6 months PO, still a happy girl!

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Hi everyone! I'm considering a BA for fall 2013...

Hi everyone! I'm considering a BA for fall 2013 and I am really curious who the most recommended PS is in the Nashville TN area. I have only had one word of mouth recommendation and that was for Dr Oselin at St Thomas. Other than her referral, I'm making all my decisions for consultations based on internet reviews and photos, etc. I feel like I have spent hours searching for Nashville's top rated PS but I think I'm going around in circles! Can someone help point me in a good directon? By the way, I have a consult booked with a PS in Murfreesboro TN and am also considering consulting with well-known PS in Birmingham AL who offers implants for $3000. But I'd really like to know the consensus.... Who is the BEST in Nashville??

Had my first consultation!

Hi ladies!! I'm new to this wonderful site, still trying to figure out how to post updates and load pics! :)

So, I nervously sat through my first breast augmentation consultation this week! I've been looking forward to it for weeks now! The PS is not highly recognized in my area but he operated on me a few years ago when I needed to have a growth removed. So I figured, I trusted him with a tumor, might as well meet with him, find out if he's the Dr for this procedure. So, I went to my appt armed with wish pics, and pics of what I don't want. Told him I'd like to be a full c cup. I told him that based on before/after pics I've seen online that I might like to try 400cc implants. But after all the measurements he said 400s are too big and recommended 300-350 cc under the muscle. I'm happy with that. I mean, whatever makes me a c cup is fine with me :) I'm not sure i will select this PS in the end. He does less than 30 elective BAs a year, the rest are reconstructive surgeries. There's a dr in Birmingham who does lots and lots of booooobies every year for half the price (I'm sure some of you ladies out there know who I'm talking about!) I'd like to consult with him, and probably another PS in Nashville too before make this decision. I feel that choosing the right surgeon really is the most important decision on this journey. I want this person to know exactly how to take what I have and make it the best that it can be. Not just "better." I'm sure any board certified surgeon can stuff implants in my chest successfully, but I'm really looking for the surgeon who has vision. Not to mention, plenty of experience. So ladies feel free to point me in the right direction! I'm all ears! Thanks so much! Love this web site! Good luck to everyone getting surgery this week!

PS: I'm 32 years old, 5'4", and 125lbs. I'm prob a 34A/B cup, desiring full C cups. I have two precious kids and a wonderful hubby! He's pretty excited for bigger boobies! Time to upgrade my flat, lifeless pancakes for some knockers worth noticing! :)

A little bit more about me...

I love reading through everyone's stories on this site. It is so cool to get a glimpse of the worries, fears, anxieties, joys and excitement from women around the world. Hey, we all want the same thing, right!?! Bigger, fuller, more noticeable breasts!?! Yeah!

I realized i haven't posted much about myself yet, or what has brought me to this point in my life: one way ticket to Boobsville

I'm 32 years old. I have 2 elementary school aged children, I breast fed both for about a year when they were infants. Before children, a time in my life I refer to as "B.C.", I was somewhere between a B/C cup, and fully confident in my body and never ever ever considered a BA. But when i breastfed, my perky boobs turned into D cup milk jugs (which was nice!!!) but of course they deflated. Even after that i still felt that i looked ok. My breasts and the rest of my body had been affected by having kids, but thats to be expected. My breasts were still somewhat perky, not too much sagging. But then, it happened.... About a year and a half ago, I made some choices to eat and live healthier. I lost 10 pounds and kept it off. I feel great, but my boobs turned into bee stings and I know they won't come back. :(

I'm at the point where I'm self conscious wearing bathing suits. And i'm shy in front of my husband. The damage has been done and I'm so flat now, I look like a child. I refuse to wear shirts or dresses that won't allow for my padded bra. Which, speaking of bras, ahem, I wear VS Bombshell size 34C. I literally walked into the store a few months ago and said, "I can't afford a boob job right now, so I need the next best thing!" And so hence the Bombshell bra... It adds two cup sizes! And so I figured, here I am, walking around in a bra that is so padded, it actually has MEMORY FOAM in it! Yes, mattress padding!! The illusion looks great under clothes, but now I feel self conscious when I hug people, ESP men. I've had friends tell me I'm "stabbing" them with my ultra padded bra when we hug. Ugh, it's just embarrassing :(

Another issue I'm tired of dealing with is I look great with my bra on, but when I take it off for bathing suits and ESP sports bras, the difference is so obvious. If anyone was paying attention, it's easy to tell I wear a heavy duty padded bra. So sometimes, I feel like I can't win for losing. I feel like the girl in school who obviously stuffs her bra. LOL.

So here I am. Not just toying with the idea anymore. And then my husband seals the deal. He says, "if you save money for one breast, I'll pay for the other." Haha! I stay
at home and don't have an income so I thought, I will find ways to make extra money! Done deal! Where do I sign!?! :)

So that's when the real discussions for a BA began on a real level with my husband. We flirted with the idea for months, and I dismissed it every time. Not sure why. Guess I just never thought I'd go thru with it. Or could afford it. Plus, I wasn't sure I was ready to be one of "those" women....

