Mommy Makeover at Age 52.. 117 Lbs 5'4" - Naples, FL

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Having a pain pump for the TT.

Forgot to add. I'm having a pain pump with the TT. No drains.

The BA revision with lift and strattice will be with drains .

More pre op photos

Although not deflating, or maybe it is! One implant is obviously bigger than the other. From the side view you can see just how terrible they look. Thank goodness they'll be gone in less than a week.

Hopefully that tummy will be much flatter too..

Full TT.. BA revision, new implants, lift, strattice. June 4th 2013..

Hopefully this post will not be lost , like my first post was!

My stats. Age 52 , height 5'4" weight 117 lbs. Current implants 530 cc mentor high profile, saline. Switching to cohesive gel silicon 275 cc. Lollipop lift and strattice..

Although not overweight and despite the fact that I workout 6 days a week. Don't drink or smoke and take clean eating to the extreme. I can't shift the loose skin on my tummy and don't feel comfortable in a bikini. I'm proud of my body at this age, but not my tummy, or my breasts.

My current implants are too big, too heavy, too low, extremely fake looking. And embarrassing..

There's no getting around it. They are the first thing people notice when looking at me. And I'm tired of being misjudged by them. I've had them 10 years. I went this big to please a boyfriend, who nagged me for 6 months to get implants. I was a 34B. Was horrified to wake up and find myself a 32 DD or bigger.

Girls. Choose your implant size for yourself, not to please somebody else. Broke up with him shortly after my BA and have been stuck with these things ever since!

They cannot be hidden in clothing.. Prevent me from wearing pretty styles I'd like to wear. And honestly, they are so heavy, that they are painful. I wear a bra 24/7 as it's too painful to go without. Due to the weight of these oversized implants on my small frame. I also have very little breast tissue, which doesn't help!

Surgery is less than a week away. I have a girlfriend coming from AZ to help me the first 14 days post op :)

My main concerns are that the TT scar be placed low enough. My PS says he can achieve that, but I will also have a small vertical scar. Which I'm fine with.

And that my new implants be small enough. I'm hoping for a small C cup.. Not a full C cup. Even a full B. But hopefully not a full C.

I researched very carefully and I'm very confident with my PS. He and his entire staff have been amazing so far. And I have no reason to believe that will change post op.

Pro op photos in clothes.

With the boobs hiked up and together, in a bra. I can make them look OK. For what they are. But they are still much too big and this is not the look I really want.

I prefer a more feminine, pretty look. I had to totally rethink my wardrobe when I got these implants. What suits a natural 34B and what fits an augmented 32 DD are two totally different things! And not always for the better..

Second time my review hasn't posted :(

I've written my review/introduction twice. And both times it hasn't shown up.

Overdid it one week post op :(

Had my one week post op yesterday. Had drainless TT, so no drains came out. Was cleared to drive as I'm off pain meds, but haven't driven yet. Was cleared to start stretching and walking outside more. I was feeling pretty good even though I can't stand straight yet. So off I went this morning, walking 5 blocks to the beach, along the beach a little then back home. Not powerwalking, just a briskish pace. As brisk as you can go hunched over. But now feeling very tired and even more hunched :( I don't think I've done any serious damage, but didn't do myself any good either. Walked too far, too soon and maybe a little too fast.

I had lots of help the first week as I hired help from a home care company. I'm new in town and have no friends or family here. I'm on my own now and finding it a slight challenge. I'm bored! Restless and worried about this mornings walk.

Also had breast implant revision. With lift and strattice. I went from 530 HP saline implants, down to 275 cc cohesive gel implants. No problems or pain with that. It's just the tightness from the TT. Not being able to stand straight and maybe overdoing it today that's worrying me.

I felt so great this morning. Not so great now.

Picking my dog up on Monday :)

I have al little dog with no eyes, Lily. Being new in town I had nobody to take care of her during my recovery. So off to camp she had to go. During the day she gets to play in a area with other dogs her size and temperament. And even though she can't see, she does great. I can watch her via a cam at the camp. She gets nap mid day, then back to play. Then tucked into bed for the night.
I'm excited to be getting her back. I was going to do it on day 10 post op, but decided to make it two weeks. I'm renting a second floor condo until I decide on a house. So that means that I have to pick her up and carry her up and down that flight of stairs several times a day, as she can't see. She only weighs 6.5 lbs, but I thought it was pushing it at 10 days. Here she is :)

My wish look.

How I hope to look, once I'm allowed back in the gym. Although not the implants, just the lower body.

Two weeks post op

YAY. Two weeks post op. Walking 98% straight. Most of my swelling has settled into the area about an inch below my new BB down to my TT incision line. Giving me a kangaroo pouch. Still, it seems to be getting better each day. My right implant needs to drop, but I love my new boobies already. I have a slight dimple just above my BB from an internal suture, which I have been told will improve and then be gone. Thrilled with my results so far. Thrilled with the location of my TT scar.. I will be able to hide it in the tiniest of bikinis. The vertical scar is already fading fast :) I pick Lily up today, which means twice daily walks in the park.. As she's blind she doesn't move too fast, so it will be good for me. Hoping to be cleared for the gym next week at my 3 week post op .. Also get my hair extensions put back in next week . Took them out for the early recovery stage, didn't want to be messing with such long hair.

Lily home from camp..

8 weeks PO Thrilled with results

8 weeks post op and finally feeling 99% normal. Thrilled with my results, my surgeon is amazing. My scar is super low and thanks to dermatix ultra, fading fast. I love my smaller boobs. No more marks behind my neck from the heaviness of my previous, oversized implants. No more stares either.. !! Thankfully.

I'm now the perfect size, love them.

I'm back in the gym, but not where I was before. Not lifting as heavy, not as fast on the treadmill, or doing even 50% of the exercises I did before. But expect to be back full speed over the next few weeks.

Long recovery and we sometimes wonder if it was worth it. Then we reach a certain place and know it was beyond worth it!

My Dr also does my Botox and fillers and I couldn't be happier. Dr Hasen and his entire team are absolutely wonderful..

Sorry I didn't reply to the posts..

I haven't been on the site for a while. I've been busy moving house. I still swell in the afternoon.. Yesterday I walked the beach, about 6 miles in addition to the gym in the morning and riding my bike! A bit swollen today. But normally completely flat in the morning. Minimal swelling in the afternoon.

I went through a period of depression a few weeks ago. Was fed up feeling not my normal self and the move didn't help.

So hang in there anyone who's at that point. It does get better, much better : )

Lily is doing great. Happy to be out of the condo and in a house with a yard :)

My Dr recommended dermatix ultra for scar therapy and it works wonders.. My scars are light and fading very well. Will try to take photos tomorrow.

I'm absolutely thrilled with my TT scar, it could not have been any lower. I can wear the skimpiest of bikinis.

Again. I can't say enough good things about Dr Hasen and his team. I'm one of those people who, if there isn't anything to worry about. I create something! In addition to his skill as a surgeon, Dr Hasen was amazingly patient with me!

Low incision..

I do have a vertical scar, in addition to the horizontal. But it has already faded to the point of being almost being invisible.

One more thing!

I'm now 113 -114 lbs... YAY!
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