5 Days Post Explant Saline Under Muscle for 15 Years - Rupture on Right Side 42 Years Old TN

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I just want to post my story to help others who...

I just want to post my story to help others who are struggling wih anxiety over removing their implants. I got my implants - saline textured under the muscle - when I was 27 years old. I wanted to feel like a woman and my 32 AA breasts looked like a man's chest to me so per my mother's suggestion I had implants put in to solve my self esteem issue. From the moment I came out of surgery I was in agony and felt like something was wrong. I couldn't breathe and after a few weeks it subsided and I tries to enjoy my new body even though it bothered me that they were fake boobs. I had no intention of ever goihg through that oain again so I lived with them and had 2 children that I breast fed just fine and learned to get used to my C cup boobs that were too big for my 100 lb frame. When my son was a year old I got sick and after a year of being dizzy forgetful feverish and exhausted with anxiety I was daignosed withh Lyme Disease and mercury toxicity. I had my metal fillings removed and began treatment with a homeopathic doctor and saw some improvement alhough the anxiety was still there. I continued to feel better and began cattle farming amd loved it until I started to get sick with strange symptoms and would continually have to be detoxing or I couldn't stay well enough to take care of my baby calves. This year my son turned 7 and I had been struggling with imnsomnia and just not feeling good no matter what so we sold all the cows and went to FL for the winter so I could rest. While im FL at a campground my rt implant ruptured and I became very sick. The doctor I saw told me there was no way the implants were the cause even though my feet were purple I had a rash a fever and my eyes were so red I had to take my contacts out. He said something else was causing it. 

My homeopathic doctor said he felt it was mold so I ripped my 30 foot camper walla down to the studs trying to find the mold! I was too sick to come home and we were scheduled to be there another 6 weeks. My hometown was covered in a sheet of ice so I was stuck till winter passed! I found this site and read posts amd prayed a LOT! I had my left implant drained in FL and with the help of my honeopathic doctor in Nashville began to detox and build my body back so I could be well enough to come home and get them removed. I drank bentonite clay and took supplements and got in the salt water. My scalp felt like it was on fire and I couldn't sleep the anxiety was awful. My kids don't know about my implants and I had to be cool and keep the routine. I am a single mom and we homeschool so every day in FL hat was supposed to be so great was torture because my chest was burning and I knew I had to get home and go through another surgery before I was going to get better. My faith was all I had and i walked the beach and apologized to my body every day. The scar tissue deformed me to the point I couldn't wear a bathing suit. My homeopathic doc at home saved my sanity we talked every day and I made it for 5 weeks and came home to find a surgeon. I had to decide on how to spend my money I knew I needed to detox and get this junk removed but I didn't have the money to go to Atlanta for Dr Kolb.... 

I decided to go with the basic explant no lift no capsulectomy just get these toxic bags out of me and spend extra money over time to let Dr Brent Davis in Nashville help me detox the capsules - the surgeons I talked to all said the capsules will dissolve over time and I couldn't afford the money and time off from our farm to do the en bloc thing so I chose the easier surgery longer road to recovery. I had my implants removed 5 days ago and a lot of my scar tissue had already dissolved from the 5 weeks of work I did in FL. I started my detox today and I feel great!!!! We got some of our favorite cows back now that I know it wasn't them making me sick and just for the record my camper did not jave mold. I got my implants after surgery and lo and behold wouldn't ya know the saline inside looks like iced tea and there was flaking of the shells and infection stuck to them outside. The implants had grown to my body! I just want to encourage anyone who only has the money to do this in stages that getting the bags out Does make you feel better and a good homeopathic doctor can help you get your body back in line. Yes it will take time but better to get the silicone bags out sooner than to just get sicker waiting for the money to do the full capsulectomy. I do believe the body has awesome abilities to get rid of toxins with he right care and if I need to do capsulectomy later I can but for right now I feel better!!!! I have good support of a natural doctor and I can continue to work and make money instead of being on a downward spiral. I already feel better hhan I have in years and can do things every day with diet and supplements and detox treatments to support positive forward movement in my health! The pain I felt every day was worse than the removal! Know what you can do and what you're capable of and find supportive people and then take the next step even if it's a small step because it will be worth it!!!!! Once I knew the implants were making me sick it was a no brainer for me to get them out!!! God bless you and trust your inner wisdom :)

6 days post explant

It has been 6 days since my surgery and I feel SO good!!! I have been eating a good organic diet and drinking tons of water - detoxing with ionic footbaths and a supplement/herbal routine with my holistic doctor. I can sleep at night my fingers aren't numb and the anxiety and panic I felt every day and considered "normal" is GONE! I am actually a calm person and because I'm not exhausted for lack of sleep I am drinking less coffee which makes me even calmer. I think stress and a feeling of inpending doom has kept me running for the last 15 years and today it just dawned on me that I feel really peaceful and content. That right there makes it all worth it :) My breasts look good they're small and perky and I've been using Manuke Honey on my cut line and wow it is sone GOOD stuff. If you are having anxiety about having them removed be encouraged because odds ate when they take the implant the anxiety will go out with it :) :)

8 days post explant saline sub muscular

This time last week I was reeling from my own self induced trauma because I hate surgery. Today I planted peas and lettuce and carrots and made plans to go buy goats for show season and went to a livestock meeting about cows. I did not get in a hurry and I wasn't all stressed about everything I have to do. I spent an hour in the sun listening to flute music and drank good herbal tea and noticed all the beauty of spring. I spent about 15 seconds looking at my boobs and putting coconut oil on them. I recommend this for everyone. Let your health rule not the image in the mirror. I spent a small time looking at me and the rest of the day being me. Today it felt good to be me!