Looking back, I guess I was quick to judge women who got boob jobs and I thought I def fell into a category of women who want to stay "el naturel" and would never consider cosmetic surgery. Well, I was young. What can I say!? LOL! Plus, i really didnt know anyone personally back then who had a boob job.

About 10 years ago, my stepmother had her breasts done after having her kids. Even tho i have a great relationship with her and i saw her amazing new breasts in bathing suits, etc, i still never thought I would make the same choice! Then sometime after that my mom had some cosmetic work done. And as years passed, I became friends with wonderful gals who had work done too. And all of those things, I would say, gave me the confidence to consider going under the knife. I have dealt with that voice in my head who says, "what will everyone think? It will be obvious that you got a boob job! What will your family say? Your friends? Your church family? You kids? Your daughter?"

And I just had to come to terms with it. It's not out of the question to replace what was once there. Thank God we live in that day and age. Plus, I'm already wearing a "boob job in a bra" bra. Yes, people will probably know, but they will look amazing and people will probably just be jealous mostly :) My husband loves me and supports me the way I am, but I think full C cup boobs will be fun for the both of us. So, hey! Why not!!?

Once i started looking at before/after pics, and found this web site, I realized I'm not alone. So many women never thought they'd find themselves here but it is what it is and it's ok to not only WANT but HAVE great breasts again! I've sacrificed a lot to be a good mom! Now it's time to do a little upgrading for myself. Nothing wrong with that at all. I mean, I already "pretend" I have great breasts. Now it's just time to go through with it, once and for all.

So, with all that said, I'm planning to get through this summer, enjoy swimming on the lake and at the pool with my kids, then in October go in for the procedure. One last sizzling summer with my itty bitty titties. Then I'm soooooo trading them in :)

A little more about me (added some "before" pics)

I'm CERTAIN this is what I want!

Hey everybody! I spent the weekend at a water park with my family. And as I people watched and relaxed, I started thinking about boobs :)

It's kinda hard not to think about dream boobs when everyone's walking around in bathing suits.

I started looking around. Who's are real? Who's are fake? Noticing the women who's were obviously fake compared to the women who looked naturally great....

It became very apparent to me: I AM CERTAIN I want breast implants! I left the water park feeling very confident this is a decision I'm ready to commit to and that I'm very excited about. Not every woman desires bigger breasts. But I do! And I'm very fortunate that I'm in a place in my life, after having children, that me and my husband are able to afford them.

I won't have the procedure done until October or Nov but I am so excited! I am so envious of the women in Boobie Land, looking great in their clothes and bathing suits. One day, that will be me :)

Wishful thinking

Daydreaming about big beautiful breasts again. Just sayin....


Hey gals! I have lots of updates to share! I have pretty much decided i dont want to wait until the fall for my BA. My kids will be back in school in a month so im pretty much ready anytime August or September. I originally wanted to wait til late October but after rethinking that decision, there's really no reason to wait. The money is saved and the hubby is ready when I am.
That said, I'm going to select Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL (3 hours out of state for me) as my PS. I actually haven't had a consult with him yet but I've read nothing but great reviews and he does TONS of BA's each year with lots of great before/after pics so I'm confident in him. I called his office this morning and am taking first steps to getting the train rolling to Cleavage City. Gonna email his staff with some before pics and my stats and then we will go from there. No official surgery date yet but will get that figured out soon enough. Lots of things to coordinate since my hubs will have to go w me to the surgery and my mom will have to hang out with my 2 kids while we are away. They both work so lots of schedule juggling coming down the pike!

Also, I LOVE those lace bralettes from Urban outfitters some of you ladies are wearing post BA. They are adorable and look so sexy on new breasts. I went ahead and ordered several because I know that's one of the first things I'm gonna wanna buy! If you like them too you might wanna check out their web site. when i ordered mine last week some of the colors were on sale, reduced to $9.99 from $16.99. Just wanted to share!
Best of luck to all u ladies about to have surgery! I hope it all goes well!

One more pic to show bralettes. How cute!

XXX before pics :)

I took these topless pics this week to email to my Dr. I want to delete them from my phone before my kids see them. Or worse, they see them in front of friends or family and say, "mommy! Why don't you have your shirt on in this picture!?" You know how kids like to flip thru pics on camera phones... Haha! So wanted to upload and say goodbye to these sad photos. One day soon, my itty bitties will be UPGRADED! Woohoo! By the way, Happy 4th of July everyone!

The Bombshell Effect

Wanted to post a pic of my magical Bombshell bra. It adds 2 cup sizes. I don't leave home without it. Unless I'm going to the pool..which feels dreadful!

Surgery date set!

