Labiaplasty covered by insurance ! - Nashua, NH

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Hi everyone. I am writing this post because even...

Hi everyone. I am writing this post because even though some people do not agree with plastic surgery I know that I'm not alone when I say it's not even a question for me. I have been thinking about getting labiaplasty for about 10 years. I'm 25 years old and I finally got the courage today to talk to my doctor about it. To be clear, I am embarrassed about how I look HOWEVER I have never been treated like I was anything other then beautiful by my boyfriend. He makes me feel like I am perfect and I know that's how he sees me. That I just not how I feel "down there". That is not the only reason I am doing it though. I also am a very healthy girl who loves working out but working out isn't that easy when you have a larger labia. Its painful and all around uncomfortable. Wearing a thong is uncomfortable, wearing jeans is uncomfortable. I believe that when something starts affecting your life in multiple ways it's time to fix the problem whatever that may be. And for me the answer to my problem is labiaplasty. When I went to see my doctor today (I just moved and this was my first time meeting her) I was telling her about myself and she made me feel so comfortable that I got the guts to bring it up. I started to say that I found the man of my dreams and can't even have sex with him without being in pain and just fell a part. She immediately touched my knee and said "my daughter is going through the same exact thing and I am starting the process with her" I felt so relieved and proud of myself for finally admitting something was wrong after all of these years of hiding the pain due to embarrassment. By the end of the appointment she made an appointment for me to go to see the obgyn in her office and start coming up with a plan. I will be meeting with her February 11th and absolutely can not wait. I will find out more about the procedure, cost, if insurance helps at all etc. And for anyone going through this process or went through I'd love to hear your stories. And for all of you going through what I am know you're not alone. I intend to keep posting here about the process for anyone who is thinking about having the procedure done.


Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while! I went to see my obgyn in March to talk about labiaplasty and found out I had cells in my cervix that are 99% likely to turn into cancer so I've been in doctors appointments constantly for a couple months. I will be going next Wednesday to discuss whether I can get this procedure or if I'll have to wait to make sure my cervix is okay!! I will update my process as it all unfolds!

So excited!!

Had an appointment with my obgyn today and I got to schedule my labiaplasty! Will be having it done the first Tuesday in June :) :) today is a good day!!

Before pictures


Had my Pre opp appointment today and I left in tears of happiness. I can't believe I am finally having this procedure done in just a few days. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive doctor that got all my expenses paid for. I pray you all have the same luck!! 5 days to go!

The day is here!!

It's 545 am and I'm about to take a shower and head to the hospital for my surgery!!!! Can't believe it's! Today! Praying everything goes exactly how I've been imagining it for 10 years!

First day after surgery

Good morning! Had trouble sleeping last night from being so itchy all over which I believe is from the perks. The last time I took 2 was at 7pm last night and I had to take some just now (6am). I can tell today will be worse then yesterday for sure!! Idk if anyone else experienced this but my outer lips are black and blue and I can't even see the minora. So far I'm very happy with how everything looks I think it's gonna be pretty damn cute! She went smaller then I anticipated but I'm actually happy she did and it looks to me like she may have done a cliteral un hooding. When I get out of bed I will post a few pictures! My doctor recommended showing today I'm just worried about hurting the area. Any suggestions on easiest way to keep it clean would be wonderful. And I've been using wet wipes after I pee do you think that's alright? Tips and tricks are very much appreciated.

First day after surgery

First day

Wowza, today has been super painful!! Wouldn't change this experience for anything but dang! Make sure you have lots of ice and pain meds! Bleeding a little bit i hope that's normal!!

Day 2

Well I was due for my period the day of surgery and luckily didn't get it however I think I have it now or I bled a lot last night . I'm so swollen there isn't room for it to come out. Should be interesting. Has anyone had their period during recovery?


I still have no clue what the final result will look like. The outter lips are so insanely swollen

Glad I took the week off!

Day in the ER

Surgery went well however I've been exhausted and not getting enough fluids and was severely dehydrated and I've never felt so much pain in my life (in my head) and I was very close to having a seizure.. Girls stay hydrated ! ! This was one of the worst days of my life health wise. I had to get carried into the hospital and get tons of fluids and morphine.

4 days after surgery

Yesterday was just awful due to dehydration but today I'm feeling a lot better! I feel really dry and I'm afraid to shave so I'm a little itchy! No pain just waiting for the swelling and black and blue to go away!

5 days after surgery

I think my stitches are starting to heal because it was a little itchy last night. I have a feeling im going to want to be naked all the time after this! Im already so happy I went through with this even though it's been a long week! My personal experience hasn't been much pain just absolute exhaustion and weakness!

Graphic pics sorry!

Opened up my outer Labia and I think my inner labia may have been sewed to the outter ones. has this happened to anyone!? Is it normal? Kind of worried sorry for the up close graphic pictures I'm not allowed to shave yet!

6 days post opp

One week post op

Starting to feel normal again. And I also feel like I update too much considering not much has changed however I hope help a girl who is debating on the surgery see day by day recovery photos! Or girls who got it and unsure if the amount of bruising etc is normal! I already feel more confident and love that when when I get out of the shower I don't feel anything hanging in between my legs! I am DYING to put on a bikini bottom or sex undies and not look like I have a little penis!!!!!how about you!?!

9 Days post op

Well I had a proud moment today. Although I'm still swollen and wont be on any beach for a few more weeks I decided to put put on a bikini bottom today because I've been living in comfy Calvin Kleins and I am happy to say I don't look like I have a penis anymore!! I can't wait to but 100 colored bottoms instead of finding the thickest lace material! And I'm even more excited to buy some cute undies although once in healed and have confidence I may not want to wear anything ever lol

15 days post

Hi everyone! I really am starting to heal up and I couldn't be more excited! I am wondering what is happening to the clitoral hood though! One side is very hard and seems swollen and looks strange!has this this happened happened to anyone else?

One month post

Hi girls! All has been going well. Still haven't had sex. I have this pesty stitch hanging and idk what to do. Has anyone had this issue. Is it just going to fall out? Is driving me nuts!

Annoying stitch!!

Almost two months post opp

How's everyone else healing??

Almost 1 year later

I am still happy I decided to move forward with getting this surgery. I sometimes feel like the hood is a little too big considering my doctor basically amputated my labia however I am so much more comfortable in my skin and can work out without adjusting myself every 5 seconds. I highly recommend this surgery to anyone!
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