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I am 58 years old and was implanted with textured...

I am 58 years old and was implanted with textured silicone breast implants in 1990. I can’t believe it’s been 26 years. I went from an A to B/small C cup with augmentation. I became sick around 2003 with fatigue (debilitating at times), difficulty sleeping, sensitivity to light, tinnitus, interstitial cystitis, muscle and joint pain, chronic neck and back pain and hip pain. I have seen a lot of specialists and no one has been able to tell me what’s wrong. I started thinking it may be the implants. Around 2007 I talked with a PS about having the implants removed but I needed neck surgery a short time later and had a difficult recovery. Then there were other things that happened so I had to put things on hold. Now things have settled down and I am determined to get the implants out this year. Hopefully, surgery will be within the next few months. I didn’t think I could go through with it until I found this site and read all the wonderful stories of all you brave and caring women. I can’t thank you enough for putting yourselves out there to be proactive and to help others. I hope that I can pay it forward and help someone also.
I have spoken to Dr. Stephen Davis in Nashville who says he can do an en bloc capsulectomy and a mastoplexy at that time. He was patient and listened to my concerns. I am concerned that he does not seem to believe that breast implants can make you sick. Saying that silicone implants have been studied more than any other implant and studies do not show a correlation to illnesses reported, except for a concern for a type of CA. Anyway, I am seeing him again soon to discuss whether or not I would require a lift and have other questions answered before I commit.
I will write again and start sending pictures after my next visit. If anyone has seen Dr. Davis for this type of surgery I would like very much to hear from you.


Hi all, I have an appt for surgery on May 6 with Dr. Davis in Nashville. Pre-op appt is for mid April. The cost is 9198 that will cover everything as long as there are no complications and he can complete everything within 3.5 hours. I will have en bloc capsulectomy with implant removal and a lift. I hope by doing so I will not require additional surgery. Dr. Davis seems very comfortable with being able to remove everything at one time so I will have a better chance at feeling better. Hopefully, some of my symptoms will go away. If they don't I will still feel grateful not to have to worry any longer about these implants in my body. I pray I have chosen the right Dr. I was so very anxious yesterday thinking about all the what ifs. Feeling better today thanks to all of you and a special thanks to nozero00. I will post pics soon. God Bless all of you. Happy Easter


I have been so anxious about the surgery my b/p has gone up. Difficult to get it down so my GP has prescribed b/p medication. I hate to take any medications but I feel this is something I have to do at least until the surgery is over and I am on the road to recovery. I phoned my surgeon's office and Sally is going to try and have one of the patients call me to help me feel more comfortable about all of this. I have not heard back from the office as of yet. I will keep you posted.

Got through pre-op day!!

Hi all, Just wanted to update my journey. I have been trying to stay busy, spring cleaning inside and out. Hopefully I won't worry so much about things that need to be done following surgery. It has also helped to step away so that my b/p will not go up. B/P has been great till this morning went up to 157/75. I started to become anxious again so much so my husband went with me for pre-op which helped tremendously. He is a gem for sure. I hate to put him through this but I feel it is necessary and he is a good caregiver.
I could not believe the amount of paperwork I had to sign. That in itself is scary. I started to have chest pain which I have had for a few years now. I have been checked out by cardiologist in 2014 and he said everything is fine. I know stress is part of it. I have been wondering if the implants were causing it. The pain doesn't last long at all but it freaks me out when it happens. Has anyone else been having pain in the sternum area? Otherwise things went smoothly. Sally measured and took pictures. And OMG I can not believe what I did but I decided to have liposuction in the flank areas. It has always been a problem no matter how much weight I lose I cannot make it go away. I never thought I would have it corrected but I figured this was the time to do it since I will already be under. He said it would take about another hour. Another 2300 hundred added to the cost. I have actually been calmer since I got through the visit today. I thought too that I would look better proportioned since I will be smaller. Dr. says I have a good amount of breast tissue so I am hoping I will be a full A or small B. Has anyone else been through removal, lift and lipo? Am I nuts for doing this? Please let me know your thoughts. I will have to wear a compression garment for a month. Will not be able to shower for 3 or 4 days but I can sponge bathe. I will have drains in breast for 4 or five days.
Oh, I read that some people are recommending bromelain before and after surgery. Dr. Davis said to stop taking it. A side effect is thinning of blood so be very careful and talk with your Dr. before taking supplements.
I can not thank you girls enough. You all have been so kind and supportive. Thank you. Surgery is May 6 so please keep praying for me.