Hi all! Set my surgery date for friday sept 6th! I will have my first consult with Dr Hedden the day before on the 5th and my post op on the 7th. I have no clue what size or profile but I'm hoping he will agree to 400cc HP unders. My husband and I will drive 3 hours out of state to see Dr Hedden. I worked with his out of state coordinator to schedule my appts back to back over the course of 3 days. I am going to pay my refundable 10% deposit today, $400 for silicone. Wow! I'm excited, hate to say it, kinda freaking out a bit too. I can't believe I'm doing this! I was terrified to skydive. Couldn't believe I was jumping out of a plane. Now that this is actually happening, it's kinda the same feeling :)

Only 42 more days!

Wow, 42 days from now I will have bigger boobs. It seems crazy! It's a thought that occupies my mind most of the day, no matter how hard I try to keep myself preoccupied. I go thru every range of emotion still, which can be exhausting. One day I'm so stoked! The next I'm full of fear. I don't know what I'm so scared of exactly..... I guess I'm just scared of change, in a nutshell. But I will just skim over those boring details and focus on staying positive! ;)
Anyway, I'm on board matter how scared I am. Bigger fuller boobs, here I come!! I mean, who wants to wear a bra stuffed with mattress padding around in this summer heat anymore?! I'm so ready to toss out my bombshell bras and get on with my life! :) 42 more days!!! Come quick!

Things to look forward to...

So last night my husband, my Prince Charming, came home from a week long work trip and surprised me with this lovely nighty. Which floored me because he's not a lingerie kind of guy and hasn't really ever bought me anything like this in 9 years of marriage. I told him how sweet, but knew right away I WAS NOT going to come close to filling out the cups. He knew too, but he was so sweet. He was like, "you look great now, but this will look amazing on your new breasts." Awwww! He's the best. I think we are both very excited. It makes me smile to think about how much fun we will have w my boobs ;) hopefully like a 2nd honeymoon!


Hi ladies! Unfortunately, I am postponing my BA that was scheduled for Sept 6th. My hubs and I had some things come up that are pushing this procedure to the back burner for now. I plan to reschedule, but the bad part is I have no idea when I will be able to because it all depends on factors that are out of our control. Will it be within the next 3 months? Next 3 years? I really have no idea and that's so tough to accept right now. I mean, I was only 40 days away from my surgery. It really sucks because I worked to coordinate everyone's schedules so that all the ducks could be in a row for my surgery, childcare for my kids, etc. Now all that was a waste of time, it seems. It's no one's fault, though. Life simply got in the way! So I keep telling myself, "we are still on the train to Cleavage City, it just we got detoured and we are taking the long way round!" At least my trip didn't get derailed! Good thing I didn't get to excited too early and start tossing out all my padded bras! I will still be needing those for the foreseeable future!
Well, I don't know how long it will be before I am back with an update so thank you to everyone who has reached out to me, said hello, left encouraging comments of support.... You all have been so nice and helpful and supportive. Good luck to everyone with upcoming surgeries and happy healing to all y'all on the other side! I will join your ranks, one day! Xoxoxo!

Had a Skype consult with Dr Hedden

Hey all! So even tho my BA has been postponed for now, I went ahead with my free Skype consultation with Dr Hedden in Alabama that i had previously schedued. I selected him as my surgeon back in July but i haven't had one single form of communication with him
(no email, no phone,) until we Skyped yesterday. That was starting to wear on my uneasy nerves, that i had selected a dr (based on good prices and reviews) without ever speaking to the man. So i set up the Skype with his coordinator to give myself some peace of mind.

So, in case anyone is wondering, Dr Hedden is very nice and friendly, and like most busy doctors, very "to the point". Even though I Skyped my consult, I was put in rotation with other patients he had that morning and had to wait my turn like everyone else. My wait time was only 20minutes and he apologized for my wait before we began talking about my surgery. To sum it all up, I am sure Dr Hedden is a fabulous dr with a nice bed side manner. However I have my concerns. Mostly, he spent very little time with me and did not ask me what my desired outcome was. He basically said, do the rice test and whatever size you like most is what we will do. I was puzzled when he said that any size between 300-450ccs would give me a great result and that I could pick whatever I wanted. We were Skyping, so obviously he did no measurements. I was shocked actually that without even seeing me an my breast tissue in person that he would say 450cc would work for me. I am def not being negative towards Dr Hedden! He's the expert! Not me! But I was thrown when he said "pick whatever size you want, you will look great!" I guess I was hoping for more guidance from him on selecting a size. I am very concerned about going too big and also about bottoming out. I have seen plenty of women with perfect results and i dont see any reason i cant have the same! it comes down to sizes! i have had one other consult with another dr, and he warned me based on my measurements, not to go higher than 350 for the best results. So I am confused and not sure what to do! I would like to select Dr Hedden when I am ready for my surgery but I am very concerned he will let me go too big. I guess I am looking for more of a "let's put our minds together and find what would be perfect on you" relationship with my surgeon. Not saying Dr Hedden wouldn't do that if I asked him to. But he really left those decisions up to me during our consult. Hmmmmm, what to do? Any advice on sizes would be appreciated!

