke up, so I took some ibuprofen, cleaned the area, applied Neosporin, and stuck the ice packs back in there. I didn't think to take pictures the first day but I did upload the way it looks today. I believe the biggest take away after the first day is to care for the area and be consistent with the ice. It will improve your healing and the swelling of the armpits. I didn't feel any pain in my arms if I needed to lift or stretch even immediately following the operation.

Last but not least, there has been no sweat since the operation but it's still too early to tell how good it was. From reading other reviews, they said that it reduced sweating from 50% to 70% which for me is a huuuuuuge (Donald Trump Voice) improvement if it gets that high. I'm already pretty sure I will get the second operation in 12 weeks, which is the minimal amount of time you can wait to get it done.

I will keep you all updated as I go, and give recommendations if something comes up. Thanks for reading and good luck to you if you get it. I’m sure this will be a life changing experience for you like it was for me!

Update 1

It's been five days since I had the operation and no sweat. I've laid off the ice after the third day but continued the soap and water regimen with Neosporin applied after. It's still a little red, tender at the touch with pressure, and minute swelling. I was wearing a white t-shirt yesterday and, right before bed, I saw dried brown spots as if it was draining which is likely. All in all I feel is if it's healing normally. If something happens or things change off it's normal healing I'll let you know. Thanks for reading.

1 Month Update

Hey everyone. So it's been a month since my operation. I've attached pictures for your viewing. The biggest change I notice is that the skin is a bit darker in the arm pit with sporadic hair growth in the area vs. even growth of hair. As a guy, this is very much the least of my worries, since I don't have to shave the area and not concerned with the way it looks.

I am in the military and just returned from training where I had no access to showers and was only privy to washing myself with a canteen and baby wipes. I was able to keep the area generally clean daily with some Neosporin to assist in the healing. What I'm not sure about is that the area gets a little itchy but not unmanageable. It's either due to the area being dry or from the hair growing back in, but it might be both. At the touch though, my left armpit is a tiny bit tender but the right is good to go. All feeling has returned with no numbness in either one.

So being down in LA training, I was sweating outside pretty much everyday all over. At my heaviest sweating, the arm pits were a bit leaky but that's expected with the environment I was in. So being home for two days and going out last night, the area stayed dry. I would feel in every once in a while and check, and nothing. I'll be in AZ for three months so when I come back to TN, I'll decide if I need to get the second surgery. As of right now, if it stays the way it is, I am probably not going to get it done. I'd be one of the lucky few that can get the one and done.

Thanks for reading, if anything changes, I'll let you all know. Thanks!

2 Month Update.

Hello again and happy Independence Day! It's been two months since the procedure and yes, the dreaded sweat has returned, but not even comparable to what it used to be. Everything is now healed, no tenderness, swelling, or pain. The hair has also grown back as normal and the darkness of the areas have gone away.

I haven't started using regular deodorant w/ anti-persperent yet, just been using my Men's Gold Bond Ultimate body powder spray in the hot spots. Depending on what I'm doing, I can sit still and not sweat or maybe get a hotspot patch of sweat in the arm pit area of the shirt. However, non-strenuous movement, like normal walking or moving around an office, will trigger the heavier sweating. It's definitely not as perfuse as it was before but it's still noticeable. Also, if I layer my clothing, like a t-shirt under a dress shirt, the sweat will come with the body rising temp and can show through my dress shirt, which I am not a happy camper about. However, looking at previous reviews, I knew the day would come where I would eventually sweat and would have to react accordingly. So when I get back to TN, I will call up my doc and setup another appointment to seal the deal. I am quite pleased with the results thus far just ready to take that extra step to say goodbye to sweaty (NON-ACTIVE) armpits.

I am at about a 60% to 70% solution to what it was so, if you're looking at that then one might be enough. If you want to stop it completely, then you'll probably have to end up getting two. I thought I was special and only needed one but I am as normal as the previous individuals that had this operation. This program is a great success and am so glad I didn't even try botox. This will be the last review until after my next procedure or if something comes up that needs to be addressed. Hope my reviews have been inspirational and informative. Have a good one peeps, talk to you soon.
Kalyn Crosby

Belle Meade Dermatology. Kalyn and her assistant, Jessica, were great. They were very friendly and knowledgable. You could obviously tell they both knew exactly what they were doing and the best methods and practices. If you are in the Nashville area, I highly recommend you go here to get it done. Quick in and out and you can go about your day.

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