Count down 9 days to go....

I have tried to not focus so much on the upcoming surgery so I would not get overly anxious. I don't want my b/p to go up as it has in the past. The thought of the surgery is so surreal, like it is happening to someone I know but not to me. I guess that is how I am dealing with this at this point to protect myself. I am trying to be matter of fact getting things done around the house, freezing a few meals, and writing things down that my husband will need to do while I heal. I have been bra shopping and can't for the life of me find anything I thing will be comfortable or fit well following surgery. I am not that big, but the sports bras I have tried on feel too small and very uncomfortable. I ordered the carefix bra with the rings on it and it felt great but the rings immediately hurt my skin. So I sent it back. I ordered the one similar to it without the rings so maybe that one will work. It does not have much compression so I have hoping it will be ok'd by the doc. If it works I may order another one so I can wait till I see what size I will be before I start hunting for more bras.
I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers and your support. It means so very much to me. No one knows I am going through this except for you guys and I could not do it without you. I will try and update you when I have things to share.
I do want your advice on what you have been doing while you're healing. I am not sure what I will be able to do and what things I should not do. I have cats and a dog so I have to do a lot of bending and stooping. I know I will not be sweeping the floor or vacuuming for several weeks but what some other things I should not try to do even when I am feeling better. I would love to hear what you have been doing. Thanks....

Friday is the big day!! May 6

Hi all, It is almost here!! I can't believe I will be implant free this week end. I am so excited I will soon have this behind me. I also wanted to ask for all of you to please pray for me and for the professionals that will see me through on Friday. I feel I am in good hands, but we can always use more help. I woke up this morning with a lot of neck pain and have been hurting all day. Haven't been able to get anything done. I had so much I wanted to get done prior to surgery but it looks like that is not going to happen. I felt resolving this was more important than getting stuff done. Hopefully, I will be okay tomorrow. I pray I will see improvement soon with my symptoms. I thank all of you for your support and for sharing your journey with me. I will update you as soon as I can following surgery. You girls are so very strong!! Be proud of who you are inside and out.

I'm free!!!

I did it girls!! I got through the surgery fine. Dr. Davis was able to remove the implants within the capsules. He took pics for me so I will post them soon. He cut one of the out of the capsule afterwards to see it. I have two drains. I had liposuction on my flanks so I am wrapped from above my breast down my torso. I think I was in surgery about 4 hrs. My b/p was way up this morning getting ready for surgery and my neck was still hurting pretty badly. Everyone was really professional and good with me. I actually slept well last night. I didn't get anxious until I got to the hospital. Then it became real. I was told by the nurse in recovery he did not do the lift. That I did not need it. I do not understand that because the doctor told me twice I would need it so I am very concerned and and upset over that. I will have to wait to see the results. Trying not to worry too much and concentrate on healing. Thank all of you for the prayers!!! They truly work. I have gotten some very good suggestions on how to heal from you and I appreciate them so much. I am supposed to see Dr. Davis on Monday so maybe I will get the drains out then. Please keep praying for my healing. I know it works. I could not have gotten through this without you guys. Can't thank you enough. I truly feels your positive energy. So excited to be implant free. My neck felt great after surgery. I can feel it a little but it is so good not to have that pain. My flanks are the only places I am hurting. A lot of pain there. It may be blocking the others. I am all over the place with this update. Trying not to leave anything out. I am a little out of it. Thanks again for your posts, support, and prayers. I will give updates as I get them. Hugs.....

First Post Op Visit

I saw Dr. Davis today. First day since the surgery. He unwrapped me and said everything looks good. He still thinks I will not need a lift. He said once the implant was out the skin started contracting nicely. I got a look today and thought they looked good. I know they will fill out after the compression is stopped. I still have drains. Hopefully will get those out Thurs or Friday. The flanks look good also. I am still wrapped throughout my flank area also. I will get the compression garments when my drains come out. So far I am very happy with the outcome of the surgery. I thought I looked small but nice. I feel they will only look better with time. I am just so very happy to have those implants out of my body.My neck still feels better but I was hoping the tinnitus would go away. I will let you know if any of my symptoms go away or get better. I pray I will continue to heal and detox to be as healthy as possible. It is such a wonderful feeling to be free!!

