34 Yrs old, 2 Kids, 5'4", 126lbs - TT w/ MR, BL, AUG

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I had my final consultation today and scheduled my...

I had my final consultation today and scheduled my appt for June 30th! I'm super excited. My ps was patient with me and answered all of my questions. I have 2 kids and breastfeed my youngest for 14 months. I workout hard but have excessive loose skin on my stomach that has to be removed surgically. I'm getting a tummy tuck with muscle repair. My ps said my muscle separation is 3-4 fingers width ???? Since I have scoliosis one of my breast is larger due to my shifted rib cage. I will have a lift on the larger beast and 240cc and on the right 310cc. The breast implants are Sientra textured classic base. I'm excited and nervous but glad I finally got it booked! I'll keep you all posted on my surgery prep!

6 days before surgery!!!

Sooo I'm really excited but a little nervous too! I've been doing my homework on the Sientra Breast Implants (textured, classic base) and decided to go up a notch in size for my BA. The left breast was 240cc now 275cc and the right breast was 310cc now 350cc. I have severe scoliosis and have a rod in my back to ensure my spine does not curve any more....so I know the tummy tuck and the BA will not be completely asymmetrical. But I know Dr. Wendel will make me look as normal as possible. I'm also starting to get the supplies I will need for recovery...thanks to all the other ladies posting what works and the must haves! I'm also getting the house in order...trying to set my hubby up for success. 6 days left!!! Here are some current pics and some old pics before the babies.

One more pic

Surgery Tomorrow!!!

Outside of work I also cleaned the house and prepared my recovery space. Took a few more pics. I am suppose to arrive at the surgery center at 5:30am tomorrow.ist remember not to eat or drink anything after midnight. Please pray for me!! I'm super excited!!!

One more pic-my recovery station

See the Victoria secret inserts in the back...goodbye!!

Made it through!

My hubby and I made it to the medical center around 5:45am on yesterday. Immediately checked in and gift my arm band. Then I went on to get my blood drawn and IV. I had a great team! The nurses, anesthesiologist and of course Dr Wendel were all wonderful and helped me to calm down. I was so nervous and excited I worked myself up to getting some happy juice lol. I think we were done around 11am. Don't remember the drive home and so far not too much pain....been on top of my meds and drinking green smoothies and eating a lot of kale salads. I slept well in my recliner last night with a pillow behind my back and a me. Here are some pics after my mom cleaned the port sites and changed my gauze. Wishing everyone else happy healing!! I'll post more pics at my follow up appt when the bandages come off.

4 days post op

Today is the first day I haven't had to take pain meds. I noticed that my right hip was a little sore/tingly from me sitting so I did a little more walking today. I'm very happy to report my 2 year old is handling this a lot better than expected. She knows that I can't pick her up and she approaches me with caution. On another note....I had no problem getting up the stairs to my bedroom after the surgery. If you have stairs to climb just take your time.

I had my first BM yesterday but it was nothing to celebrate but today I had greater success in that area. I hardly have any pain from my breast. The majority of the discomfort for me is the drains. My first post op appt is on Thursday 8/6...I should be able to get some good pics on that day. So far so good! I pray everyone else is healing well.

Comparison pics

Going in for my post op appt. tomorrow. My left breast is higher and larger than the right. I'm sure my PS will address it tomorrow. So far I'm very happy how things are progressing!!!

11 days post op- the good and the bad

Hey friends!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. So since the last update I've had a lot of different emotions lol. I've been really eating a clean diet and feel that has definitely helped in my healing process. Green (kale/spinach) smoothies with wheatgrass from Amazing Greens, oatmeal with flaxseed and almonds is my morning meal, protein shakes, salmon, kale salad (you guys get the idea) and lots of water are all a part of my daily diet.

I've been taking it easy since the surgery only venturing out to my weekly appt but went out to the mall for tax free weekend shopping on yesterday. I put my meds in my purse just in case. I made sure not to carry anything not even my own purse the whole time. I got tired and sore after a few hours of standing and walking, eventually had to pop a pain med before making it back home. It felt good getting out of the house though!

My husband has been doing his best to keep up with the house chores, the kids, and taking good care of me. He expressed that he has a new appreciation for me and all women for all we have to do for the family. Last week he was getting tired and I noticed that the baby hadn't had a bath for a few days, her hair was a mess, the kitchen was a mess and every room was in shambles. I lost it and had my first crying episode this past weekend. I was feeling all the emotions that I read about in other Real Self post which prepared me for what I was feeling. I had feelings of helplessness, regret thinking maybe it wasn't the right time, guilty that I spent so much money on myself, etc. Thank goodness I read a lot of Real Self updates that talked about the emotional roller coasters which better prepared me to deal with my emotions quickly. My husband thought I was having a breakdown lol. I'm good now :)

On another note I sneezed for the first time today. It wasn't too bad but it DID hurt...lol. I honestly feel like my breast augmentation has been easy breezy, the tummy tuck with muscle repair is the one that hurts and the heals slowly. My belly button is still oozing and its work keeping it clean with fresh gauze and ointment. I just keep reminding myself that I will be all worth it and it will take at least six months to see the finished product. I will post an updated pic of my stomach after the last drain is removed. I'm quite thin so you can actually see the outline of the drain underneath my skin...don't want to freak anyone out lol.