All systems go! Detour OVER!

Hello ladies! Lots of exciting updates to share! I'm no longer postponed!!!! The issue that detoured my original BA date has resolved itself and I was able to resched for my original surgery date, sept 5th! Cant believe it! And a big change to report: I am changing my surgeon! I had originally selected Dr Hedden in Birmingham and I had a nice Skype consult with him last week but I'm not selecting him after all. He was nice and I'm sure he would do a terrific job, but I am really unsure about going all the way to Birmingham for my surgery. That's a 3 hour trip, one way. There are plenty of great doctors closer to my area, and I'm almost 99% sure I will be selecting Dr Hueneke in Nashville for my procedure. I have my consult with him at the end of August, and I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for Sept 5th because the dr was available and it's the only day that works for me, my hubs, and the people who will be watching my kids. If I don't do it now, I may have to wait til January or later. So I just need my consult to go fabulous, which I'm pretty sure it will (based on everything I've read about Dr Hueneke, he seems like a caring dr who does great work!) so, as it turns out, thankfully my detour was a short one and even tho I'm NERVOUS AS HECK, it appears I will be getting my C cups on Sept 5th (I hope, I hope, I hope!) yay!

Consult moved to THIS Friday!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! So I spent some time yesterday thinking about some of the things I will need to do to prepare for my surgery that is only 2 weeks away and I realized I really needed to call my dr office to figure out what I need to be doing and not doing. I drink protein shakes but i had heard that i would need to stop drinking thise 2weeks prior to surgery. And no multi vitamins or aspirin, etc etc. Well, my consult was scheduled for aug 30, and my surgery for sept 5th. That means my consult would be only 6 days before my D DAY, so I called to speak to the nurse and she agreed that I needed to come in sooner to go over everything and try sizers, etc. So we changed my consult from next Friday to this Friday instead! Yay! Yay! yay!
I get to meet Dr Hueneke and try on fun sizers and decide on a CC number! And do paperwork and bloodwork. It's finally all happening! Woohoo! ( . ) ( . ) !!!!!

Consult with Dr Heueneke = 2 thumbs WAY UP!

I had my consult with Dr Hueneke this morning and I'm very happy to say the experiene was everything I could have hoped for, and more! Pleasant clean office, smiling faces, professionalism, organization, clear communication among Dr and patient and staff! Trying on sizers was a BLAST! Paperwork was a breeze! I felt listened to and valued as a patient (not a number lost in a crowd) and Dr Hueneke was never a bit rushed and encouraged me more than once to call or email with any questions/concerns before surgery. I can see why this surgeon is top-rated!

We decided on Mentor silicone,
350-400cc's, moderate plus profile. Dr H will decide exactly which size works best once I'm in surgery, but I do know he won't go higher than 400. Not gonna work on my frame.

I'm feeling very good about my decision to change surgeons and stay closer to home. I feel excited and ready for my big day, which is less than 2 weeks away! Woohoo!!!!
Good luck to all you ladies out there! :)

Getting ready and excited!

So 8 is my lucky number and it's only fitting that I post an update now that I'm officially 8 days before my surgery! :)

Not much to report....

Other than....

I'M REALLY EXCITED!!!!!! Yippee!

Oh and I also bought some soup and Tylenol for my post-op and have been researching what foods I should eat/avoid. And I called the hospital for my Pre-Admission Testing. Check, check, check!

Tomorrow I plan on paying all the fees and crossing one more day off the calendar! Trying to curb all my worries and fears and anxieties and focus on enjoying this experience and journey for what it is! After 2 kids and weight loss, new boobs are a gift that I plan on enjoying very much

Almost time!!!!!

Wow! So it's Tuesday night as I'm typing this and my surgery is early Thursday morning! The countdown is on! I just can't believe it's almost time! I'm very excited!
And I feel like I'm as prepared as I can be, thanks to all you Real Self peeps! Soup, crackers, bendy straws, a supportive pillow, sports bras that close in front, extra strength Tylenol, blanket and pillows and a sprite for the ride home after surgery...just to name a few! Check!!!! I do wish I had been stricter on my pre-op diet
(low sodium, no alcohol, lots of water, etc) but hey, Labor Day weekends can be hard on a girl's best intentions! Haha!
I went shopping today with a friend and I got some new Large bathing suit tops from Victoria Secret on sale that I'm excited to try on post-op! I hope they will fit. With it still being warm outside i thought i might need to snag a few swim tops in a larger size while they are still on store shelves. hopefully they will accommodate my new additions! I am hoping I will NOT be able to wear a single bra or bathing suit top that I already own once this is all over!
Well, I guess that's it! Just needed to get a few things off my chest.....pun intended. Lol! Good night ladies!