One week post op

I got along better this week than I had anticipated but still it was difficult at times. One reason for increased difficulty was that I had the lipo along with the explant surgery. But, so glad I did!! I feel that the enhancement in my curves has already helped my overall appearance. It should only get better as I heal. It feels so good to have the implants out!! It is AWESOME!! I think I may be an A cup but I am good with that. I look forward to being smaller and just knowing I no longer have ticking time bombs in side of me. No more worries about implants...
I have been able to accomplish more around the house than I thought I would be able to do like putting dishes away, helping with meals, taking care of the animals and light dusting. The biggest problem for me has been the fatigue. I had problems with fatigue for years and this week have had to be mindful not to overdo and just rest, sleep and relax. I have not been able to do activities for very long at the time including being on the computer. So I apologize for not writing more.
I went to the Dr.'s office today and Tammy removed the drains!!! They were so uncomfortable but I know it was necessary. My husband did a great job taking care of me. I have compression garments I will be in for a few weeks and look forward to continuing the healing. This has certainly been an experience and so very glad I was able to do it. I can not thank each of you enough for sharing your journey and for your support. I don't think I could have done it without you. Dr. Davis' nurse Tammy and one of his previous patients also got me over the hump to feel comfortable with Dr. Davis and trust that he would do a good job. If it had not been for them I don't know if I could have gone through with the surgery.
I went to see Dr. Davis three times wanting to see pictures of his work. Each time I spoke to Sally or Tammy they said sure no problem that Dr. Davis has a lot of pictures. But once at the appt and asked Dr. Davis to see more pictures he seemed very reluctant to show more than one or two. To me that was a red flag and made me very nervous. You read on line that if a doctor does not want to show you pictures of his work, RUN.... Dr. Davis said it was because pt names were on the computer screens and he was protecting the patients. Still why would the nurses say sure no problem and then he be so reluctant to full fill my request. It made me very uneasy and I questioned whether or not I should just go somewhere else. It is very difficult for me to trust Dr.s and contractors. If you hire a contractor to do work on your home you want to see his work. If they do not show me a lot of examples of the same work I want to have done then I would not hire them. That was how I felt about Dr. Davis. On one hand I wanted him to do the surgery but another part of me felt very uneasy about not seeing lots of pictures of his work. I saw on line that he was recommended for explant with en bloc, he had good credentials and something inside of me told me he was the one I needed to perform my surgery. Tammy and his patient also helped me to feel comfortable enough to go through with the surgery. There was a bit of disconnect about looking at his work but in this case it worked out and I have been very pleased with Dr. Davis. I feel Dr. Davis is a good listener and a very good plastic surgeon and an honorable man. I would definitely recommend Dr. Davis for explant with en bloc capsulectomy and for the lipo. Also I did not need the mastopexy so I was told I would be reimbursed for that procedure which is great. The reason for explaining about the pictures is to help other women in the Nashville and surrounding areas find a good surgeon to remove their implants en bloc. Dr. Davis will not guarantee he will be able to remove it all en bloc because he really won't know till he gets in there but I feel he will do a wonderful job to help women achieve the outcome they are hoping for. Hopefully this review will help other women feel more confident in having the procedure they need in order to regain their health. Maybe it will help them to stay local and not have to travel to other states to get the help they need. If this review helps one person I will be happy. There is help out there for us.

