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I'm going for my consultation tomorrow with Dr....

I'm going for my consultation tomorrow with Dr. Haws in Nashville. I've already had mixed emotions: excited, scared, excited again, neutral, and excited again--and I haven't even gone to the consultation! I've thought about having a breast augmentation for the longest time as I used to get teased for having a flat chest, now I'm not AS flat but I'd still like to increase the size so I'm comfortable in my own skin and clothes. I wear a 34B but don't really fill it out all the way; I've tried an A, but it looks funny on me and doesn't seem to fit either.

I haven't told my family about the consultation, only my husband and best friend know. My dad knows I've wanted one for the longest time but my mom died of breast cancer in 2001 at 37 so he's been wary of my inclination. My mom never had implants and she didn't opt for them after a double mastectomy--I think she just didn't want to go through another surgery. Anyone else have implants or planning to get them after mom or family member had breast cancer? I'm brand new to this community so any words of encouragement would be helpful. Cheers!

Consultation Helped East My Mind

I had a great appointment with Dr. Haws in Nashville today and I feel much better after all my questions were answered; I'm sure I'll have others, but for now I'm content.

Aesthetically, she really seemed to be on my wavelength so that helped make me more comfortable. She thought the contoured implants would look best, and the sizing we decided on would be somewhere between 275 and 300 cc's; anything bigger looked ridiculous on my small frame. The cost for the surgery (which is all-inclusive: surgeon's fee, hospital, anesthesia, implants) is $6,615. My husband is coming back into town tomorrow and he said we would talk about the surgery before I put down my deposit--I'm hoping/planning for late February, and hoping to put my deposit down on Friday.

Pre-op and surgery scheduled

I scheduled my pre-op for the 19th. The remainder of the balance is due then (except anesthesia--that's paid directly to the hospital the week before). My surgery is scheduled for the 28th at 7:30am.

Before Photos

Buyers Remorse...

Anyone else having cognitive dissonance? I am seriously having second thoughts; is that normal or should I take it as a sign?

Feeling Better About My Decision

Thank y'all so much for being so supportive! I'll be following y'all too! I was terrified the past week; I was having anxiety almost to the point where it made me sick. I've been so scared of having boobs that are too big for my frame among other random stuff that I've read on the internet. I called Dr. Haws office and spoke to Lynn and she answered some of my questions, one of which was "what happens when you get on a plane?" Yes!--I actually asked that--but I really wanted to know, haha! She said if they inflated during flight then silicone valley would be out of business lol. She got me scheduled for my pre-op mammogram--that was a whole ordeal since every office I talked to did not want to "order a mammogram" for me since I'm only 26 and they didn't think that insurance would cover it--well turns out that, since my mom was diagnosed at stage four bc at only 35, my insurance will pay 100% of the mammogram for high-risk screening.

Also… I think I've looked at so many boobs on the internet the past few weeks that I'm completely desensitized to nudity lol.

Less than a month away!! :) :)

Wish Boobies

I've got tons more… but I'll save your eyeballs.

Changed my op date

I had something come up in march that I have to be able to move around for so I moved my op date from Feb., the 28th, to this Friday, the 7th. This was decided today. Ladies, wish me luck! I've already had my pre-op today and hubby went with me and helped secure size--and... He paid for it. Woohoo! No... I'm going to pay for this he just paid it in full. So, I guess this means I have to get him something REALLY nice for valentines day. Ha! Or, just deposit a nice, fat check into our bank account.

At this point, I don't feel nervous... Just not thinking about it. I'm sure that'll change the day of though. Tomorrow night I can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Wahh!!

Got my meds filled and picked up and some front closure sports bras. Now, I just need to clean really well around the house and make sure I have food already made so I can easily reheat it, a good book, mag, and movie--any suggestions?


Just got home. According to Dr Haws and the nurses, I did very well. Pretty uncomfortable when I woke up but I a scale from one to ten, if day the pain/discomfort was a 3 or 4. Worst part was sitting up and the drive home-- we almost got in two wrecks--idiot, Tennessee drivers!! Lol

My poor husband--I've been so grumpy and snappy from the pain medication. I know he's trying to do his best, but, he's definitely not my momma, or a sensitive female for that matter. Postings some before pictures from this morning, in my sports bras that I'm going to be wearing; but I'm too tired to take any photos right now.

