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Hello all! My surgery date is fast approaching and...

Hello all! My surgery date is fast approaching and I thought this day would never come. It was a battle trying to get insurance to cover it, even though I have an extensive medical history with back pain and neck issues, also chronic headaches. 4 months later they gave in and I'm covered! My pre-op was this past Monday and my surgeon, who I love, made me feel pretty at ease and answered all of my questions. However, this being my first real major surgery and first time with general anesthesia (not like twilight for wisdom teeth extractions) I am nervous. Any pointers or advice would really be helpful. I figured us ladies are all in this together right? Thanks!

5 days to go!

My surgery is fast approaching. With just 5 days left I am realizing there's much to do! I need to fill my prescriptions (antibiotics and pain killers) so I have those at the ready. Make sure my fridge is fully stocked and pantries have food! Does anyone have any other ideas of what I need to do? I'm still freaking out about the drains. Trying to find out I can probably wear those with clothes lol.

Lots to do!!

I'm freaking. I have so much to do to prep for this surgery not to mention working today and Monday to prep for my week out. I'm trying not to stress and trying not to think of the surgery. It'll all be worth it in the end! My mom was here for a brief visit beforehand and I got the dreaded 4 words "You're not THAT big". Yes Mom I hide it well. Sigh. It's hard for others to understand the daily struggle. Here's to a happier me!!


So many anchor surgeries on the forum. Who has had a lollipop procedure done? That is what I am getting, 3 days away now.

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!

Well what can I say, I am a pool of emotions today. Nervous, excited, scared, happy, worried... Everything wrapped up into one ball of feelings. I have to be at my doctor's office at 8:45am, it will be an outpatient procedure so no overnight stay in a hospital. 3-4 hours surgery length time I was told. I will be stopping by the doctors to pay for the surgery after work today. Since I used up my entire deductible already, I will pay $1,400 copay and my insurance will reimburse me so technically this will be a free surgery for me. Thank god. I know tonight will be impossible for me to sleep but I will do my best. I need to shower tonight and tomorrow morning and not use any powders or lotions. I will need to make sure everything is set up for me because I have no idea what this will be like. The only somewhat surgery I've ever had was wisdom teeth extractions LOL. Here goes nothing! I'll probably post more later.

Goodnight reduction community!

Off to bed I go. Took my nightly shower and tomorrow I will shower again before my newly adjusted 7:45am call time. I am full of emotions. Teared up a bit to the thought of saying goodbye to my old body and hopeful for the new. It's been quite the journey and I cannot wait to talk about the post op adventures. Thank you all for being so kind and thoughtful. We are truly in this together. Night ladies! Xo

Bye boobs

I had a rough night sleep. I tossed and turned and was up a lot but still managed to get about 6 hours in (so my fitness bracelet told me lol). I'm not sure if I'm thinking anything at the moment. I need to shower and head out and be at the office at 7:45. Me and the girls have an hour left to say our proper goodbyes and I know that sounds silly but when you're used to your body being a normal way, no matter how painful they may be at most days, it's a bittersweet moment. So this is my last post before I trade in my 34DDD for hopefully a C cup!!! Here goes nothing!!

Resting comfortably

My surgery went well! The only complaints thus far was the stiffness in my left arm from where the blood pressure cuff was during surgery, the extreme thirst when I woke up, a headache for the majority of the day (even now) and tiredness. Majorly tired. But no pain just a little tender right now. The drains are a pain but whatever I can deal. I have a follow-up tomorrow morning so I'll update you all more then! Hard part is over! I'm on the mend!

Day 2 post op!

