Mommy Makeover with Breast Implant Exchange, Tummy Tuck, Flank Lipo

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I am looking forward to my procedure. I had...

I am looking forward to my procedure. I had saline implants done 12 years ago. I am exchanging them for saline implants, but round and higher profile. Also I am planning to have my nipples reduced and my breasts lifted. I will have a tummy tuck with flank lipo. I will be submitting photos after procedure and documenting as we go.

Post Procedure Update to Mommy Makeover

Everything went great! I am home and recovering from my mommy makeover. Everyone at Dr. Hasen's took great care of me. I am having discomfort and soreness but not in pain. I go back Monday for my post op and will update again with pictures. Sorry I don't have more to show. And my pictures loaded sideways... But you get the idea. I will add more pics later this week.
I am happy so far with the results already and I am sure it will improve over the weeks to come. I'm walking around regularly and resting, staying on a regimen of VitaMedica recovery support to help with healing. I really feel great all things considered.

Day 3 post op

Feeling a tiny bit better. Still total hunchback. Moving around more, having pain more around the lower back and of course lower ab area, but not bad. It's tolerable. Alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Slept much better last night which I think contributed to a better morning. Taking Ambien at night to help with sleep since I am normally a tummy sleeper and obviously cannot do that right now LOL! Couldn't get thru this without my hubby and rest of my family. Going to try to actually wash and dry my hair today, then I will definitely feel more like myself!

Lower back pain

Lower back is really hurting! Sitting or standing, doesn't matter, just hurting UGH! I know it's to be expected, but I'm being whiny. So hard to not be able to stand up straight. But I know this is all part of the process. I'm not used to having anyone wait on me, but hubby and son doing amazing job. Have been keeping hydrated, lots and lots of water.

1 week post op

Saw my Dr today and all is healing well, Yay! I mentioned my severe back pain and in his check up he saw I had fluid built up in my lower back. He drained it but during the process I passed out. Good grief! I am a total baby when it comes to needles so shortly after he inserted it even though I couldn't see it I began to faint. Scared my hubby poor thing. Dr. Hasen and Stephanie were so kind and patient and finally we got thru it. Much relief. Also I was not taking enough of my pain mens which was why I was suffering so much. Today I began my correct dosage of ibuprofen and acetaminophen and alternating with Nucynta. Feel so much better it's unreal! Going back Friday to recheck.

1 week post op pics

Here are a couple of pictures for comparison pre op and 1 week post op. Lot of healing still to do, but happy so far!

Feeling better today so far!

Much better sleep last night. I think it helped to rest because I felt more human this morning. I slept flatter last night then I have been and it seems to have helped stretch a bit of the lower back.

I stl am hunched over a bit, is that normal? It's been 8 days since my procedure. I keep expecting to wake up and stand upright but not happening yet. How long has it taken for others to get to a more normal upright position when standing? Also painful in lower back after standing and walking for more then 10 mins. Is that to be expected after only a week?
Boobs are only slightly tender, more so under my armpits lol! Bruising is going down.
The TT incision is still the same, I feel like I have something wrapped around my waist, like a band inside that feels stiff and hard to lean too far forward. I guess that's from the procedure. I am wearing high waisted spanx slip so I can pull up easier to pee. It has pretty good control of the tummy area, hopefully will help with the fluid build up issue.
I'm reading where others are out and about doing errands etc, I feel like a weenie but no way I could walk thru a store for very long right now. Am I alone in feeling like this?

Massage today!

Good morning everyone! I'm going to a holistic wellness center today to have lymphatic drainage massage. My back this morning upon waking up is soooooo swollen, the spanx with the sponges placed inside left massive indentations on my back.
I am also itching so bad! Anyone else super itchy? I have little bumps all over me, maybe from the compression keeping air flow down and causing heat bumps?
I woke up this morning soaked in sweat, cheeks flushed and super hot... weird! I want to stay positive but honestly I'm getting so discouraged worried my body will not feel normal again. And worried something is wrong. I'm being a bit of a drama queen I'm sure.
I will be back to report on how the massage goes and if it seems to be beneficial. I'm praying it is!!!!!
Hope you all are healing well and having a good morning!!!

Feeling so much better on day 12

So today is day 12 post op and I am really feeling more like myself! Able to do laundry, clean some and just all around moving faster and standing taller. By no means am I totally upright, still far from it, but I definitely am able to pass the grandma's now lol!
The lymphatic drainage massage is amazing. I go for my 3rd session Tuesday. It's helped get things flowing better and reduced the fluid build up I was experiencing.
Wounds are healing nicely. (Posted couple of pics. I'm bad with taking pictures.) My breasts feel great. Only tender under my armit's. And I feel some lumps, from the lipo on sides of boobs, but this is also being addressed thru massage.

Having my kids and grandbaby over today, haven't been able to hold her since procedure so I'm excited! She's still so tiny so it's safe to pick her up. Keeping the lifting under 25 lb as instructed.

Went out to lunch with my hubby yesterday, was so nice to be doing something besides Dr appts.

How are all of you doing?
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