I hope they look good! Haha

Oh my gosh

In my last post I sound like an idiot! lol. It was the anesthesia--I swear I'm not illiterate. Haha. Will post some after photos today.

I slept okay last night--wasn't in too much pain. My chest is just tight, and when I try to breath deep there's a lot of pressure. It only hurts a little when I get up out of bed and walk around. Hubs is taking good care of me--he's wonderful. Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend and healing well. :)

Drop in blood pressure in the shower

I got up to take a shower (made hubby take one with me so I didn't have to do any of the work lol). I had to get out and lay on the floor almost immediately after I got in due to my blood pressure dropping (I'm slightly anemic so It's common for me to get orthostatic hypotension; it's not because of the surgery but I'm sure it had something to do with the pain meds.) and elevate my legs for a minute or two before I could get back in. My hearing had gone away and everything went white; scared me a little but everything went back to normal after laying down. While I laid on the floor my husband commented on how awesome my boobs looked--woohoo! Score! When I got up I was so surprised to see them (and my pale, white face); I thought they would look really funky since they were JUST done but they don't... Of course they have done dropping to do but so far I'm really pleased with the results. Dr Haws did a beautiful job. She is awesome. She sat with me and talked with me about my career and just chit chatted with me for a couple minutes before surgery--made me really comfortable. She's gorgeous even with scrubs and a hairnet on lol.

My chest was pretty sore this morning but it's because I didn't want to wake Hubs up to get my pain meds; he needed sleep badly and since I've been so needy I didn't want to wake him.

Still no photo... Sorry ladies. I didn't have time before I got in the shower. I'm all buttoned up now or I would just take one but I'm tired lol.

Color is back in my face and just laying in bed pinteresting. Happy healing. Hugs.

Booby update ;)

Here's some photos from yesterday; my phone died and i had fallen sleep be the time it had charged. I've been pinteresting and window shopping online for new clothing and a swimsuit for this year. Sorry for the tmi but I still haven't gone to the bathroom due too the Percocet; I've been eating prunes and activia and still haven't gone yet. I don't "feel" like I need to go yet, but when I look in the mirror, my stomach is a little bloated looking--hopefully today. Anyone have any pooh remedies? Lol.

Took my second shower today and got to see 'em. They look great! I'm feeling great! --(given the circumstances lol) just a little slow moving because I don't want to hurt myself. I made breakfast for Hubby this morning (a crab cake egg sandwich) before he left for the airport--on my own 'til Friday :(

I'll post a new photo in a little bit. Happy Monday, ladies.

Different sports bra.

This bra is okay, but the danskin (sp?) one is much more comfortable.

6 days post: quick update

I'm exhausted after today (and I'm trying to watch the figure skating--amazing!) so here's a quick update: The last two days I haven't had any pain meds except tylenol because I was starting to drive and didn't want to be on the Percocet--but tonight... I took it, lol. The pain is tolerable--more of a tightness now... the soreness has pretty much subsided. I finished taking all my antibiotics this morning--woohoo!

The range of motion in my arms has been a lot better and I've been doing big arm circles before I go to bed at night to help stretch--but I've been doing them very, very slowly. Still haven't been able to have perfect posture where my shoulders are pulled back--the tightness in my chest has prevented that... anyone know how long that takes to go away; I'm tired of feeling like a hunchback lol. Also, the dang marker isn't coming off in the shower; I'm scared of scrubbing too hard--going to follow-up appointment tomorrow maybe I'll ask the nurse then. Can't think of anything else right now. Oh... on top of healing--there's a massacre down at the Y. Yay for even sorer boobs! lol

Hope you're healing well and/or are in a good spot before surgery--you'll look amazing. Yay, us! Took that percocet--I'm hittin' the sack. xoxo

Sorry I've Been MIA

Hope you have been healing well. I've been out and about. Today was SO gorgeous in Nashville; I walked the dog, went shopping with a girlfriend, house hunting--ah, just so nice outside.

