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To be honest I wasn't going to write a review...

to be honest I wasn't going to write a review until I noticed no one had breast as large as mine. I wanted to put my voice out there so I could connect with women who have my issue. my bra size I wear is a 40 n, however; a 40 n is too small. I have back spasms that hurt so much it causes me to throw up. I have head aches all the time and It hurt to sit up for long periods of time. I went for my consultation January 9th. it went well, he took my measurements and pictures and stated that because I'm so large I shouldn't have any issues getting approved. just like all the other ladies, I had sleepless nights worrying just ready to get everything done. he sent in my paper work January 27th and was received my letter February 7th. the weekend before my birthday... it was the best gift I could ask for. I was scheduled Feb. 18th unfortunately due to the ice storm... my surgery was cancelled. I'm waiting on a new date but I'm not in a hurry because I understand everything happens for a reason, I'm ok with it. I know I'm approved God just said a little while longer my child...

I've been rescheduled!

So I've been rescheduled for February 24th. I have to be there at 6 in the morning. Apparently since I'm in great health I don't have to do a pre op! If they need anything they will get it the day of surgery. So Monday I go for markings and to pick up prescriptions then relax.

Just over joyed

I'm so blessed to be apart of a community with all of you beautiful women! Thank you so much for reaching out and words of advice... To be honest, I'm so scared because I've never had any surgeries or even been in the hospital for something serious. I asked that you please keep me in your prayers! Thank you again

Made to the other side

So I was marked on the 23rd and had surgery on the 24th. I realize I have a high tolerance got pain because I don't hurt at all lol. I'm sore but I expected that.. I noticed I'm sitting up straighter. So good sign!


I was finally able to get out the house for the first time.... I put my coat on and realized I could close it for the first time! Lol it's the little things that means the most!


So I'm up at 3 in the morning because... My breast are swollen! It's cool though... No pain just swelling... I got my drains taken out yesterday... I didn't feel it so that is good... I seen them For the first time... I can't wait until they drop and settle a d become rounder... If that makes sense lol... I attempted to upload a picture but it gave me an error so I'll try again later

New photo

Is it just me?

Yall....I swear every time u look at my breast.... They just appear bigger... My momma said they haven't got any bigger but I don't know.


So yesterday was my first day back at work. It was good... I received lots of compliments... It's nice my changes were will received... Even if it wasn't... I'm happy.

Life as I know it

Life is really well.... I'm healing well... I'm almost a month post op and I'm so thankful I did it.... I'm so full of energy and I'm not tired all the time... I'm just happy


Just an update

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated but everything is still healing well!

Time for surgery part 2

So I talked to my doctor the other day and it seems like I have to have my skin tags or dog ears removed... I'm not as nervous about being put to sleep this go around.
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