32 Year Old, Mother of 2, 34AA to 34C.....Couldn't be happier!- Nashville, TN

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All my life I've barely been an A cup. After...

All my life I've barely been an A cup. After nursing 2 babies, I was left with a AA and nothing pretty. I want to feel feminine and sexy to my husband. I want to be confident in my workout wear. I'm so thankful I came across Dr. Burgdorf and staff! The communication and support have been amazing. I am confident that I will get a set of boobs that fit my body and meet what we discussed in the consultation.

11 days from surgery!

I just got an email that let me know I'm 11 days out from surgery! That seems so far away at this point! I'm excitedly getting all my "ducks in a row" to prepare for the big day. Buying sports bras yesterday was surreal when looking for bigger sizes! I just can't wait to see how I will actually fill that thing up! Right now, I look like a teenage boy when I wear a sports bra.

Anyone have any suggestions of things they did before surgery that really helped make things easier after? I'm leaving to go out of town next week and actually won't be back until the day before surgery. I've got to get everything figured out here soon!

3 days post op

Wow! They are really there! I can't wait to see what "the girls" will really look like in the next couple of weeks. The first couple of days were really tough with soreness. Everything felt so tight and I didn't have much range of motion. The best thing we bought was one of the camelback backpack drink inserts. I could just lay the pouch on the bed and drink out of the straw. It was perfect! I hated asking someone to get me a drink so frequently. This allowed me to have access to drink a lot!

The surgery process also went really great as well. Dr. Burgdorf came in to see me that morning and discuss any more questions about the surgery and mark my chest up in preparation. He followed up with my husband after surgery and even stopped in again to see me. My son and husband have had surgeries where we didn't see the surgeon before OR after. So to see Dr. Burgdorf both times was great. He was wonderful to put any fears or anxieties at bay.

4 Days Post Op

Today I am starting to feel more like myself. I'm off all pain meds as well as the muscle relaxers. From what I read, I'm guessing I might still need those in the next few weeks though. I got to take bandages off this morning and am super surprised and happy to see only 1 small bruise. The tightness and soreness are getting better each day, but I'm guessing that will take a while to fully go away. I'll be able to extend and reach up or over to get things again!

Again, can't say enough about Dr. Burgdorf and his staff. He personally called to check on me a day or so after surgery when he was on vacation. His staff has been great to answer questions even about small things. There were a lot of hard decisions to make about this process, but choosing Dr. Michael Burgdorf has definitely been a great one. For other local people, I would highly suggest the surgery center at Williamson County medical Center. They were great during all steps of the process. The post op staff was incredible. Our particular nurse, Tiffany, was one step ahead all the time. She took initiative and did everything she could to help make things better. In all the surgeries I have had or been to with my husband and son, she was far above any recovery nurse I've ever experienced. We are so thankful to have come across the path of so many caring people in this process!

1 week post op....Loving Results already

I can't believe I'm already one week out. I know that my breasts are high and will drop soon, but it's just so exciting that I have something there now! I find myself randomly just touching them confirming they are still there...ha!

Thinking back on surgery and the recovery period, the pain wasn't near as bad as I was expecting. It was really so much more of a tightness of my muscles being mad something is in their way. Any pain is really gone now, and I'm left with a full or engorged feeling. I'll be excited for things to drop and that feeling to begin to subside. I'm anxious to see how they continue to change and soften.

I had my 1 week follow up yesterday and the office staff and Dr. Burgdorf were just as compassionate and concerned as before. There's always that thought with doctors if they are more concerned with the initial getting you hooked for surgery and then you are quick to pass through the office. That's definitely not the case here. The girls in the office are so nice to already know my name and really be interested in how the recovery is going, how I'm feeling, any concerns, etc, etc. I love how efficient the office is too. I waited only a few minutes before going back to a room. I literally had just changed my top before the doctor was ready to come in. He talked about surgery again a bit with me as the last time I spoke with him I was still pretty loopy from the drugs. He was very thorough asking how things were going, following up with some of my concerns with medications/anesthesia side effects, and even how my kids were adjusting to the change. He takes his time and really gets to know his patient.

After getting a couple of nagging sutures removed, I got the go ahead to start some exercises to get the girls moving. Everything is looking great and I go back again in 3 weeks. After that it's 3 months. I like the fact that he wants to follow up regularly after the surgery. A couple of friends who have had BA years in the past mentioned they only went in for 2 follow up appointments. I love the fact that they are truly there by your side while things settle and change.

