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I had the procedure done and it took approx 2 1/2...

I had the procedure done and it took approx 2 1/2 hours. The first pass was level 4 depth and the second pass was level 3 depth. She did 900+ lines total using the ulthera machine. I did my whole face. I was prescribed ahead of the procedure, a valium 5mg and hydrocodon 500 mg X 2 pills, I took both valium and hydrocodon about 30 mnts before appt. at the 1/2 way point I took another hydrocodon 500mg. Wow, I never take ANY drugs EVER.....I can say that I needed every bit for pain. It really hurts in very specific areas, like along the outside of the under jawline and below the cheek bone and under the chin on the bone, the technician took needed breaks to get me through it and wow, oouch. I was very swollen all around my jawline for the next 4 days and my skin feels very tender, like I am bruised underneath. You cannot tell that I had anything done except I require ice to bring down the swelling in the morning. Today is 7vdays and if I rub my forehead I can feel bruised and nerve shoots go right down the sides of my skull, very bazaar. I look normal but under my skin is still very tender. I just want people to know I am not a sissy, nor do I normally take any medication whatsoever and that this is how painful it was. Today is day 7 and I can feel EVERYTHING tightening up. I am looking forward to the results. I have no doubt this will work well because of the intense tightening. I am age 47. I will post pictures soon.

Dr. Turk is priced high (3,700) normally but they ran a summer special and so I went for it. I loved my technician I cannot remember the spelling but it sounded like Milan as in Italy. She was very thoughtful and really took care of me by slowing down when it was too much and with the pain medication she provided in advance to help make it tolerable.

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