On the other side and I'm feeling amazing!

Hello gals! My BA was early this morning and everything went just great! I will post more details about the play by play later on when I'm not so drowsy. Here's a quick update for now...
Dr Hueneke put 400cc's in my righty and 375cc in my lefty because it's a tad larger. I had mod plus profile, silicone. I'm only a few hours post-op and am still medicated and recovering in my hospital bed. I woke up feeling GREAT! Even tho I'm very swollen and it's still early, I am very pleased. I can't explain how cool it was to wake up and see my breasts again. The boobs similar to the ones I used to have when I breast fed. I know I'm only at the beginning of my healing process but for now I'm just so thrilled and amazed and ecstatic and feeling so good :) here's a quick pic! Thanks for all the comments and well wishes everyone! They mean so much!

my surgery and recovery....

My surgery was very similar to a lot of women's stories I've read on this site. Got up early, scrubbed down in the shower, drove to the hospital by 5:30, got my weight checked by nurses then settled in my pre op room with my lovely hospital gown, socks and blanket. I had nurses checking my vitals every few minutes, I talked with the anasthesia dr's, got my IV put it (did not hurt one bit, they numbed the area first) passed my pregnancy test (yippee!) then Dr Hueneke came in and marked me up (had my nip/tuck moment!) and we decided he will go with as big an implant as he can without going overboard. After that I got some good drugs thru my IV, said goodbye to my hubs, then off I went rolling down the hall in my hospital bed. I remember a little about the OR but they put the mask on me as soon as I got in there and then it was lights out!!
When I woke up I was sooo tired and drowsy. I remember laying in the big recovery room listening to all the nurses help the other patients who had outpatient surgeries. I was laying there trying to take a look at my new boobs as best I could but I really couldn't keep my eyes open! They rolled me back to my private room where we did all the pre op stuff and I was rejoined by my hubs. I was so out of it, but not any pain or pressure or soreness yet. I felt good! We stayed in recovery longer than we had planned bc I was having a really hard time getting on my feet to use the bathroom or get dressed or get in a wheelchair. We stayed until in the afternoon just dozing and napping. Then we headed home around 2pm maybe, my hubs got my scripts filled. Came home and crashed alllllll day! I had no appetite so I nibbled on crackers and chicken noodle soup and Gatorade and water all day. I barely got out of bed! I couldn't, I still felt really loopy and dizzy! I started my Percocet and antibiotic as soon as we got home. I must say my chest hurts quite a bit. Like horrible soreness and pressure! I thought about just using Tylenol but I think the pain killer is doing a better job. I would say my over all pain level is like a 4, even tho my chest really hurts! Ouch! I have not seen my breasts entirely nude yet, have not come out of my recovery bra yet for fear it will hurt too bad to put it bck on! My boobs look HUGE! Realllllly reallllly big! I know I'm swollen and they will need months to settle but I did panic a little yesterday bc I think they are too big. But that's easy to think when you don't have big boobs and then the next day you do!! Just a lot to take in and get used to! A little overwhelming! Overall I am excited, but I have been more focused on recovery for now. One step at a time! Good luck to everyone today!!

2 days Post Op....

Feeling better and better as time goes on. Not gonna lie, the day of surgery and post op day 1 were rough for me. I was feeling very sick from the Percocet and I decided last night I was done with those. I took 2 Tylenol PM last night at bed time and slept pretty good. Today I've switched over to Tylenol extra strength. I don't feel great, still in some uncomfortable pain in my chest and even my back, but i would rather deal with the pain than feel awful on the percocet. I had these issues the last time I had surgery. I get very sick from all the meds. Not a good call for me. Anyway, I am getting my appetite back and even had a shower today. I know they are swollen but I still feel like my boobs are too big. They are soooooo tight, they feel like they could pop any second. Not a very happy camper right now. Just want to feel better and have some relief from the pressure! but I know it takes time to get adjusted. Send good vibes my way :) thanks ladies!

3 days post op....

Hello all! Well I'm feeling good and getting around pretty well and my appetite is good. I've been taking Tylenol only the past 2 days so I'm happy to say it's working on the pain and I'm not all bloated or stopped up :) I can tell the swelling is going down in my boobs. Which is a welcome relief! Argh! The pressure was intense! I can't believe I have new breasts! They look sexy, I'm so thankful for my new look! Hope all is well with everyone!

4 days post op....

