5' 4.5" 124lbs, 350cc, Mod Plus

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I have my first consultation on June 25th with Dr....

I have my first consultation on June 25th with Dr. Hueneke in Nashville, TN. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have a 16 month old whom I stopped nursing 3 months ago. My breasts pre-pregnancy were a nice perky, solid B cup. I was never really happy with the size, but I liked the shape and perkiness. My boobs were a whopping DD while nursing…quite the change!

I’ve thought about getting a boob job on and off for about 10 years. I never wanted to do anything until I was done having children. I am pretty active; I enjoy running, hiking, swimming, kayaking, really anything outdoors. I started working on getting my body back as soon as I quit nursing. I’d like to get myself to a toned 125-130 pounds before my surgery. I’m anxious to take time off to let myself heal. It feels so good getting back into a routine. But a few weeks off is well worth the trade off of having nicely healed boobs. I definitely don’t want to do anything too soon and risk hurting myself or messing up my implants.

I’m leaning towards silicone, moderate plus profile, inframammary incision, and I think under or dual plane. My goal is to be a natural looking full C (small D at the most). I’m afraid HP will give me too much of a fake look? I don’t really know what would be best… I am excited to meet with Dr. Hueneke and see what he suggests for sizing and profile.

Any other Nashville ladies here? Who did/are you seeing for your breast augmentation? Any recommendations?

Wish Pictures

My consultation is on Thursday! I am excited and really anxious at the same time. I have a bunch of questions typed up.... I'm sure they're use to that, right?! I am most excited to try on some sizers and hear the plastic surgeons recommendations for me. I keep going back and forth as to if this is something I really want. I know it is, but I keep psyching myself out. I really hope I leave feeling informed and more at ease. This site has really helped a lot, I love reading everyone's stories.

Wish pics


Delayed update, I had my consultation last week. This was my first consultation. I asked a bunch of questions and the PS was very kind in answering all of them - without seeming annoyed. I tried on sizers – we all liked the look of the 350cc's. I am a bit torn as to if I should go 375? The 400cc looked too big and felt rather heavy on my frame. The nurse and PS said that 25cc is such a small difference... with me being pretty active the 350's will probably be best. I felt a little rushed during the consultation... I didn't show him any pictures of my wish boobs and he didn't ask. I told him I wasn't planning on having the BA until October or November. Maybe that's why he didn't ask to see pictures of what I'd like my breasts to look like? He did show me a couple of before and after of his patients with similar stats with different sized implants.
When my husband and I sat down with the nurse, she gave us the price and we told her we weren’t ready to schedule yet. I needed to check with my mom (she will be flying out to care for me and watch our son). Once that was said she stood up and handed me the paperwork. I felt that was a little rude. I still had questions for her. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I’m hoping that it was just an off day for the nurse. I called the next day and booked my BA for November 3rd. Now, that I’ve paid my deposit I’m wondering is one consultation enough? Should I sit down with another PS? I have no one to watch my 16 month old and bringing him to consultations would be a headache. I hope I’m not just settling. If I hadn’t felt a little rushed, I think I would feel 100% about my decision. This is such a rollercoaster of a journey already!


I'll post before pictures as my surgery date gets closer.

Current Stats:
Height: 5'4.5"
Weight: 130lbs
Bra Size: 34 A/B

I would like to be a large C or solid D cup after my BA. The PS recommends 350cc's to fit my activity level. As long as I am at least a C and no larger than a D, I will be happy! I want my breasts to appear as if they *may* be natural. I mainly don't want the super augmented look. I want a gradual slope and good lower boob. I have somewhat of an athletic build (working on getting it back since weaning), a butt, and no boobs - I'd like to be proportionate! Ideally I want to be able to dress them up or down depending on my mood. I am so afraid I will go too small and too big at the same time.
I left my consultation with the plan of receiving 350 or 375cc's, moderate + round, silicone, under the muscle, inframammary incision. I can't wait to be on the other side. November seems so far away....

Pre op Done

My pre op was originally scheduled for a week or so before my surgery. I wanted to have another visit with Dr. H and look at the sizers again since my consultation was 3 months ago. I was a little freaked out with the idea of not seeing him again until a week before my surgery. I definitely chose the right PS, Dr. H is amazing and his nurse is very helpful!

We decided on 350cc's, moderate + profile, under, and inframammary incision. Anything larger and it would probably interfere with running. Pre op was a breeze; tried on the sizers again, asked a few more questions, before pictures were taken, and I signed some paperwork. Ashley gave me the pre op and post op instructions and I got my prescriptions filled. I have to stop birth control 1 month before my surgery and any pain relievers, vitamin e, and fish oil 2 weeks before. I'll post before pictures closer to my actual surgery. I'm still working on the courage of putting pictures on here.

