Finally Getting the Breasts Ive Always Wanted - Nashville, TN

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This is it. The last 5 months have been a test not...

This is it. The last 5 months have been a test not only to my strength but to my sanity as well. After dealing with the struggles of life, Ive finally decided to do something for myself and get the breasts I've always wanted. My surgery is 10 days away. Im so incredibly excited but a little nervous as well. I've always been very self conscious of the size of my breasts barely filling a 34A cup bra. I am 26 years old but people tell me everyday I look like I'm about 12. It will be nice to finally feel like a woman and have that boost in confidence I have wanted for so long. I have never had surgery before so that aspect of it terrifies me. Im going with silicone implants under the muscle and getting anywhere from 300-350CCs. Everyone around me so far has been extremely supportive. I have not told my inlaws so when I come home for Thanksgiving, I'll have a little surprise for them. :) Everything is all set up and ready to go. Im very happy with my PS so far. I went to a couple different consulatations before deciding. He offered me everything I wanted. The next 10 days are going to drag but really, I can't wait for that first trip to Victoria Secret when I won't feel like such a joke walking inside.

Picture with a swim suit top

The before

The surgery is in 3 days. I'm getting nervous and very excited. I wanted to post a before pic and I will also post an after.

Today's the day.

I am on my way. In just a few hours I'll wake up with my new boobies. Can't be more excited. I'm so nervous. Just want it to be over.

1st day

I'm not really experiencing very much pain just more pressure than anything. I took a peek a little while ago and I am completely in love. I've taken a few pain pills and am using a large wedge pillow when I lay down. My husband bought me a balloon that says congratulations on your twins. I'll update again soon.

After pic

Love them!

2nd day post op

I am extremely sore this morning. My husband has to help me get out of bed. I was only taking 1 pain pill at a time yesterday but am now taking 1 1/2. I still have a lot of tightness. Not too bad as long as I keep taking prescriptions.

Side view

Incision day 1

My ps used liquid bandaid.


Day 3 post op

Pretty sore today. Got up and took a shower without assistance from my husband. I put on a new sports bra and ouch. There's so much more pressure with this bra. I guess I have to break it in. My husband is taking me out today to buy a Halloween costume. Everyday has been getting a little easier. He will probably have to help me change.

Day 4 post op

Today has been the hardest out of all days. I was very sick this morning from the pain pills. I couldn't eat. I was prescribed zofran for nausea. It has helped. It's also my first day home alone as my husband went back to work. I ended up calling a cab to get a smoothie. Mum back to work tomorrow and that terrifies me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Post op day 5

Post op day 5 side

Post op day 5

Boo to bloat

I'm still extremely bloated. Sometimes it's hard to eat with all the medication. I'm currently taking Tylenol and my antibiotic since I've had so much trouble with the pain pills.

I had an extremely rough night last night having my husband tell me he doesn't like my new set of twins. That's fine, although hurtful I have to remind myself that I did it for myself not for him. I know they will fall into place and be beautiful in time. He doesn't have to look at them anymore either. I'll keep them all to myself. My left incision is extremely sore. Somehow throughout the night I got so hot that I tried to pull my long sleeve shirt over my head and pulled my bra up too. When I woke up and realized what I was doing I was hurting pretty bad.

I'm having a pretty rough morning this morning so far. I meet for my 1 week post op appointment tomorrow. Hope everything goes ok. Need to buy a new sports bra. This one needs to be washed and the other one feels to small. Hope today gets better. I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps. Off to work.

Day 9 post op

Changing everyday.

Stretch marks

Anyone else worried about getting stretch marks on the sides? I think the marks are from my sports bra but now I'm paranoid. ????

Swim suit top

Healing up.

The swelling has gone down. I wish I would have went a little bigger.

Probably paranoia

I am extremely paranoid to end up with stretch marks on the sides of my breasts. I've been using coco butter to try and prevent this. I hope it's just paranoia. :(

Bra lines

I hate the bra lines but I'm stuck in these bras until the 18th. I'm still pretty sore. I miss doing hot yoga and running. I can't wait to get back at it. On Thursday I wi start applying scar treatment cream to my incisions. I still have liquid band aid around my incisions. My ps said to rub it off but not to pick at it. It's not coming off and it looks terrible. I want to go to Victoria secret tomorrow and get fitted in a bra.

First trip to Victoria Secret

Went to Victoria Secret today and was measured for a bra. At first she brought me a 32 C to try on but it was so small. I ended up in a 32 DD. Woah! The sales lady there said I was still very swollen and should probably wait a couple more weeks to purchase a bra. I'll probably end up in a 32D which is much bigger than I expected. It makes me extremely happy!!!!

3 week post op

I started using Mederma today and I hope it helps to fade the scar. I'm still having a bit of pain but Advil really helps. One breast is still more swollen than the other but they are starting to drop. I love, love, love them!!! My next appointment is on Monday. The nurse left one of my sutures in and has to cut it out. Anyone else had that issue?

Follow up Appointment

I went to my follow up appointment with the doctor yesterday. He said all was well and that I could get back to exercising slowly. I can use an elliptical and run just as long as I wear a supportive bra and not allow the girls to bounce too much. No planks during yoga or any type of exercise requiring me to lay on my stomach or work chest muscles. I'm still a little sore at times. Still sleeping on my back so I'm not sleeping very well on top of everything else. The swelling has gone down quite a bit.

32d Bra

Starting to feel like mine.

I'm hurting very little these days unless I just do too much. I'm still wearing my sports bra. Regular bras are not comfortable yet. My scars are fading more each day. The Mederma is working. YAY! They are finally starting to feel like they are part of my body until it bend over and walk too fast. The husband and I have officially called it quits. My new additions are helping me get through it all as silly as that sounds. The first thing I've ever done for myself and I absolutely love them.

Feel like part of me

They finally feel like they have always been a part of my body. I do still feel a little pain occasionally but it's not bad. Still haven't bought new clothes but I love the way my shirts fit now.

Along the way

I was so shocked to see these pictures side by side. What a difference.
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Dr. Hueneke was the 2nd surgeon I had a consultation with. I decided to choose him because he was completely honest with me about the entire process. I'm so happy with my results. He's a great surgeon and is nationally recognized. He is very professional and caring and his staff is wonderful. I would do it all over again if I had to!

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