Had a pretty good night sleep. Only got up to use the bathroom twice. This morning I had my follow-up and I was pretty nervous. Didn't want to look at anything so the doctor tended to the drains as my boyfriend looked on and took notes. When he unhooked the bra OH what a relief. It felt so good to be free. He changed the bandages and said everything looks great! (Still didn't look). He sent me home with my padding and a new bra. I have to shower tomorrow (ugh) and change the bra and padding. Every day now until I see the doc again on Monday to hopefully get the drains out. So far the pain is minimal. I get rounds of soreness nothing unbearable. I took ibuprofen this morning instead of the pain killer. The pain killer made me too loopy last night lol. Apparently the bad headache I had yesterday was from not eating and could have been hypoglycemic. Now I'm fine and I will eat some lunch and walk around my apartment. Doc said that's very important. Don't lay around and get stiff. That's all for now! Bye girls!


So tired, throat and arm still hurt. Feeling super emotional like why did I do this. I know the end result will be worth it but I'm feeling down right now. :(

Day 3 post op! (Or technically day 2 since surgery)

Not sure how to count post op days. I'm including day of surgery so it's day 3 for me lol. I had a great nights sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. Swelling has gone down a bit and the fluids in the drains are lessening drastically which is great. Minor things still bother me, dry mouth, arm hurts still and of course the stupid bump on the back of my head lol. Taking it day by day!

Don't make me do it!

I'm putting off showering as long as possible. I'm probably making a bigger deal out of this than it should be lol. Boyfriend is saying lets go and get it over with but nooo. No I don't want to leave my security blanket that's my compression bra lol. Help me get over this silly fear.


I showered! I had the amazing help of my awesome boyfriend thank god. I had a mini freak out once we took off the bra and the padding but once I saw them I was like "oh. Oh. Oo ohhh!!!!" They look amazing. Not bad on the bruising at all. A bit lumpy which the doc told me I would see. I was happy to see one of my nipples out to greet me (I know I sound stupid). Overall a good experience and the warm water felt great. The only thing that bothers me now is where the drains go in. They feel a little annoyed that I washed them haha. So glad I got over the initial fear.

Sleep so good - day 4 post op

So after the dreadful scary shower that wasn't so scary at all... I felt emotionally better so I got out of the house. Went to the store with my boyfriend, had some dinner, some froyo (YUMMMM) and enjoyed the evening. Everything felt super sore from the constant moving around and being free during the shower process (that compression bra is a pain!). So at night to get comfy I took a Percocet and slept about 11 hours! Although I think the drowsy feeling lasts all morning and I don't like that I'm going to avoid taking it tonight to see how it goes :)

Day 5 post op!

Well what can I say? I can't believe it I made it this far. In the beginning it was tiring and depressing. My PS made note for me to get up and get out of the house and that staying cooped up after surgery will make you depressed. She was right of course. Last night I noticed I became incredibly itchy on and off and thought to myself "ah the itchy stage, I forgot that would happen" it's not unbearable but it is annoying. I'm sure a shower later will help :). I have another post op appointment tomorrow and hopefully my drains will be gone! Every day, three times a day, they're emptied and no more than 5 or less cc'd in each so I think it's time to go :) so excited for that. One step closer to being back to my old self. I will work half a day tomorrow after my appointment which makes me happy. Anything that makes me feel normal again is great.

Bye Drains!

I had my 6 day post op follow up today and everything went well. Doctor removed the drains and stitches around the nipples. She was happy to see I have sensation in both of them. So far everything is healing as it should be and I will see her next Monday. So happy the drains are gone. What a pain they were!! Also if anyone is curious the removal is the stitches didn't hurt at all she was very quick and efficient. The drains were a little pinchy and uncomfortable when being tugged out but nothing too bad.

1 week post op!

I can't believe how fast a week went. Looking back it probably didn't feel like it was flying by, but sure does it feel that way now! Just a word of encouragement and advice for those who are thinking about this surgery, having it done, or in the early days like me... Don't get discouraged! The end results are in sight! This was done for a purpose and the purpose is you! You're important and your happiness is important so don't forget get. Sure the beginning is scary, but it'll all be worth it :)

Itchy soreness !