Hi all! Well it's been 4 days since my augmentation and today I am feeling great! Yesterday, I took Tylenol every 4 hours and even had to catch a little cat nap in the afternoon. I iced my boobs several times. i took a Tylenol PM again last night and was able to sleep flat on my back for the first time. I slept great and woke up feeling awesome. I am so happy to say I haven't needed one Tylenol all day! Or haven't felt like I need to ice either. Not something I was expecting to feel only 4 days after! So I guess I'm feeling like I turned a big corner! As far as my results, I am happily surprised! i am still swollen but definitely not as bad as I was a couple days ago. I still feel like they are looking big but I know they will settle down with time! And if they don't.... Well.... I guess I will just have to get over it! LOL! I don't think me or my husband will mind! :) nice thing is, when I have my t shirts on you can't even tell a difference. In fact, in clothes my boobs look even smaller and more natural looking than they did in that dern bombshell bra. Now in a V neck, that's a WHOLE nother story! Hellllloooo cleavage in my face! Hahah! Well, that's ok for now :) so here are a few 4 day post op pics to share. Have a great day everyone!

5 days post op...

Hiya gals! Well let me start by saying I am reading straight from a page out of the "I spoke too soon" book! Dang if my newbie boobies didn't give me some hell today! And I had such a great recovery day yesterday! Shoulda knocked on some dang wood when I posted about how great I was feeling yesterday! Cuz today they were barkin at me! I slept horrible and woke up so sore and stiff! So that made me cranky! As the day went on, it seemed my boobs were barely there one minute and then about to pop or break my back the next! I told my husband it's a strange feeling. It's like every couple hours they feel like they are filling back up with hot air or water or something. Very similar to feeling engorged while breast feeding. And wow, i can really feel the implants inside. Like the edge of them, near my cleavage. I haven't noticed any rippling yet but I can almost see the outline of the actual implant. And I can't help but wonder how much will they settle down and drop and fluff over time. I mean, my boobs are so tight! Sometimes it feels a little hard to breathe! Then other moments, I completely forget they are there. Oh well, not gonna be too picky. All that aside, I have to say beyond how they make me feel physically thru the day.... When I see myself in the mirror, whether clothed or nude, I am definitely getting so used to the sight of them. Like they are my own. I mean, they are. Duh. But, it's that feeling I've seen others post about... they feel like they've had them forever and they've always been a part of them. And this may be just a bit too much (apologies in advance) but...uh...my hormones are raging since i got my upgrades! LOL! In a very welcomed way! I suppose this is why we pay for our implants...
To feel sexier. And thus, we ARE sexier! And looking at my before/after pics, I think to myself... I was a woman before, but i didn't look full grown. Now, I feel I am embracing a side of myself that's growing into more of a woman, one that I didn't know I could be. More confident, more sexual. It feels good! If that makes any sense!?! LOL! Well, Good night chickies! Best of luck to all you boobie buddies out there!

Random side note....

Can I just say how thankful I am that I literally haven't coughed or sneezed or had a gut-busting belly laugh since my augmentation!!?! Gah, I can't imagine how much that would hurt while trying to recover!? Like my chest being ripped apart! eek, scary! Also thankful for step stools because my arms are currently not reaching things like the microwave or towels that are hung up too high. Thankful for door knobs because that's where those wet towels are going for now! And thankful for toes and feet that pick things up off the ground for me at the moment, instead of my fingers and hands! Thankful for the wonderful customer service I received at Wal-Mart yesterday when I was asked by 3 different concerned employees if they could fetch me a shopping cart? what? SLOWLY walking the aisles with a few items heaped in my aching t-Rex arms instead of a shopping cart looks totally normal, right!!?? I was like, "no thanks, I wouldn't be able to push a cart I don't think!" And they just gave me blank stares. And i'm like, "don't ask!" Shaking my head at myself as I walk awkwardly to the check out counter! LOL!

6 days post op....

Hello boobie land friends! Today was my 6th day in Cleavage City, and a great day I must say! Had the best lunch with a girlfriend today. We talked ALL about my new big fake boobs! LOL! It was great! She's been so cool and supportive so i filled her in on all the details of my surgery. And after that I turned some heads at the grocery store. And I chuckled to myself because I am suddenly feeling like a hot sexy mama AT KROGER! Geez! But I can't help it! It feels great to get looks and feel noticed, even if it is in the produce section! I'll take it, thank you! Only needed one ibuprofen today and haven't iced at all. I feel good, and imagine I'm on the last leg of my recuperation. I'm not gonna sign myself up for a 5K or anything! but I'm feelin like I could probably go for a stroll around my neighborhood without moaning and groaning or feeling like I'm gonna fall on my face from all the extra boobage weight. So I have my one week follow up appt with my surgeon tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Haven't seen him since the last time he saw me topless! haha! I really like my dr. He personally called to check on me the day of surgery. I was too out of it to get his call that night so he followed up with me again the day after. I do have some concerns I want to cover with him. More on that another day. All in all, as my week with new boobs comes to a close, I would def say it was worth it. The pain and discomfort, the nerves and anxiety. The worry and the joy! It was quite an obsession, this journey! But it was worth the look I get on my husband's face every single time I flash him! LOL! Alllll gooood!

Honorary shout out

I call this one "New Boobs in the morning light."
~In honor of D is for Daphne

One full boobalicious week! 7 days PO!