First Shopping Trip Since BA

Wow! Who knew it could be so fun to try on dresses. Being petite, sometimes it is hard to find dresses that are the right length and right fit. Add in no chest, and things get really ugly. Today I was out picking up a few back to school items with my kids. When I passed the dresses, I thought....why not! Grabbing a few styles that before surgery I would have never touched, I was beyond thrilled with how they looked in the dressing room! I can actually wear something v-necked or a bit lower cut now. Not that I'm letting everything hang out, but seeing a smooth line as opposed to my chest bones is so much more feminine!

Now one of my concerns before surgery (and let's face it, my husband's too!) was that my clothes wouldn't fit anymore. Not the case at all. Everything just looks so MUCH better on! I've only come across one thing so far that I had to pitch out. Honestly though, it was a shirt I always felt was a tad bit too short anyways. Having a chest now definitely made it too short. So the expense of a new wardrobe is definitely not an issue. Now it just becomes more fun to actually shop!

I know this might sound silly, but as I walked past mirrors in the stores, I noticed something over and over. Not only is the profile so much fuller, but I think I'm standing a little taller. Feeling more feminine definitely gave me that confidence booster I wish I had done years earlier! So thankful!

a few pictures

I'm not great with pictures...period. But, here are a couple from the first week.

Nagging stitches

So far everything has gone really well. All the sudden though, the sutures along my incision are giving me so much pain. So much that they even kept me awake at night or would wake me with throbbing pain. I just went back for a pop in appointment yesterday with my PS to make sure everything looked okay and there was nothing that could help. Dr. B said I'm just fortunate enough to be a slow metabolizer of the stitches. Anyone else gone through something like this before? How long did they drive you nuts?

Back to work!

Being a high school teacher, it was really important to have my BA done during the summer! There's no way to do that during the school year and get away with it...ha! Once I went back to work, I had been post op for 13 days. I felt good about going back, but I knew I would have to be careful with moving desks, chairs, getting books, etc. All those things have been done easily without hurting anything!

More than anything, I wondered if my colleagues and here soon, former students would notice my new assets! I am so thankful that my doctor really understood the look I was going for and desire to keep things natural to my frame. I am not going to lie or hide the fact that I had my boobs done, but I also don't want to advertise and have it be common knowledge.

The first 4 days of the year are inservice days, meaning just teachers. I went back and forth on what to wear. Something looser or involving or involving a cardigan or go ahead with something a bit more form fitting. I went ahead with something that showed my shape a bit more. After all, I am proud of them and LOVE the way they have turned out!! I noticed a few looks...some discreet and some very obvious. I didn't offer up to those nosy lookers though! I had one close friend ask, "Wow, your arms look great. You just seem so toned and healthy. Something is different, but I can't put my finger on it." After letting her in on the secret, she was so excited to hear about it and asked for a feel! I know some people I work with just would NOT understand. I'm not asking them to nor am I asking for their approval. So I figure, they can just keep wondering :)

Now, we'll see what some of my former students who I have again this coming school year will think! Will any of them notice? After all, these kids will just about say/ask anything! But is inquiring about a boob job too much!

And off to see the in-laws this weekend who don't have a clue about it. I doubt they keep their opinions to themselves :)

4 week post op update

It's hard to believe it's been just about a month since I had my surgery. I'm starting to feel like these boobies are really a part of me now! I'm back to work and absolutely loving the way things fit. Random things take a bit getting used to though. My longer necklaces will get caught around them! I have to be careful hugging certain people. The full on front hugs are a bit off limits to those I don't want to know I had BA. I'm still waiting for them to drop a good bit and soften. Those side hugs are much safer!

We went 300ccs saline submuscular. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I want a bit bigger, but I really didn't want it to be ridiculously obvious. The way they are now, things are full but still fit me. I guess maybe it's boob envy right now thinking more is better :) I'm definitely thrilled though! My doctor was great to warn me about the emotional roller coaster of the boob job. He wasn't kidding! From the pre-surgery worries and thinking of being selfish spending this money, to thinking they were too big, maybe too small, just right, etc, etc. It will be nice a couple of months down the road to really be settled into what they will truly be!