11 days post explant saline sub muscular

Well today is a week and a half post surgery and it seems like forever ago that I was so worried about how it was going to turn out! My breasts still need a compression bra or they get saggy but sometimes it's embarrassing to wear just the compression bra because it's so flat! I am still doing a heavy detox - garlic turmeric lots of olive pil and coconut oil - ginger root tea hot salt baths.... I feel good but do get tired easily probably from the detox. Lots of milk thistle for my liver and water of course. The joint pain is gone every now and then I get a little shooting pain but the chronic pain is gone. Vitamin E on my skin and a lot of root vegetables and kale - no sugar at all. I think it will take awhile to get used to my body but I'm still trying to focus on how good I feel instead of how I feel about how I look. Overall the recovery has been short and sweet with the detox from the capsules we left in being my main focus. I feel better than I have in a long time and I am also aware of pacing myself and not trying to do too much which is also helping.

16 days post explant

wow has it only been 2 weeks? My life has improved so much I can't begin to ezplain it but I'll try and appreciate the million little things that are better now that the poison bags are out of my body... I am so much more relaxed - my chest isn't tight all the time. I don't grind my teeth at night like I used to. My skin is a better color - yea my natural pigment changed! I don't lay awake worrying about every little detail of my life anymore. My basic balance is better. I have more patience amd I don't feel like I'm in a hurry all the time. I don't feel exhausted and drained like I used to. I am not panicked or overwhelmed by life like I used to be. My memory is improving and my expectations of myself are more realistic. I had NO idea how much of my life was affected by he implants and honestly was not expecting to have so much clarity after having them removed. Of course until one ruptured I didn't think they were making me sick either so the whole ordeal was really an unexpected journey for me. Today enjoying my life every day is top priority and I am aware of not burdening myself with things that don't matter. I feel like I've been brought back from near death and it feels good to feel good. My breasts are definately going through changes as they settle in - some days they look dehydrated and the next day they perk up. I suppose they have their own journey as well (hopefully not a journey south lol). The most important point for me to stay focused on is my health. It's easy to fall back into a judgemental trap when I look at myself and then I look again as a person with wisdom and remind myself that those scars are there to remind me that life is precious and taking care of my body is my responsibility- the reward is feeling wonderful every day and what is that worth?

one month post saline explants

One month....it feels like an eternity since I finally got my implants removed. I do feel so much better and my life is twice as productive with half the energy expended. I don't feel exhausted all the time and my mind seems to be so much clearer - which is good because farming requires a lot of multi tasking! Projects I never had the energy for are getting done easily in a day and I am beginning to forget how horrible I felt for so many years. It is an adjustment getting used to the dip in my chest where implants used to be and my breasts seem to look different every time I look at them. I have struggled with my opinion of them now that I am beginning to physically feel better it seems I am more judgemental of myself. When one ruptured and I was sick as a dog I just wanted them out and now that I feel pretty good I catch myself feeling kind of homely and scrawny without the implants. Truth is there are things about them that I really liked and l am sorting that out with myself when it comes to feeling good physically and having a positive self image not based on some fiction we all have bought into about what it is to have a great body. My confidence is shifting to feeling good about myself for different reasons and the old thought pattern can creep in when I look in the mirror. It is amazing to me how much this plastic surgery barbie mentality has consumed the women of our country and I feel strongly for all of us that we need to reclaim our self worth and our wallets and learn to love our natural bodies and embrace the journey of life without putting all this junk into ourselves that makes us feel horrible and sick because we feel less than perfect. I believe this kind of thinking is very dangerous and I myself was a victim of it and am working to break free of the lie that we all have to have a certain type of plastic body in order to be attractive. When I am moving through my day doing my work and not dwelling on my appearance I feel really energetic, centered, and on purpose - my life is less of a struggle. I do still have some rebuilding to do with my homeopathic doctor and that will be a process. In the meantime I am really happy to be where I am today and glad I got them out of my body because they were absolutely making me sick, exhausted and killing my joy because my body was working so hard to fight the influx of toxins and mold from the implants it was hard to focus. The next battle is becoming conscious of changing my mind about what I expect my body to look like and what I can embrace as true beauty.

6 weeks post explant

I am no longer sexy. What a relief!!!! LOL I don't get hit on or inappropriately flirted with..... I am on purpose and happy and full of energy and people look at my face not my chest. It's really amazing to be respected and appreciated for me and I think people like me better as just me- the interactions with strangers are different...like life changing different and I just noticed it today and went "hey! this is pretty cool!!!" I'm moving into the old/new me and starting to feel pretty comfortable with it. I feel excited to discover what the next season of life is going to look like :)
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