Wednesday I had my post-op with Dr. Haws and she said I look great, that I could return to normal activity in a couple of days (and I did--bow chica bow wow ;), and that she didn't need to see me again for another 3 months. =D They're starting to get squishier--can't wait until they're completely healed and back to normal. I've been able to use and move my arms more and more; I may do yoga tomorrow--Yippee! Marker still hasn't come off all the way--I'm really gentle in the shower. Dr. Haws said that it's either: a marker that comes off when they're scrubbing before surgery, or a marker that doesn't come off for weeks.

I'm giving my bras to a couple of my girlfriends so they're excited for that. I've still been wearing my sports bras day and night; one--because I'm supposed to for another two weeks, and two--I don't have anything else that will fit! And now that I've bought new boobs, I can't afford new bras, haha! A couple of my friends were upset with me that I didn't tell them I was getting the surgery but I didn't really tell anyone so it's not like I intentionally left them out; and there are some that have been really happy for me and they all want to see, lol. Still haven't told my dad or mother-in-law; going to hide from those two as long as possible, haha!

Happy healing! xoxo


Did yoga today--very careful when dropping down or pushing up. I didn't really do a "push up" but the downward dog and planking was completely fine. It felt a little weird to do some of the movements, but it felt good to get moving and stretch a bit.

Almost forgot to tell y'all... Went to Victoria's Secret and they measured me at a 32DD yippee! I'm sure that I'll be a D or large C when it's all said and done but I don't feel like there's really any swelling left. I'm so excited for summer and cute tops, and swimsuits that will actually fit without padded bras. Yay! Cheers to us and our new twins, and a fabulous year ahead! Happy healing, Loves. Xoxo

Normal Boobs

Nips are pretty sensitive--I think from wearing the dang sports bra day and night--Ouch! Boobs are finally starting to get squishy and feel normal; first thing in the morning they're a little stiff, but after I get moving they're fine. I am able to sleep on my side, but I haven't dared tried sleeping on my stomach. I've also been riding the bike at the gym instead of running the treadmill so they don't jiggle too much, then I do my arms; it was a little weird at first, but the more range of motion the less tight they've become. --Also, starting too peel from my skin being so tight and shiny. New skin--yay!

Lefty has been a little more sensitive than righty but I think its starting to even out. Friday will be 4 weeks and I feel pretty good so I think in the next couple of weeks I'll pretty much be back to normal--just listening to my body and taking it easy when I need to.

My husband has been wanting to touch--I have to keep reminding him to be *gentle.* The other day he just reached up and SQUEEZED and my response was WTF!?! GENTLE!! lol What part of gentle do men not freakin' understand?? They're like toddlers! No more touching for him! haha.

Oh also---got a spray tan yesterday, yippee! Going on a trip with a girlfriend and we'll be able to wear our swimsuits. I'm so excited. Now I just have to shop for a swimsuit--poor me. ;)

Thank y'all for all the support and sweet words. Now, how are you doing?

8 Months Post-op

Hey ladies! Sorry I've been MIA. I'm attaching some photos for you to see differences. I've been going to hot yoga, running, attended boot camps, and other activities and have had no trouble--except push ups--I can do them, and vinyasas (yoga), but it still feels a little wierd to do a full out push up but I couldn't do a lot of them to begin with so... Ha!

To answer some of your questions, they are squishy, not hard; however, they were hard at first but they soften up--I promise--So give it a little time. I haven't noticed any rotating and I lay on them at night and during yoga; they pretty much feel like they're a part of me and not like some foreign object in my chest. Hubby loves them. I love them. My clothes love them, lol. I feel sexy and more confident in and out of my clothes. My friends have seen them and think they look perfect; especially for my size. I'm considered a triple 'D' but I look proportionate as it's a 30DDD; that's like a 32D--so nothing crazy like Pamela's or Dolly's.

If you have any questions, just ask! And, if I don't answer send a private message because I think I get those alerts in my email.

Happy healing!
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