375cc Round Silicone Under Muscle Moderate plus- 5'7" 130lbs 26yrs No Kids

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I've always been super flat chested, just like my...

I've always been super flat chested, just like my mom and sister. I always called myself a nearly A or AA. At one point in my life my boobs grew to a full B due to a certain birth control pill (I was 17 at the time) but they shrunk to nothing soon after because I changed pills.
I started to get self conscious as I got older because I couldn't even fill out my A bras or my Small bikini tops. I'm thicker on the bottom so I figured having some kind of boobage would make me more proportionate. And it would also make me feel more like a woman.
I had my surgery a week ago. It took only an hour and I woke up with no pain or nausea. I'm pretty good under anesthesia. I don't have any side effects from it.
I only took ibueprofin Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after my surgery and that was it.
My surgeon was amazing. I did a lot of research and liked his results the best. And he did an amazing job on me.
I got 375cc silicone under the muscle, moderate profile. I was debating to get 400 but talked myself out of it because I didn't want them looking fake.
Well now I mighttttt wish that I went to 400 because I had my 1 week post op appt today and my doc said they're going to get significantly smaller. :( I like them the size and height they are now. They look exactly how I want them to look, so I'm a tad nervous that I'm going to have boob greed once they heal.
Does anyone know how much they really shrink?

I'll post some pics as soon as realself allows it. And you guys can tell me your opinion on if you think they'll get much smaller.

Pictures- will they get smaller?

These are pics from the day after surgery, 4 days post op and 5 days post op. And one from last night (6 days post op) with a top on.
You let me know if you think they'll get smaller. I hope not!

3 weeks out. Help!?

Well I love my boobs. They're everything I wanted.
I am having problems though and I need some advice, opinions, thoughts..
So a week and a half ago when I was a week and a half out, I put on a sports bra that may have been a little too tight (it didn't feel too tight) and went to the gym. Well before I even got to the gym both of my breasts started hurting really really bad. And I noticed my left one making this really weird sloshing feeling. I went to the gym and walked the stairs and that was it because I couldn't deal with the pain. On the way home I took my sports bra off. They were still hurting. Well ever since then, my left one has been hurting almost like underneath..like the muscle.. and it makes this sloshing feeling every time I move my left arm or bend over or squat down or basically do anything. It hurts when I do the littlest things like opening the fridge or picking up my dog (15lbs) or like when I press on something. I went to the doctor over a week ago and he said he thinks I just aggravated it and to not do anything and the fluid that built up will go away. Well the pain isn't getting better no matter how little I do and the sloshing/gurgling feeling is still there and more prominent.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Here's progress pics. You can kinda see my left one is a little bigger too..
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