I had my appointment just the other day to check on my progress. My incisions are pretty much healed up. My body doesn't seem to like disolvable stitches. In other procedures I've had done in the past, they just take forever to go away. These have been a bit pesky, but are really starting to calm down. I'm continuing my exercises and all looks great. I'm ready for the nipple sensitivity to dissipate to my husband can help with the exercises too...per doctor's order ;)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of my major questions prior to having my BA was whether I would even be a candidate for the procedure given the fact that I have rheumatoid arthritis. Before even scheduling a consultation, I spoke with several nurses/office personnel to see what the doctor's thoughts were about my condition. One reason I ended up choosing my doctor was because he really went into depth about the discussion of the link between implants and RA, what it might do to my current condition, possible risks, etc. He did not hold back on anything that might not sound pretty. Again though, there's no definite link between RA and implants, but some try and suggest it. Well, I already have RA, so my big worry was that with a suppressed immune system and autoimmune disease, surgery and recovery might be worse for me or too much of a risk. Being only 32 and having 2 younger kids (5 and 7), I didn't want to do anything that would be too risky for my health.

After talking with my rheumatologist as well, it was definitely confirmed that I should be good! Dr. Burgdorf (PS) discussed all my current meds I was taking and we decided to stay away from steroids prior to and after surgery. My RA is moderate to severe and I get infusions of drugs to help control it. The current treatment was working great and I was really worried surgery would cause a flare up. I'm 4 weeks out and (knock on wood), I haven't any little bit of a flare! I'm feeling great.

I did make sure and add a daily vitamin and daily vitamin C to help increase immune system function and healing. All in all, surgery and recovery seemed very comparable to any immune functioning normal person! I tried to research other RA patients and their experience with BA surgery. I did not find much but would love to find others to hear about their experiences. Hopefully the recovery has been just as smooth.

amazing transformation

Here are before and after photos. This was at my 1 month follow up. I think the results are pretty amazing! I guess that means my doctor is pretty amazing too!

first bra fitting....yippee!

I couldn't help this weekend as I walked past an Aerie store. I am almost 6 weeks post op and had planned to wait a couple more weeks before testing a real bra out. The girls were wonderful in fitting an augmented customer. I measured in at a 32/34C! I was hoping for a C but wasn't totally sure. It was so exciting to hear! The last time they fitted me, I was a 32/34AA. I couldn't even buy in the store as they didn't carry it except online. It was so exciting! I was taking pictures and texting it to everyone. So, so happy! I walked out with 2 new bras.

8 weeks post op photos

I know I am biased, but I think they look great! This is 2 months out.

8 week post op visit

Let me say again, I LOVE Dr. Burgdorf and his staff. I love that they really know their patients and make you feel so comfortable. One thing that has been a bit complicated for me is getting to the appointments after the school day and having to bring my kids. Or maybe I should say, I perceived that it would be difficult. My kids are 5 and 7 and I'm not open with them about having my boob job. When the school year started back (I teach high school), after school appointments were the only feasible option. That meant the kids tagging a long. When I was talking out loud to myself the first time I was scheduling an appointment, Courtney, Tyrella and Sara were more than willing to keep an eye on my kiddos in the waiting room while I went back to see Dr. B. I mean, really??? Are they serious?? And serious they are!! It was so nice to know that the kids weren't a burden or unwelcome, even in the beautiful office. Dr. B himself welcomes the kids as he is open about having 4 young kids. My kids love going to the office there. The comfy couches are nice for kids after school to lounge on...lol. This past visit, it worked out that my husband had the kids instead of bringing them with me. The girls at the office were truly disappointed not to see the kids. It was so sweet...and uncommon to see kids treated that way! That is so beyond helpful and appreciated!

On to the visit. After a super short wait, Dr. Burgdorf checked out my progress. Everything is looking great! He answered all kinds of questions for me from bra fittings to the actuals of the surgery. I just love how at ease they are and really take their time. I go back in 4 weeks when I am 3 months post op. Excited to see how things will look even then!

Bra fitting Review...multiple stores!

Ok, so I know I mentioned that I went bra shopping a few weeks ago. I have done several trips of bra shopping and MANY trips of bra returning. First I tried Aerie. I went with a full coverage bra, but it felt too matronly. I mean, come on, I have fake boobs! Some of it should show. So, I returned what I bought and went back to aerie. I found some demi cup bras in 34C. I really should have gone with 32C, but it was too tight. Once I wore it with something form fitting, I noticed I was over-filling the cup. I'm wondering if I really should have been a D in there? The times I went, the girls were REALLY busy. I think it would have been better on a different day when I could have gotten more individual time.

Then I tried Soma. I love their panties and have bought bras in my pre-BA day. The girl I got must have been new. She was a bit overly fake or friendly or something. She needed to be a bit more forceful in looking at how things fit, etc. So I bought a couple of ended up returning them.

