My Journey with Smile Direct Club and Crooked Teeth!

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I have always been self conscious about my crooked...

I have always been self conscious about my crooked teeth, especially when i was younger. I would try to hide my teeth when i smiled. Im 28 now and although I am not nearly as self-conscious, I still would love to have a beautiful smile. A few years ago my husband and I decided that I would do Invisalign. I pulled my wisdom teeth and fixed any problems that I had on my teeth, but when I really stopped to think about the price which was around $5000 - $6,000 I just couldn't go on with it. I mean, that's a lot of money just for straight teeth! LOL So I gave it up. A few weeks ago I was browsing on Facebook and saw an ad for Smile Direct Club. I had never heard of anything like this before and was immediately interested. I wondered if it was just a scam or if it was really true. I did some research and it looked legitimate so I decided to go ahead and try it. I was really afraid my teeth would be too crooked for it, but I took some photos that they we're asking for and it said I was approved to try out for the impressions! :-) I was so excited! I received the impression kit in a relatively short time. I followed the instructions and my husband helped me do my impressions. We did the top one first and it looked great except for in the back there was the blue tray sticking out and I didn't think I had much of a gum line on my molars. So we thought well, the next one will be better, we will learn from my mistake on the first one, but the next one was worse!! So we did the two bottom ones those were pretty easy and looked very good for the most part. We sent them in, but I was pretty sure they would want me to the top ones over again, but I was overjoyed to get an email saying I was approved!!! :-) I received the email last Wednesday comma which was 5 days ago and am waiting to get my plan. So I'm really excited and so far everything has been going great! The customer service has so far been awesome :-)

I received my treatment plan!

I was pleasantly surprised to get an email with my treatment plan today! They told me it would be 7 to 10 days, but this was only the sixth day! According to the plan I need to wear them aprox 7 months:) Can't wait to get my aligners! They told me it should be the week of October 17th. So we'll see:)

3 D treatment plan photos

My Aligners are here!

I received my aligners yesterday. They were here sooner then i expected! I put them on last night before bed. They're a perfect fit, but It's definitely something im going to have to get used to.

Going Great!

So far everything had been going great! SDC has been awesome. I know some people have had problems with customer service, etc, but i have had none. I put in my 3rd aligner last night, there was a lot of pressure and this morning is a bit painful. This is the first one that hurt, the other 2 were just tight, but no tooth pain. I can definitely tell my teeth are moving, although i can't see it. When i take my aligners out, my bite feels different. Right now it is moving my eye teeth, basically widening my mouth to make room for my front teeth to straighten. I won't see movement in my front teeth until aligner 6. I'll definitely be glad when I'm done, but it really just becomes a part of your life, so its not all that bad. At first my speech was pretty bad, but has gotten a lot better. So far so good! :)

Tray 8!

So everything has been going according to my treatment plan, for the first 5 sets my teeth were just widening to make room for my front teeth to come forward, so now on tray 8 i am just starting to notice that they look a bit straighter. My next set is going to start working on my most hated teeth, the top 2 front ones! I can't wait! lol I have been receiving shipments once a month (except the first month i think i received 2 shipments) and have up to tray 12. One of my biggest worries was that i wouldn't receive my aligners on time, but i just need 3 more, so far so good!

Tray 1 to Tray 8

Refinement Time

I'm done with my original plan and am now in the refinement process! I have nothing but good to say about sdc. I actually got my aligners reimbursed in exchange to the rights to my photo! ! :)

My Remembers Are Here!

I received my refinement aligners a week ago and they fit great! I'm due to change to m1w2 today. 7 weeks to go! Quite a journey and well worth it! I would do it all over again. Thank you Smile Direct Club for giving me the smile that i dreamed of! If you want here's 50% off your impression kit.
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