39 Years Old, 2 Kids, 6 Year Old Implants and Ready to Get Back to Me! - Nashville, TN

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I am 5'6", 124 lbs. and 39 years old. The breast...

I am 5'6", 124 lbs. and 39 years old. The breast implants and lift came after my kids. I did have As before nursing and they settled around droopy Bs. The implants brought me to large Cs. They never settled properly, the areola stretched out and the right side has ruptured. So ready to rid of these.

One month from explant!

Tonight, I'm going through reviews of others who have bravely faced this decision. I know my husband is accepting my upcoming change. I know he loves me no matter what, but I still feel nervous. I have forgotten what I look like without larger breasts...but these look so bad now with all the stretching and drooping. I know personally, I will feel relieved and myself again...not always trying to hide my boobs because they feel huge. I just hope he is okay with everything. I took the below pictures a few weeks back, but they are a better representation of what they really look like...the implants are too high and the aureolas are way too large after all the stretching. These will be reduced after the explant.

Two days out!

I am feeling excited, nervous and hopeful. So many emotions going on right now. I've researched this from every angle. I've found pictures of the best and worst outcomes - accepting both possibilities or something in between. I'm going to have an anchor scar - reality. Just hoping it heals well.
Here are a few inspirational pics for the night...
I'm told I will be a small B at best.

They are out!

Today was the day for getting these things out! All went well - Dr. Burgdorf was amazing and those at the hospital. I couldn't ask for a more caring group of people. Feeling relieved to have this all behind me know.

Day 2 - after explant

My tummy is quite swollen this morning - I look a bit pregnant. I slept well after my husband created a pillow fort around me in bed so that I was still sitting up, but comfy. Most of the pain I'm feeling is muscular at this point. I did not need drainage tubes, so I'm sure this is helpful in minimizing pain.
I am so very happy the implants are out. I'm looking forward to my first shower tomorrow and my first glance at my itty bitties. :)

First Viewing of Lift after Explant

I can't tell you how relieved I am to have the implants out! I am a bit nervous about the eventual look of my breasts after the lift, but I know it takes up to a year to see the true results, so I will adopt a sense of patience now. I'm hoping with time they will drop and cover the extensive scarring.

Healing well...

With plenty of rest over the last few days, I'm seeing some improvement. I know it takes up to a year for the final results, but the last photos were a bit scary...so, I thought I would update.
I think things are looking up. Bruising isn't too bad at this point and they seem to be dropping a little/taking shape.

Loving my small ones!

This morning, I woke up to much less tummy swelling!!! Also, I'm able to wear my sports bras now. Dr. Burgdorf called to check on me and gave me the all clear on ditching the wrap given I no longer have drainage. So, here I am - properly filling out my sports bra :)
Hiking is going to be so much nicer without implants!
I added a former hiking picture to show just how much those things got in the way...I was always trying to hide them.

A little more bruising...

This morning, I seem to have more bruising than before. I know this is just a part of the breast lift process, but thought I'd share.
The swelling seems to be uneven, but I do sense the right will be a bit bigger as it was before I ever touched them. Today, I go to see Dr, Burgdorf for a follow up and I'm looking forward to his point of view on my progress.
Still loving the non-implant life!!!

Swelling going down...

The swelling is going down now. I am a bit uneven between the two breasts. Also, it seems I'll eventually need scar revision on the left side.
Regarding explanting, there isn't one day I haven't been completely happy with the decision to remove the implants...it feels amazing to have warm, soft tissue around my chest as opposed to the cold, unnatural implants. My clothes look so much better and I'm looking forward to hiking/exercising when all has healed.
I am currently starting to use scar treatment gel given to me by Dr. Burgdorf. Looking forward to seeing how well this works...

Things are looking up!

Currently, I am using scarring cream provided by Dr. Burgdorf. It does make me look a bit red, but is certainly working. The swelling has gone down. I have warm and soft little bits now...and couldn't be happier.
I did have one stitch work its way to the surface on my left breast at the junction which caused a red spot, but will heal with time. All in all, I am so very happy with my results. :)

The latest...

So, I am feeling pretty great about my little bits! My clothes fit AMAZING!
I find myself wanting to either not wear a bra or wearing a sports bra to show off their size. Who knew this would make me feel so liberated!!! It's like I'm saying I feel absolutely confident without conforming to societies view of the perfect body. I feel amazing.
I have lost about 10lbs...I'm not sure how exactly, but it has happened. I'm starting to wonder if the implants were causing me to retain fluid or were just putting bad vibes out to my body and I finally got rid of those toxins.
Either way - I'm one happy gal.
Currently, I'm still a bit red...especially after a hot shower. Other than this, all is healing well.

Healing nicely

All seems to be healing nicely...
The scars are more red now than they were before. I'm not sure if this is a product of the scar cream or just the normal process. I'm looking forward to the scars fading, but I know it takes time.
My weight seems to be holding steady at 10 lbs. below where I was at the point of procedure. I didn't expect this, but I won't complain. I'm sure things will balance out.
All in all, things are going great!

A quick update!

All is going well! I could not be happier with having the implants out! I feel amazing!!!
The swelling has gone down. I've worked toward gaining a few pounds given I dropped below weight and I'm holding steady at about 7 lbs below where I was before implant removal.
I am soooo excited about how my backpack is going to fit as I train for my big hikes this spring and summer!!!

Before and After - to date

Settling in...

I can't tell you how often I am thankful for having the breast implants removed. I feel so much better all around! I especially feel better with how my clothes fit and the ease of working out without the implants in the way.
I am recognizing that I will need scar revision on the left side. This is the risk of having the implants removed and the breast lift done at the same time, I suppose.
Other than this tweak, all is amazing. I LOVE my revised itty bitties!!! They are fantastic. :)

Settling in...

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Burgdorf and his staff have been very informative and kind. He was not my original PS...but I am looking forward to working with him.

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