Smartxide Second Treatment Waiting for Results - Naples, Italy

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I have decided to add my experiance because I have...

I have decided to add my experiance because I have done alot of research on this and have read many reviews good and bad. So, i think its fair I tell my story too.

The main thing is that everyone is different and reacts differently. Do your research, find a doctor you trust, and most importantly, DONT LET BAD SKIN RUIN YOUR SELF ESTEEM, its funny how we notice our own flaws way more than others do, so focus on what you like about yourself and that will shine through much more than an uneven complexion.

I am 27 and have suffered from acne since i was a teenager. Finally my acne is under control and I am left with moderate scars on my cheeks and neck. I have tried numerous treatments, and must say that I have found the dot laser to be the best.

I have had my second treatment today and so far am satisfied with the results. I think the important thing is to remember that your expectations must be realistic. My doctor told me from the start that no one will be able to give me baby smooth skin, but it can be improved. I had my first treatment two months ago and only started seeing about a 30% improvement over the last week or so. The texture of my skin has improved, I have less blackheads and am way less oily. The scars seem softened but are still there. Today I went for my second treatment and this time my doctor was more aggressive, I have way more pinpoint bleeding, but all in all the procedure was bearable thanks to the cold air that the nurse was blowing at my face during the laser. I think without that the procedure would have been unbearable. It took about 30 min and towards the end I was shaking (probably just nerves,although the 1st time this didnt happen)I have been using elicina cream coupled with hyulornic acid twice daily and am pleased with how my skin feels.

Hopefully treatment number 2 will have promising results. I know i wont see full results until six months which i believe because, after my first procedure each morning I would wake up to a better complexion and smaller pores and scars..

Dr. Monarca

My doctor is extremely precise and informative, he answered all my questions, and I felt comfortable with him from the start. Friendly and professional.

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