Right boob more swollen than the left at the moment (not extremely more but this one has a bigger bruise) so I'm sore and itchy and miserable. Sigh. The end is near stay positive right?? So done with this compression bra too. Grr.

8 days post op - emotional

I'm having a rough go. Not with healing, everything is going great, I'm just a horrible patient and want this to be done with. The itchiness is driving me insane that I actually can't wait to shower later. Also, I might be PMSing which is making my tenderness more so than usual. So last night I slept on the couch with a pillow over me and under me so I can somewhat lean on my side. The bed was hurting my back being so flat and I wasn't comfortable sleeping fully on my side yet. Luckily it worked and I got 5 hours of solid sleepy bliss. Not just for the stupid itch to go away. Not to mention all this padding under this compression bra isn't making me look very much different under clothes right now so that's making me sad.

Day 9 post op! - scabs

Took another shower last night to relieve some of the itchiness I've been suffering from. Turns out it's just from healing. Where the tubes were are little scabs forming underneath the tape the surgeon used. I have a small scab around the nipple where the stitches were removed. All in all I would assume this is all normal and apart of healing. Just sucks! I want this to be over with.

Day 10 post op - Ping Pang Pong

Anybody else randomly get the "ping pangs"? Where you're just sitting around minding your own business and then PING and PANG you get a sudden quick jolt of pain. I use the term pain lightly because it's nothing dreadful, just annoying. Comes and goes. Other than that still healing, still wearing compression bra, still itchy and a little sore here and there. Fun times.

12 days post op - feels weird

I'm coming up on my two week mark (still can't believe it) and I am still wearing the compression bra. I have another post op tomorrow to remove more stitches etc. Once in a while I'll poke the top part of my boob and it feels weird. Like harder than it used to be. Anyone else experience this? I know it's normal and they'll soften up and drop soon enough but they don't feel like "my boobs" ya know?

2 week post op appointment

Hello all! Today was my 2 week post op appointment to get more stitches out etc. and everything looked great. She says I'm healing amazingly and to keep doing what I'm doing. I'll see her next Monday for another follow up and more stitches out. :)

2 week mark!

It's so amazing how fast time is going now. Two weeks marks today! I had some more stitches taken out yesterday so today I'm itchy. Which is normal everything is healing but ugh the itch! So I lightly graze my fingers over the clothes in the area it itches and it helps relieve some of the craziness. The zingers are still occurring once in a while and the soreness is still there bc I'm still swollen. Just can't wait for the healing to be done with and I can go bra shopping! Let's go boobs!

Bummed :(

Today is one of those down days for me. I'm feeling like this is never going to end and that I'm stuck feeling uncomfortable and in frumpy clothes forever. I have a wedding to attend the end of June and I just hope I can wear normal bras by then. I imagine so?? In need of some encouraging words. I'm feeling like this isn't worth it right now with how I feel. I miss sleeping comfortably on my side and I feel as if I'm not getting proper nights sleep. Sigh.


Taking a shower tonight I looked at myself in the mirror. Took a good hard look. Saw how everything is healing so wonderfully, the scar don't look bad at all, scans are falling off and they look so good! Still a little lumpy and hard from swelling but amazing how far they've come and it only been about 2.5 weeks. I have to say looking at them has made me feel 10000000 times better. Don't be afraid to give a good inspection! It makes you feel better.

Ps: my bath towel brushed against my left nipple and it felt like sandpaper! Such hypersensitivity right now I jolted like whoa!! Haha the body is amazing.

3 week post op!

Had another appointment today. I am officially stitch free! Although she did warn me I could spit and internal stitch and if that happens she'll remove it. I can lotion them now a little but nothing vigorous I have to wait another week for that. I got cleared to wear normal bras!!! But she cautioned not to buy anything expensive because it'll be too big in a month or so, which is fine! I did order a high impact sports bra to wear in between the normal bra wearing because she advised I would feel comfier in that. I am so excited and so happy I see her in two weeks now. My boobs ache a little today because some of the stitches poked a bit on removal. So we shall see!


