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I'm a week from my TT and BBL! It's January 30 and...

I'm a week from my TT and BBL! It's January 30 and I'm so nervous, what plagued me most was sleeping and laying positions! Since we all know u have to stay off ur butt! Now I have researched best on the best things I'll need going through this journey! First ive had two consuls with Dr Wendal so far, and so far so good! Everyone had been nice helpful! Got most of my supplies already! Boppy body pillow, foam donut shaped pillow, also this was my idea to get a giant inner tube ( fancy one with head rest) figure I can stay off my butt completely at least I hope! I'll keep yall informed on how that goes ;), but all medical stuff for post op, healing vitamins, low sodium foods water ect! Only few things left, making sure my house clean, affairs handle for time being! My bf I dont know, not sure he ready for the Befores vs the big hopefully butt afters! Lol! Well I'll try to keep up with this diary, keep me in prayers

So ive got 6 days and a wake up! Got all my...

So ive got 6 days and a wake up! Got all my supplies, got Arnica Montana, Bromilien ( misspelled lol) and Vitamin C ,so hopefully ill heel alittle faster and with the artica and Bromelin the inflammation wont be to bad! I got my giant inner tube yesterday in the mail and I sat in it with my boppy pillow and I think its pretty comfy I'll be able to sit up during the day without sitting on my bottom my butt hangs out lol! My Doc says lay on my sides but I dont know yet if he is gonna graft my hips?? So ill keep posting, oh I also got my memory pillow it so soft, so my new butt stayed big LOL! And a box of scar away for my TT the long ones are pricey but no scars or barely seen ones are my mission LOL, but ladies please get the boppy body and regular pillow ive laid on it is the truth!!!! Ok well ill update near my surgery date peace and blessing yall!!

Well I have three days and a wake up I'm really...

Well I have three days and a wake up I'm really nervous now getting this close! Ive started my vitamins 3 days out, Arnica, Bromelin, Vit C so hopefully my recovery process wont be to bad, the swelling will subside more since the vitamins are for inflammatory purposes! Um let me think??? I think thats about it far as supplies all I need to do now is Call on Jesus to help me through this! ;)
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