7 Weeks Post Op Update

Hi all, Sorry I have not been on line or in touch with anyone. We have a family member that was placed in Hospice care due to throat cancer and we have been very preoccupied. I wanted to update briefly on my status to let you know what's been going on with my body. First let me say that for me liposuction was a b---ch!! I have had the worse time. The compression garment they gave me zipped up the side right where he did the surgery. I was so hypersensitive and the zipper was stiff and bend in at places and dug into me and really hurt. I could not tolerate wearing them. It also made marks and cut into my back which was not good. Dr. Davis said he'd never seen anything like it in over 20 years of practice. Something like that always seems to happen to me. I tried several different compression garments from other companies and they did the same thing. I kept trying and finally in my 4th week of recovery found a garment that did not make marks on me or hurt. It is a maidenform light control bodybriefer. It helped the hypersensitivity so I was able to tolerate clothes touching my skin. I also purchased a maidenform moderate control tank and I love it. I have to pull it down a lot if I am moving and bending but it feels so good next to my skin. I sleep in it mostly so it stays in place. I am at 7 weeks post op today and feel so much better. Still don't like to wear clothes but it is getting better. I am also still glad that I did the surgery because my shape looks so much better especially since I also had the implants removed. Which brings me to the update on my silicone implant removal surgery that was done at the same time as the flanks liposuction.
I have gotten along well with the implant removal. Up until week 4 I looked like I was a small c. Then I started getting smaller and smaller. It was like my breast were shrinking and getting smaller every time I looked in the mirror. LOL It is so wierd. A few of my bras still fit except for a small area at the top pole. Some of the bras no longer fit because they are too large. It looks like I am between a 36 A and 36B/C in bra sizes. So strange. I thought after the surgery I would wear one size and be done with it. But I have had to try dozens of bras and it is so difficult to find any that feel good on and fit. I found a bra that I really like. It is the only one I have had any luck with. It is a Bali one smooth ultra light embroidered in a 36 B. I am hoping I do not shrink any more but if I do I will just have to find smaller bras. I also purchased a pair of bridal triangle pus bra inserts I could continue to wear most of my current bras. It is so difficult to find comfortable bras that look good under clothes. Just got them today from amazon so I do not know if they are going to work or not. I will try to let you know if anyone is interested. Other than having to hunt for bras I have loved not having the implants. I feel great about it. I am no longer scared to death the implants are going to rupture or that they are making me sick or are going to kill me. It feels wonderful to be small again as I am sure most of you if not all also feel the same way. Yeah for us!! I am still having the symptoms I was having with the implants. I am hoping and praying that I will get better physically. I do feel lighter psychologically and spiritually. God Bless all of you! Thank you for all the support you have given me and to everyone.

Still Loving not having the implants!

No regrets on the surgery. So happy I went through the surgery as I believe most of us are. I pray that the ones that are not happy about the explantation will have their issues resolved and feel good about themselves. We all deserve to be happy. My breasts seemed to be at a steady size at the moment. No more shrinking. Looks like I am a 36 B. The professional at Dillard's said I was a 34 C but I was not comfortable in that size. At the top of the cup I do not fill out completely in some of my bras but it's ok. I haven't experienced any other changes except the entire time I had the implants my breasts were super sensitive. Did not like for them to be touched much at all. Very uncomfortable. I thought I had nerve damage from the surgery. Well, great news. My breasts are no longer sensitive. It does not hurt to touch or massage them now. If I had known that 26 years ago I would have had them taken out then. I was afraid I would end up with more damage. I guess the implants were pressing on nerves the entire time. So if anyone else is experiencing hypersensitivity it may not be permanent. Yeah!! As far as my health I think I am feeling a little less fatigued. Hard to tell because it is so very hot outside in TN. I still have the tinnitus and itchy ears which I pray will go away. I am not hurting as much all over in my muscle and joints and my bladder seems less painful. I will let you know if I continue to improve. Lately I have started having really bad headaches. Has anyone else gotten severe headaches following explantation? Not sure what's wrong. May be a whole other problem or maybe it has to do with healing.
You guys are wonderful and I wish all of you the best. Thank you so much.

Near three month post op

In just a few days I will be three months post op. Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing well. I am definitely improving health wise. I have more energy. I do not hurt all over in my muscles and joints. I have not had any dizziness since the surgery. I am not having any bladder pain but still have urgency. I am still having tinnitus. I have awakened in the mornings recently feeling clear headed, no fogginess. I have been able to get up and go walking early which before I was too tired. My husband has noticed a difference in me. He said that I seem much better so I know it is not just in my head. I have hope that I will continue to improve and regain my health. I wanted to give others hope that if they are sick and have the implants removed they have a chance of feeling much better. After surgery I did not feel a difference for several weeks. I thought maybe It was not the implants that made me sick. But as days and weeks passed I realized I am feeling better. My mind is much clearer and I do not hurt like I did for years. Before I felt I was in a fog especially first thing in the morning. Now I can get up and be active!! That is amazing to me. I know for sure it was the implants that made me sick for so many years. I can't go back but I in tend to enjoy the rest of my life and be as healthy as I can be. I wish all of you health and happiness!!

8 month update

I am continuing to be amazed at how much better I feel. I have so much more energy on most days. I still have some days I feel fatigued but nothing like it prior to ex-plant. I am not hurting all over in my muscles and bones.

I do still have tinnitus. That may not go away but so many others symptoms are gone or lessened I will not complain.

If anyone is having profound fatigue and illnesses I would say get the implants removed by a good surgeon. No doctor will say it is the implants making us sick or it may be the implants. But there are too many of us that know better. Get your life back and tell others how much better you feel!!

Good luck to all of you,
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

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