Howdy ladies! Today marks 7 days since my augmentation and I could not feel happier, sexier, confident(er) or pleased with my results! I am amazed that only 7 short days ago I was a woman with pancake boobs. Not anymore! Have you seen my new cupcake boobs!? Such a transformation!! 3 cheers for Dr Hueneke and his team! Speaking of, I had my one week follow up with him today and he said everything looks great and is healing nicely. Yippee! He's an amazing doctor! So glad I selected him as my plastic surgeon!
In other news, I was thinking today on some things. I don't know where else in the universe to put these random thoughts I have about breast aug except for right here, so here's a few rambling ideas I would like to share...
I did not get a breast aug to make me a happy person. I already am one. But do i feel happier now that I look the way I do? You betcha! Beauty on the inside is still more important to me than how I look on the outside, and if/when my child ever asks me about my surgery I will repeat that importance. My reasons for this surgery are pretty simple: I didn't need, but wanted to have fuller better looking breasts. I thought about it for a long time and I saved my money. I was scared and almost chickened out several times. But I'm so glad I did this. For me. And for my husband, as a bonus. Knowing what I know now that I'm in Boobieland, yes I absolutely would have done this sooner! I feel amazing! And I deserve that. I do wonder sometimes, what is this special power an amazing rack has on our society. Don't know what it is about gorgeous tits that men and women alike are so drawn to...But now that I'm feeling better about my own, I feel a huge boost! And I'm so thankful for that :)

Feelin frisky!

Have I ever felt this sexy or beautiful in my ugly wife-beater sleep tank? NOPE! I hope I dream about them boobies when I sleep tonight! Zzzzzz

2 weeks with my new ladies

Hi all! Well my augmentation was 2 weeks ago and there isn't too much to update. I am still taking it easy and wearing my lovely, super sexy recovery bra (as seen in photo)! I feel good mostly, but still have my moments when I feel like I need a Tylenol or 2. I tried going for a walk for exercise the other day but I feel like maybe I over did it because my boobs were quite swollen and sore afterwards. So I am feeling a little restless because even tho I feel up for light activities like walking, cooking, shopping, etc, I still feel like I reach my point of no return and "pay for it" for a day or 2 after. It's nothing I can't handle, but I don't like over doing it because I feel like my body is telling me it's still recovering. So I get a little frustrated. It is harder than I thought to just sit still and let someone else do the laundry and sweeping and grocery shopping. I must sound crazy saying that!!! But it's true! I look forward to vacation, and then feel restless when i get there! Haha! Well, as you can see in my pics, my boobies haven't changed much. Still big and round and full. Happy about that. My righty is bigger than lefty, which I addressed with my Dr at my follow up last week. He told me not to use my right arm as much, as it is my dominate. Other than that, I'm dealing with the usual nipple and skin sensitivity, which can suck!!! Ouchy! And my incisions look pretty good. At this point, I'm thankful for my recovery and am just focused on taking it easy. Just being patient. Waiting for my one month mark bc I've read/heard that's when they really settle down. Best wishes to all my friends out there, ESP to ThatTXGirl! Big hugs to her!!

Old bra, new boobs!

I took these pics today. I'm wearing an OLD bra that I filled out before I had children. Sure is a dream come true to be filling it out once again!! It is underwire, which I am ok'd to wear through the day if I choose. Not as comfortable as my sexy recovery bra but I wore it today to some appointments. So it might not be as noticeable in the pics, or even at all... Maybe it's just me.... But I feel like it is pretty obvious how much bigger my righty is than my lefty. My dr put 25cc more in it because my lefty is was bigger before surgery. so I'm just feeling concerned they won't eventually even out. I know I shouldn't be. I've already said something to my dr and he is not concerned at all. I believe he did great work on me. Just wondering I guess if its as obvious in pics to you as it is to me and my husband....

Almost 3 weeks PO pics

Wanted to post some pics for a real self friend who is curious about my current bra size. Warning!! The bras you are about to see in these photos are OLD and UGLY and probably should have been tossed out eons ago! Please forgive me if I have broken a Fashion Law! Also, small disclaimer...I am not an expert on how bras should properly fit a woman with normal boobies or even with silicone boobies. Right or wrong, These are some pics of what is comfy and inexpensive for me at the moment. Please forgive me, Fashion Police!

