38yo, 175lbs Was a Very Small A Cup Now Has 700cc Mentor Moderate Plus Silicone - Nashville, TN

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I have had the same size boobs since I was 12....

I have had the same size boobs since I was 12. They never got any bigger when I had children or if I gained weight. I couldn't breast feed because I never produced enough milk. So they weren't saggy they just weren't there. I have been wanting implants for over 20 years. Every female in my family has had BA so I'm the last one. Well I finally did it! I chose Dr. Hueneke in Nashville, TN. He helped me select the perfect size for my body type. I have a wide chest and need a pretty large implant to cover the area and give me a nice profile. I tried in several dozers in the office but narrowed them down to 3 sizes. 600, 650 and 700cc. They seemed huge in my mind because after reading so many reviews on here most people were going less than 500ccs. However, I am not petite or skinny. I am 5'6" 175lbs with a large chest and rib cage. On me anything below 600ccs was just too small. I decided to let my PS pick the final size in the OR based on what looked and fit the best. Today was my surgery day and I was super nervous but everyone was so great and put me at ease. I woke up a happy woman. A little uncomfortable but not unbearable. Dr Hueneke chose the 700cc. I was sent home in a front close sports bra and some gauze over my incisions. That's it! Dissolvable sutures and dermabond for my incisions. They are frankenboobs right now but thanks to all the helpful reviews I know that this is temporary. They still look great. I am so happy. I go for my post op appt in one week.

Day 1 post op

I am sore but it's manageable. I have been taking Tylenol and Motrin around the clock. No narcotics. The hardest part is getting up from lying in bed. Once I'm up its pretty sore for a little while until everything settles then it's ok. Feels good to move around some. Just walking around the house. No lifting or bending. My PS called and checked on me last night. I will see him next week. His only concern was the crease under my right breast. He tried to release it but will take some time to see if the implant will fill it out. I'm not worried about it right now. I have taken a few pics without my sports bra on. I'm happy with the results so far. I know the shape will change gradually. Waiting for the hubby to get home so I can shower. He will have to wash my hair. I have kept ice packs on them multiple times today and my swelling is minimal.

Day 4 post op

Soreness is getting better. I can get out of bed without help now. I go back to work tomorrow. I have pretty much taken it easy but can tell if I am doing to much. They are looking fuller and the creases are filling out a little.

9 days post op and it's my Birthday!!

I went for my 1st post op appt. PS wants me to take it easy and not use my right arm so much. My right implant is higher and the right is already the problem child because of the crease. He said the only solution if it doesn't fill in when the implants settle fully is to do a lift or put in smaller (300cc) implants. Not happening. I do not want smaller or more scars. I love the size of my implants. (700cc) just stressing over the shape of my boobs. They were weird to start with so I'm just wanting them to look right. I don't expect perfection just a nice profile. I know I have a long way to go. It's hard being patient. He wants me to keep wearing the front close sports bra at bedtime but says I can wear a regular bra during the day. I can also go without a bra for about an hour a day. He doesn't want the pockets to get bigger because the implants could lay more towards the sides because they are so big. I will post the new bra pics later. Cheap ones to start since it's so early. My PS is still happy with my results so far and assures me they are going to still look great. No motorcycle riding or swimming until after I go back for my one month check up.

5 weeks

Everything is going good. I can lift up to 30 lbs but still have to be careful. Started back to the gym but focusing on lower body with minimal upper body work outs. PS doesn't want the pockets getting bigger. So no bouncing only low impact cardio. No more sports bras. Just regular underwire during the day and no bra while sleeping. It's amazing. They are still high and firm but I was so small he said this is normal and that they will drop. They are much squishier than before. Only massages he was me to do is gently massaging the top of the right breast because it is higher (dominant arm) I have bought one new bra. 40D but the 38DD fit just as well. The cup sits lower on the D and I don't like full coverage so I will probably stick to a D for now. Honestly my 38B bras have a nice fit but are probably too small. More of a Demi cup look in them. Scars are healing nicely. I massage them with vitamin E oil twice a day. The crease below the right breast is still visible but much improved. PS says it will keep filling out and he is pleased with the progress so far. I love them even though they aren't perfect yet. They get lots of compliments!

7 weeks

Dropping nicely! They are softer and feel great. Nipples are still sensitive but not as bad as a few weeks ago. My PS let me start back at the gym 3 weeks ago but not lifting over 30 lbs. Taking it easy on most upper body exercises and low impact cardio only like elliptical or bike.
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