26 y/o Female with "Skinny Fat" to Flanks - Nashville, TN

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I originally posted a long review, but realself...

I originally posted a long review, but realself did not save it to my account :( so I'm back to square one. The last one was very detailed and I just don't have the energy right now to re-write it all! Anyways, I had my procedure today at 9am - worked out after and went about my daily business with only light sensitivity to the flanks! I will post pictures as I go. These are pre and post procedure. Thanks for looking

26 Y/o Female with "Skinny Fat" to Flank Area

Coolsculpting procedure was this morning at 9am and I am excited to update you all through my journey, as others have done for me. Upon arrival the nurse had me change into disposable panties and took a 360 degree view of my ABD, flank and back area (talk about exposure!). Next, she asked me to pinch the area of fat I wanted to get rid of which happened to be my love handle area. This helped her determine where to place the suction. After she marked the area, she did a "test" suction to make sure it was where I wanted it - I really appreciated this. The initial suction isn't bad, just something I have never felt before. After about 10-15min the area is numb and although you know it's there and it can be uncomfortable because it's difficult to move, I would not call it painful. After an hour I was done with one side and on to the next. The right love handle proved to be more difficult as she mentioned it was "tighter" than the other. Essentially I think I just had less fat on this side and the suction didi not want to stay put. Finally we got it into place and it stayed on until the last 5 min of the procedure. She said this should not make a difference in my results (lets hope so!). The most uncomfortable part comes next - THE MASSAGE! It feels like she was aggressively rolling out a painful, tense muscle. It is only painful the first minute or so. Afterwards light touch, such as my gown, was slightly painful and felt like pins and needles. After I left I put on a compression device to help with pain since they told me to stay away from anti-imflammatory medications. I found compression really helped me get through the first couple of hours of sensitivity. I actually went to the gym around 2pm and had no issues what-so-ever. Obviously I didn't work my abs - but I did do arms and the elliptical. It was a much lighter gym session than I was use to, but it is a good idea to get that lymphatic system moving to flush out the dying fat cells. After the gym I cooked until 5pm and am now relaxing comfortably on the couch. I will update soon with more pictures, but as you can see it did leave me with hicky-like marks and some bruising. ***PICTURES PENDING***

Week two - feeling the difference!

Week two and I feel tighter in my flanks! The pictures only show a slight change, but so far I am happy with the results. The pain stopped about 5 days post procedure and I'm having no side effects two weeks later. Will post more at the 4th week mark!

6 Week Update

6 weeks out - definitely feeling progress. Hope to see even more (especially on the right love handle). Like I said in a previous post, the procedure on the right love handle did not go as smoothly as the left and the suction fell off 5 min (or so) before the end of the procedure. My nurse - I could tell was hesitant - but stated that this should not change the outcome and they have done studies on the last few min. of the procedure and found it to not make a difference. She also told me that if the suction fell off any time before that, she is supposed to start it all over again! I can definitely tell that my right side is not doing what the left is! Has anyone had this happen to them? Thank you!

Comparison Photos

Comparison Photos

6 weeks

Update before I go for round 2!

Considering going back for cool sculpting on my lower abs and/or a second treatment on my flanks. Love the result from the first session and am sharing my experience! Has anyone had a second treatment on their flanks? Is it worth it?
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