This isn't much of an update. Just wanted to share with you a pic as I sit hear at work. I feel so good about my boobs today that I decided for a photo op. Everything is healing wonderfully and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Woo small boobs! Ps.. Please note I'm still wearing a compression bra and one pad on each boob with gauze (due to scabs and slight ooze haha) and I'm still a bit swollen.

Oh you know. Just Chillen in my new bra.

Check me ouuuuut. Stopped at Walmart to get a cheap fruit of the loom bra. Which I heard ran small so I picked up a 36C and 36D. I'm wearing a 36D comfortably right now which is so friggen awesome. I hope when the swelling finalizes in a couple of months that I'll fit into the C. My outlook looks good. That's all for now! Ps: it feels super weird and not at all natural to be in this thing and not the compression bra. I was also given the ok to wear this during the day, at work or anywhere out where I need it for clothing purposes. Compression bra or sports bra at night!

Question for my post op girls

I have two little scabs on each boob that get caught and dry and gauze so when I remove my bra if tears off and bleeds. Do you think I can put a little bandaid across each one so its able to dry and form into a scab without it being lifted up everytime ??? I feel like they won't heel with the pads and gauze keep ripping them off. Thanks for your answers!!

Happy 4 weeks to meeeee - post op

I made it to my 4 week post-op!! Can't believe how time flies. Although ask me that a couple of weeks ago and I would say it's not moving fast enough. I have a long ways to go with healing, scabs and swelling mostly, but I couldn't be happier with this decision! Can't wait to see what another 4 weeks bring!!

5 weeks post op!

I have my 5 weeks post op appointment today! Hoping I can get clearance for working out and swimming again. I need to get rid of this pudge I developed from taking it easy and not following a strict diet. I was previously doing the 21 day fix before surgery and dropped 9lbs... Well sad to say 5 of those came back. Can't wait to actually be able to do workouts without needed to seriously strap down the big tatas !!! Oh and can't wait to get a new bathing suit top! Fingers crossed!

Hello stitch!

Found my first clear stitch. It doesn't bother me yet, my PS told me to call her when I get some and she'll help get rid of them lol. In the meantime I've been instructed to lotion and massage the ladies. I have puckering from the scars around the nipples so to prevent that from staying permanent I have been rubbing (lightly) lotion on them and opening up the skin so it softens and heals. Fun fun. I'm still more swollen on the right boob than the left and my right nipple is more out than the left but apparently everything will even out soon enough. I have been cleared for light exercise and to go swimming but was told not to soak for long so I'll do just that. That's all for now!

Enough with the ooze!!!

5 weeks post op (as you can see with my previous posts) and I'm frustrated that still, everytime I change bras and gauze, a thin layer of skin on a very tiny surface on each boob goes with it. This leads to small amounts of blood and ooze, I feel like those teeny tiny sections are taking forever to heal! Anyone have any tips to deal with this?? It's gotten better but still every day now this happens. Grr.


Today is the first day I'm going to pool/beach the day away. This bathing suit top in the photo is a top I was never able to wear comfortably. I used to spill out of the top and sides, and it was never appropriate to wear out. So I used just the bottom and a different top for years. Today-- I finally fit into this Michael kors bathing suit top with pride, no massive cleavage and comfort! So here's to us ladies, for making this life changing decision!

Two month post op!

I had my two month (well more like three month) post op appointment yesterday. It was a quick look to see everything is healing great which of course it is. She continued to stress about lotion and scar massaging so I will continue to do that. She told me I could use vitamin E oil but not to go crazy the scars will heal over time. Nothing is going to change that So now I see her in two months! I go home this weekend to visit family. They haven't seen the new boobs in person yet so I can't wait to see their reactions. I hope they're positive ones! That's all for now :)

Hole! Help!

I am almost 3 months post op and my surgeon is on vacation until tomorrow... What do I do about this??
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