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Hi all, I just had the procedure today and it's...

Hi all,
I just had the procedure today and it's still very early for a review. I wanted to put your minds at ease about labiaplasty under local. Honestly, a piece of cake. (And I'm a wimp with pain!) Between the lidocaine cream & Percocet/Valium combo post op, I literally felt 0 pain of injections. Now for recovery! I also had a c-section scar revision at the same time. I'm excited about that too. I'm having some bleeding from the labiaplasty but I've had ice on the area non-stop, feet propped up on a pillow and I've stayed on my pain meds every 4 hrs. Numbing is wearing off so it's a little sting-y but I want to ease your minds. So far, it's not as bad as I thought. It's early, and I know day 2 & 3 are always the worst. However, rest your mind ladies. The procedure itself is a piece of cake and I can't wait to see results. As for peeing, I bought a spray bottle AND a squirt bottle (I used a plastic ketchup bottle like you see at picnics) and just squirt myself after I pee. Gently blot with TP, crawl back in bed and catch up on Netflix ;) Again, there's more to come, I'm far from done, but as for the procedure, let me repeat: PIECE OF CAKE!

Day 2: The amount of relief I feel is unreal

It's Day 2 and I cannot tell you the giant sigh of relief I expelled when I woke up NOT in excruciating pain. For me, let's be honest, this is a very sensitive area. I was just full of dread about the misery I'd feel in recovery of people cutting flesh from my vagina. There's no misery here. I've stayed on pain meds, (which I'll probably discontinue tomorrow) I've kept an ice pack on the area and again, just laying in bed with a pillow under my knees. It stings very slightly and is a little swollen, as you'll see in pics, but I'm really just relieved at how minor the pain is. Peeing still doesn't hurt. Just using a spray bottle to rinse & lightly dab the area. The c-section scar repair is way more prickly and sting-y than the labiaplasty. So far, I'm happy I'm rid of those extra folds and can't wait to see final results. Rest and ice are working so I'm not messing with the formula. Im staying off my feet and enjoying the rare moments of chill. All this said, I was extremely skeptical when I read similar reviews about the lack of pain. I thought there was no way in Hell it was possible. It's possible. If you find it's right for you, do it. It's nowhere near as painful as I thought it'd be and to be rid of my self consciousness about it will be worth it.

Day 3: Happy as can be

Again I'm going to start by mentioning how relieved I am. Recovery has been so much easier than I thought. Now, that said, I've followed instructions and am taking it all the way easy. I'll admit I saw some pics from others that scared the living Hell out of me. I saw a lot of swollen Frankenvaginas so I was prepared for it. I think I've had the benefit of luck, taking it easy, following post op instructions, and amazing work by Melinda Haws. I've barely had more pain than that of a papercut. I'm continuing to just lay in bed, keep ice constantly on the area, drink a lot of water and let my body do it's thing. Not much to report. Day 3 things keep getting better. Some swelling, some bruising but already it looks better than pre-op. Was it worth it? So far, absolutely. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Day 5: not much to report

Nothing new really. Still taking but easy, still icing here and there, not moving around much. Swelling seems to be going down. Looks like some bruising has set in but it doesn't seem to cause pain, it's just ugly. Post op appointment on Tuesday, which will be the 1 week mark. Definitely ready to sit in a chair again but laying in bed hasn't been horrible.

1 week, 2 days: feel almost totally normal

By the 1 week post op appointment on Tuesday, I felt almost totally pain free. I ended up with a yeast infection (which is apparently pretty common) which was miserable but getting those itchy stitches out made a huge difference to me. I am a little tender but I can sit and walk normally now. I'm still a little swollen but beyond that, not bad at all. I'm regretting messing with my c-section scar but it is what it is. With plastic surgery, you do have to understand you'll probably not get the exact results you wanted but if there is improvement, it's best to be ok with it.

2 weeks post op

Pretty pain free. Just a little itchy, kind of like a yeast infection, which I think is from healing. I still have some swollen spots on the side but I actually went back to exercise today. Like high intensity exercise. This surgery is pretty much a piece of cake, ladies. 1 week of downtime, 2 weeks if take it easy time....if you obsessively hate your lady parts the way I did, it's totally worth it.

Before and after

4 weeks post op

Not much to report. I'm back to all activities and absolutely, positively glad that I did it!!

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