Few more pics

Played dress up... Forgot to post the pics

Mixed emotions

Hi all! It's been almost 4 weeks exactly since my transformation, and if I'm going to be honest here, I have to say I'm having mixed feelings about my outcome at this point in time. I love my size, I love my cleavage, I love my new look, my incisions look awesome and I love filling out my bathing suits and bras and all that fun stuff! However, I am still concerned about my right being bigger than my left. I know, i know! I'm literally rolling my eyes at myself right now. But I haven't noticed any change in the size or shape of my right breast the past 2 weeks in a row. Does this mean it has already done its dropping/fluffing? It also has a weird dent in the cleavage area and a noticeable bulge in the upper pole area near my arm pit (not pictured). Long story short, my left is perfect. Can't find one thing to pick at. But the size and odd shape of my right quite frankly irritates me. I reposted some pics I took at 1-2 weeks post op to illustrate the size/shape issue. Not much has changed since I took those.
I never expected them to be perfect after augmentation! But I get annoyed when I look at righty in the mirror and I just wish I didn't feel that way. I could choose to overlook these minor issues, and most of the time I do. But like I said, I'm giving an honest review here. My one month follow up appt is next week. I'm really hoping Dr Hueneke will tell me I still need more time and that things will smooth themselves out eventually. I keep telling myself that, and some of you have made the same comments, but since things haven't changed much lately, there is always that nagging concern.
In other news, I am finally sleeping comfortably on my sides. Took me a while to get there! Maybe because I never massaged? I feel slight pain and discomfort when I wear my underwire bra but thats about it really. I can go all day now with no aches or pains. My nipples are still really sore and I'm still numb from my nipple down to my crease incisions. My boobs chill and freeze at night before bed for some reason.....?? I'm still not lifting anything heavier than a milk jug or doing any house cleaning (dr's orders) but maybe that will all be behind me by next week after my follow up. I keep my new puppies pretty covered up most of the time so I haven't had one single person corner me about whether I've had something done :) here are some pics I've taken at random since my last update, and some old ones to show the issues I'm still having with righty. Cheers, everyone!

Celebrating one month!

Howdy ladies and gents! It's been 4 Thursdays exactly since my procedure and so in my book, that's a month with new boobies! I know my last couple updates have been focused on some of the negatives, so today I ate a piece of POSITIVE PIE and decided to celebrate the joys of having my big fake boobs! And what better way to celebrate that by posting a whole bunch of one month PO pics!! Yippee! I took all these today, most of them are the same bras/clothes from previous posts for comparison. So here they are in all their one month glory...

One month follow up!

Hey hey! I had my one month check up this week with Dr Hueneke and everything is going great!

Words of happiness and relief about my boobs: all the unevenness in size and weird dents and bulges smoothed themselves over when I hit my one month mark. Boom! overnight, issues resolved just like that! ladies, don't fret over size issues til you hit the one/two month mark. its jut a waste of your time. I worried and worried and it was all for not. I should've known my Dr knows what he's doing! Duh! Also My boobs are settling nicely and appear to be even in size and shape. They are soft and squishy and jiggle around like natural boobs. They are still a little sore to the touch and also a little numb but that's also on the up and up with each passing day. They don't chill or freeze at night anymore. They mostly just hang around and be awesome.

Words of praise and gratitude for Dr Hueneke:
He is truly an awesome dr! No offense to anyone who needed these things after their surgery (truly!!) but Dr Hueneke doesn't use straps or bandages or drains. I was sent home in my recovery bra and that's all! I'm not sure why some drs use the straps and the drains and all that when some drs don't. All i know is his skill and precision allowed me to have beautiful results immediately, and with no bruising whatsoever, which was shocking to me. I bruise VERY easily! He does not recommend massages, which i was thankful for. Also, he's just a cool, down to earth, nice guy. For example, I showed up 45 min early to my appt this week in the off chance maybe I could get in and out and be on with my hectic day. I arrived during the lunch hour and everyone was on break so I was prepared to wait until my appt time. But dr Huenke said no problem! He did it all himself like a One Man Show, he even booked my next appt for me at the reception desk! just so that he could respect my time and not interrupt his staff while they had lunch. (Sidenote, he did ask one of his female workers to step in for a moment while he performed his quick exam/check up on me.) just an all around top notch dr! They make every effort at his practice to treat their patients with every care and courtesy. So pleased!

6 months post op.... All good things

Hi everyone! Hard to believe it's been 6 months already since my augmentation!! Since my surgery, I've enjoyed all aspects of having new breasts! I love shopping for bathing suit tops, I love filling out my bras, I love the way my husband gawks at me, I love my newfound confidence! I love my cleavage!! I love it all!! Haha! By now, my implants feel like a normal part of my body and they really don't get in my way or cause me any trouble. No pain, no numbness. Like I said, ALL GOOD THINGS! No regrets :)
Since my surgery was late in the summer last year, I'm looking forward to my first bathing suit season! They've been under wraps this winter, and I'm excited to unleash the puppies soon :)
Here are some recent pics I took. Hope all is well with each of you who are reading this! Xoxoxo
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hueneke did a wonderful job on my breast augmentation. I love my results! He is a skilled surgeon, and has a very calming, laid-back bedside manner. Very easy to talk to, and he never seems rushed. Each associate I met or spoke with was professional, organized, friendly and genuine. From start to finish, I enjoyed a top-rated experience! I have already recommended Dr Hueneke to my family and friends! I gave 5 out 5 stars in each category above because I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received, and because Dr Hueneke and his team deserve them!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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