52 Yr Old Upper & Lower Eyelids, Brow Lift - Nashville, TN

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I seen there were several reviews for either Tummy...

I seen there were several reviews for either Tummy Tuck or Breast. I am scheduled Thursday for Brow lift & upper and lower eyelids as well as some liposuction. I had interviewed several doctors before choosing Dr Burgdorf. He is kind, patient and listen to your needs. Per my request and approval of past clients i was emailed by secure link pictures of procedures he had down and a past client called me to answer questions i had. I was more comfortable with these options and scheduled my surgery. I will follow up with my results as i start to heal.

2 weeks post op

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery. The surgery went longer than anticipated because i was a bleeder. My eyes were pretty swollen and bruised. I stayed longer in recovery but was able to get up on my own and use the bathroom and eat some food before i could leave. As far as the surgery pain i had more discomfort than pain. I am still swollen but much better and i am taking longer to heal due to my bleeding issue. Dr Burgdorf returned my call the next day and answered my concerns. I am on the road to recovery, slow but getting better. I can actually see eyelids now, exciting. My eyelid preop were non existent, so this is a milestone. The lipo garment, can get uncomfortable but its important and its also important to use ice on the eyes, often...Don't let peoples words discourage you to get surgery or after surgery. I get alot of wow its getting better or you are still swollen, that horrible. Well, its temporary and i am not letting them get me down. I have high hopes.Dr Burgdorf and his staff have been very accommodating, friendly and welcoming. I had the stitches from the eyes removed week 1 post op and it went smoothly. Today i had the staples removed from brow lift and did not feel a thing. I will post a photos soon.

16 days post op

16 days post op on brow lift with upper & lower eyelids. Still swollen in lower lids but much better. I hope the upper lids get tighter as it looks like drooping. its still early so i am believing it will be better in time. I will know more at my next appt on the 23rd.

5 mths post op

Its been 5 mths since surgery. It is so wonderful to have eyelids again and makeup is where its suppose to be lol. Since i was a bleeding my left eye seemed to need a little more skin removed. Dr Burgdorf was so kind and not to push me off. He actually agreed and removed a little more skin. I am really happy with the results. He is so down to earth and outgoing. I would recommend him if you are looking for a trustworthy excellent plastic surgeon. I need to get updates pictures and will post soon

11mths post op

Sorry for eye makeup smudge, caught in so rain.
I had my followup with Dr. Burgdorf today, he is so funny and kind but keeps it professional. I have healed well. I actually have eyelids now. Aimee & Lindsay in his office are wonderful too. They are outgoing and remember who you are. If you are looking for a board Certified (very important to find someone board certified) Plastic Surgeon i would recommend a consult with Dr Burgdorf, i know you will enjoy him and his staff as much as i have. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me questions anytime.
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