That's about it...I will do another update after my visit with my wonderful PS this week. Last week he took out one drain and the bandages on my left breast and belly button. I found out at the appt that I had an eight centimeter muscle separation which was REALLY bad. He also had to reposition my nipple for the breast lift of course. Both nipples have full feeling! Here is an update pic. The left breast has definitely come down a lot! Every thing is looking great!! I hope everyone is healing wonderfully!!!!

TMI- my lady parts work lol

Good morning! Still healing really well and loving the progress I'm seeing everyday. I have noticed that my skin is really dry and peeling all over my body. I was showering with Dial antibacterial soap a few days before the surgery and couldn't put on any lotion after my shower the day of surgery. Didn't shower for a week after surgery, just took bird baths and didn't put on lotion because I was terrified of catching an infection. So my skin really suffered. Now I'm using an exfoliation mitten when showering to help release the dead skin and heavy creams/lotions and shea butter to restore moisture.

On to the TMI. I had the urge to wake my husband up last night and play! My lady parts are fully functional lol. There were no issues with the position of woman on top with and doggy style. Now I had reservations about climaxing because I KNOW I have intense muscle tightening. So I chickened out and forced myself not to but my husband had a great time lol! Just make sure your partner is super gentle.

Here are a few pics of my progress including my TT with MR....as I mentioned in my previous post you can see the drain under my skin. Truly sorry if this post grosses you out.

Happy healing to you all!

2 week post op appt.

It went well. Got the last drain removed. Yay!!! The only discomfort was the sting at the drain entry. I have a stinging/burning sensation near my incision on the left side. I asked my PS about it and he confirmed its where the knot is for the muscle repair. Hope it feels better soon. I'm still moving slower than normal but happy I'm drain free! I will try to drive next week since I've been off my meds for over a week and I have full usage of my arms. I'm belly button had formed a serious scab that will fall off in due time. You will see what I mean in the pics. That's about it. Take care all!

Eat Clean, Your Body Will Thank You

I truly believe you are what you eat. I think my work out regime prior to surgery and the foods I eat is definitely helping me to heal. I have also experienced very little bloat/swell hell and no constipation. Here are a few of the things that helping me heal.

Officially 3 weeks post op!

Hi All! I'm excited to say I'm 3 weeks post op! Things are going well. I went back to work this week and have also gotten back behind the wheel driving. No issues so far except from time to time I have a tingling sensation in my right hip. Normally massaging it helps though. I was also cleared to start my scar treatment. My PS uses Silagen. It's easy to apply so I like it so far.

I hope to go bra shopping soon!! I keep looking down at my breast and stomach and just so grateful for the outcome. I also tried on a few dresses in my closet and they fit much better now around the midsection. I couldn't be happier! I pray all of you are healing well and having a great week as well!
Happy Friday!

Just an update pic of my TT w/ MM at 3 weeks.

Update pic. Hopefully you ladies can see my lighting wasn't that great.

4 weeks Post Op

No new developments this week. Started walking everyday about 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill or at the park but really listening to my body to make sure I rest and take it slow until I get clearance to workout from my PS. I've also found it helpful to use the Scaraway strips to protect my incisions from rubbing against my bra lining and binder. I hope all of you had a great week as well on the road to recovery!

Bathing suits that fully cover the scar

Here are a few options I'm considering :)

Back in my jeans!! Yes!!!

I'm finally able to fit into all of my jeans and they fit better than ever! I can't express how much I LOVE jeans lol!! I use to have a big pooch in the front that use to hangover the top of low rise jeans so I started just buying mid to high rise jeans after I had my kiddos. Then I realized the pooch was still very visible in my mid to high rise jeans and looked really horrible after eating and when sitting down. But now they fit and feel better than ever with some room to spare!!

6 weeks post op today

Update pics- left breast sitting a bit higher than the right and my belly button is healing well. All in all I'm very happy with the healing progress. The darkness around my bb should gradually fade as well. I will post pics of my tt scar soon. Happy healing ladies!!

10 weeks post opt

Just pics nothing significant to update. Back to my normal workout routine as well.

11 weeks post op

Went in for my last appt. Still healing well. I ran out of my Siligen gel for a week and really noticed the difference in how my scars felt. They were more sensitive to my clothes and itched more than usual. So I bought more from my doctors office. Other than that things are going great and I couldn't be happier!! Here are some update pics from my doctors appt.

My last appointment

Had my last appointment with my PS a few days ago. I'm healing well and excited about my continued recovery. Just to recap I had a breast lift on my left breast and Sientra implants. I have scoliosis so getting me asymmetrical was nearly impossible due to my uneven rib cage. He did a really good job and I'm pleased. Here are some update pics. I am 5 months post op.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Wendel is very personable and easy to talk to! I did not feel rushed and he answered all of my questions. His office is very upscale and contemporary! The staff is wonderful as well! Im very pleased with my choice!!

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