At my 8 week check, Dr. B suggested my trying Dillards, Norstrom or Belk. Several of their patients have had GREAT luck with them. I tried our local Belk later that week. I couldn't get ANYONE to help me. I finally asked the girl at the counter, but she looked no more than about 21 and obviously irritated I had bothered her. No thanks! JCPenney was in the same shopping center. No one was in the department, so I just picked up a few to try. I was shocked they didn't care a single 32 anything! I was not about to go ordering anything online just to have to return a bunch again. All the 34s were way too big.

The next day we were in the neighborhood of Dillards. Thankfully my husband encouraged me to go in and try. The lady that helped me was AMAZING! I told her about my implants and immediately she knew what kinds of things to try and to stay away from. She said, "some things just won't fit you right now that you have had some work." She measured me, felt of me a bit and then went right to work to getting a few bras. She helped me get them on, adjust the straps and gave me some suggestions. Of the 6 she brought back to begin with, I ended up getting 2 of those. She was spot on for what I wanted and needed. I definitely paid a bit more there, but these are also going to last longer. And I think it's definitely worth getting something that fits so well (and looking pretty isn't so bad!). A friend of mine asked why I would spend that much when really I could probably go without a bra. I have never been able to buy a pretty, nice fitting bra! Yes, I splurged, but it feels wonderful to feel so sexy in a black lace bra! I know it sounds silly, but it's kind of empowering. And...when being measured, I was a solid 32D! I don't feel like a D at all, but the bras fit amazing. It's so nice to have an expert guide you in the right direction! Thanks, Dillards!

favorite bra

I would have never, ever thought that I would fill out a bra like this. I never thought I would own a beautiful, lightly lined, lace bra either. Now look at me! This was my favorite of the bra shopping this weekend.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

From the initial consultation, I felt completely comfortable and at ease with Dr. Burgdorf. I researched about 6 other PS in the Nashville area looking at price, pictures, credentials, etc. Before scheduling my consultation, I had narrowed it down to Dr. Burgdorf and one other office. It all came down to reviews talking of his great bedside manner, conservative perspective, and ability to put patients at ease. It also sealed everything for me when the patient coordinator Tyrella followed up with amazing emails answering my questions...even over the weekend! I didn't feel like a bother and I felt like all my concerns were taken seriously. I also didn't feel a bit rushed. I have been to a consultation in the past and everything was rush, rush, rush. Dr. Burgdorf and staff were not that way at all. Dr. Burgdorf was fully involved in the process of sizing and wanted to see my reaction to different "sets." I chose to go with 350ccs. He was honest with his opinion and really helped calm any of my uncertainties. The process, risks, outcomes, etc were explained in detail by both Dr. Burgdorf and Tyrella. They were great to discuss the differences between implants and really help me come to a comfortable decision with gel implants...which I had believed I would go with saline prior to my appointment. After being a bit nervous starting my appointment, I am so excited to have this done! Even my husband was beyond impressed with the attitude of the office and staff. Now after having had my surgery, I am even more thrilled with Dr. Burgdorf! On the day of surgery, Dr. Burgdorf came in pre-op to talk about the procedure, answer any last questions, and add markings to my chest area. His calm and laid back demeanor is very contagious. The last minute nerves my husband and I were experiencing were really put at bay right before surgery. We had discussed going 300cc to 350cc. I really wanted to stay within a C cup range. After surgery, Dr. Burgdorf met with my husband to follow up about how things went and let him know he did go with the 300cc implant. The 350 would have put me in a D range. On my 5'3 petite figure, I was hoping to stay more natural looking. I was also thrilled with the Williamson County Medical Center that Dr. Burgdorf performs part of his surgeries. The staff in preop and postop were amazing! I have never had a recovery nurse be so attentive, caring and on top of things. I was so thankful he chose such a wonderful facility to operate in. While waking, he even stopped in to check on me before we headed out. During the recovery period, I received a phone call from the doctor checking to see how things were progressing. I can honestly say that in all the surgeries I myself, my husband or my 2 children have had, we have never received a personal phone call from the surgeon to see how we are doing. The extra things like this really set him apart from others. I had a couple of questions throughout the recovery days and they were very quickly answered via Tyrella, his patient care coordinator. If she didn't know right off hand, she was very timely in contacting Dr. Burgdorf for the information. As things are starting to settle in, I'm so excited with my new assets. I can't thank Dr. Burgdorf and his staff enough!

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