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I first heard about Smile Direct Club at the very...

I first heard about Smile Direct Club at the very beginning of 2016. I thought it sounded like a wonderful thing to do. I had braces in high school but never wore my retainer after I got them off and my teeth have shifted. My teeth are not horrible, the bottoms are nearly perfect however on the top I deal with some issues of spacing and gaps, still a very simple fix. I didn't ordered my first impression kit until August of 2016. I didnt have to hard of a time taking the first impressions but I also am not a dental professional. Unfortunately they were rejected, and they asked me to pay another $49 to have another impression kit shipped to me (the money that you spend on the impression kits go towards the cost of treatment, so really its worth it to pay for another impression kit because really your just starting to pay for the full treatment and they will refund if your not a candidate). After my second impression kit was rejected, I called to see if I could set up an appointment at a smile shop, I am one of the lucky people that live next to one of their three smile shops. However I was told that the Smileshop is currently closed as they move locations. They said since the shop was closed they would send me another impression kit for free! I sent in my third impression kit last week and I felt like I did a really really good job on them, but alas they were denied again. I called again and asked what my options were since I clearly am not very good at taking the impressions myself. They told me that the only option was to send another impression kit since the smileshop wont be open until December. Now I am awaiting my fourth impression kit to arrive. I don't really have much faith that I can get them done correctly myself especially since my mouth is so small the smallest trays don't fit properly. My only hope comes from another review that was written on this site from someone who said they did 8 impressions before they were finally accepted, so I am still going to hold out hope!!! I would love to get the process started soon, and hopefully no have to wait until December as I am getting married so I have a deadline coming up!! I will keep you all posted and let you know how the process goes!! I hope hope hope that this will be the last impression kit!!!

Impressions received

I did my 4th impression kit a few days ago and sent them back and today they received them!!! I am really hoping they will be approved!!! I pushed really really hard this time to make sure I got a really good impression. This is the hardest I have ever pushed them in (the smallest tray is too big for my mouth). I know they want you to bite down all the way, I cant really bite all the way down because the trays hit the roof and sides of my mouth on the top so I just pushed them as hard as I could, I have to admit it was a little painful but I am hoping that by pushing them up into my teeth that much it will give me a good impression and they will hopefully hopefully be approved!!!!! Wish me luck! I will let you know what they say!!!

Impressions were Approved!!

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I can not tell you how excited I am! My impressions were approved on 10/29, and they are creating my treatment plan!! I should receive that within 7-10 days, so November 7th at the latest. Hopefully I get my treatment plan this week though as I am so excited to get started!!! I pushed these trays into my teeth as hard as I could, it was even a little painful. I am so so so glad that it was worth it!!! I cant wait to get my treatment plan!!!!! As soon as I get my treatment plan I will update you all!!!


Treatment Plan!!!

I am beyond ecstatic!! I got my treatment plan!!!! They were approved on 10/29 and I got my treatment plan 11/1 early in the morning so that's great timing!! I immediately paid for the aligners and it says they will take about a month to ship them out to me!! Everything has been pretty fast so far so I am really hoping they come quickly!!!! My treatment plan is only 3 months and 6 trays!!! I cant wait to start my treatment and have beautiful teeth!!!

3D Treatment Plan

Here is my 3D treatment plan! 3 months and 6 trays! Total cost is 1635 and I am doing the monthly payments of $99.


Here is the 3D plan pictures! I can't wait to get my trays!!

More pictures

Here you can really see to gaps in the side on my smile and how my spacing I have!! Can't wait to get the email saying they have shipped!!

Tray 1

Hello everyone!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!! I started Tray 1 on 11/25. They sent me 3 out of my 6 trays! When I first put the tray in I thought there is no way this is going to work. It was so incredibly tight and there was a lot of pressure, I thought for sure in a few hours I would be ripping them out. I made sure to take some Ibuprofen before bed and hoped I would sleep through the night. I slept just fine and woke with some soreness but nothing too bad until I had to take them out for the first time. It was hard to get them out and my teeth seemed to be even more sore with them out. I put them back in and the pressure was intense. I kept up on the ibuprofen all day. The first full day and the second day was difficult I couldn't stand having stuff in my mouth constantly it was making me nauseous and my teeth were so sore. The third day was a little better, still sore but no more nausea. I found that I kept closing my mouth weird and talking very weird, it was also difficult to brush my teeth at work as there is always people coming in and out of the bathroom and I felt embarrassed. Today is day four and I could tell in the middle of the night that its getting a lot better. I feel much better today my mouth and speech is pretty much back to normal. Still pretty sore but nothing unbearable. I didnt have to file down any parts of the aligners however I would recommend getting a bit of wax. There is one part where it kind of covers my wisdom tooth where its bothering my cheek, wax would really help if I had any. I am making sure to wear them 22 hours a day as well! Looking forward to switching to tray 2, only 10 more days! very excited for my results!!
Smile Direct Club

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