Sports Bras?

Any good recommendations for sports bras during recovery? I've got to wear one 24/7 after surgery until told otherwise. Thanks and happy healing!!!

Tomorrow Is Boob Day

I cannot believe boob day is finally here. I'm so anxious but excited. I forgot to take before pictures and I don't feel like getting out of bed to do it now. I'm nice and comfy in bed...if only I could sleep. I told my husband to make sure we get a couple before pictures in the morning before we leave.

My surgery is first thing in the morning and I need to be there by 6:00... Which means I'm waking up around 4ish. I hope I can sleep tonight. The last few nights I've been waking every couple of hours. Everyone I spoke to at the surgery center was so nice. I'll probably be getting an anti-nausea patch as I get car sick. One of the nurses I spoke to said if you get motion sickness, you'll probably, come out of anesthesia puking. Hopefully that will also make the car ride home smooth. Oh, that reminds me I'm supposed to bring a pillow to put between my chest and the seat belt for the ride home. I hope I don't forget anything. I better try and get some sleep...

Good luck and happy healing!

A couple before pics

My boobs shrank to an A cup with all the running I was doing. Some of the pictures are turned wrong. I don't know how to fix that?


My husband took these pictures right after I was up from anesthesia.

Survey went great. I'll post more details tomorrow.

Surgery Day

I had my augmentation done on 11/3 at 7:30 a.m. My husband came with me. We were told to arrive by 6 to start the check-in process. We got there and I had no wait time at the front desk, which is where I signed my consent forms. Once that was done we were taken to a waiting room. About 6:30 one of the nurses took me back to the preop room, took my vitals, checked for pregnancy, and had me get undressed. My husband was allowed to come in the room with me once she was done with that.

The nurse had me sign a couple more forms for the anesthesia and the anti-nausea medicine. I got a patch behind one ear and a dissovable zofran that went under my tongue. The anesthesiologist nurse put my IV in around 7, nothing was being administered at that time. Dr. Hueneke came in and marked me up, confirmed the 350ccs, asked it I had any questions and then went on his way. The anesthesiologist came in explained what to expect and told me she would be in the room at the beginning and then her nurse would stay and monitor me. After that, they gave me feel good cocktail and rolled me into surgery. I remeber getting into the room, the nurse putting an oxygen mask on me while another put on my leg compression things. The last thing I remember is feeling the compression socks warming on my legs.

As soon as Dr. Hueneke was finished he went and told my husband everything looked great and I was moved to recovery. Once I woke up, my husband could come back to see me. Dr. Hueneke told my husband surgery was 30 or 40 mins? I can't remember which? He also told my husband my boobs looked great and that I would be looking in the mirror a lot. :) Dr. H was pleased with my size and told my husband in reality I could have gone anywhere from about 300-400ccs.

I remember waking up looking at the clock and telling the nurse it was almost 8:40, I went in and out of consciousness for about 20-30 minutes before I was actually up. Once I was alert and carried a conversation the nurse got me some water, ginger ale, and graham crackers. My husband came back to the recovery room with me and we chilled for a little bit longer watching music videos.

Getting dressed was pretty easy. I had my husband dress me and then we were on our way home. I felt great after my surgery, I didn't have any nausea or real pain at all. My chest felt a little tight and stretched but overall I felt pretty good. Once we got home, I took a pain pill and slept on and off that day.

Everyone was so nice at the Atrium Surgery Center. The entire process was absolutely wonderful. So far I'm loving my new additions! I get to take a,shower today and actaully see what my boobs and incisions look like. I have to wear a bra 24/7 except to shower until Dr. H clears me. I'll update and post some new pictures once I take off my bra and shower. Thank you to everyone wishing me well! It feels good having the RS ladies!! Good luck to Everyone on their journey!!!

2 Days Post Op

I took these before my shower. I couldn't get any side shots. I'll wait until my husband gets home. I'm still pretty swollen and a little bloated.

It was nice to see my boobs without the sports bra. I was afraid they were going to look all frakenboobie.... But I think why look pretty good for being 2 days post op.

3 Months Post Op

Here are some updated pictures! I am 100% happy with my decision. I haven't really worked out since having my surgery... Between the holidays, having company, boobs healing, getting sick, and then taking care of my sick toddler I just haven't made time. Now that I am 100% restriction free, I will get back to a workout routine. I did go for a 4 mile run today while pushing my 31lb toddler and my boobs felt great. My sports bra held them in perfectly.

If you have any questions, ask away. :)
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