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So I finally decided to start my review here :) I...

So I finally decided to start my review here :) I already paid my full cost on September 29th
and my surgery date is coming very soon! I can't believe it's happening at the end of this month. I'm more excited than nervous but there are some jitters as well. I am a fitness competitor and have been weight-training for a few years. Needless to say, my already small B's disappear to nothing when I am super lean. You can change your body with diet and workouts, but not your breasts (well, they shrink and that's not a good change). I'm currently at the end of my bulk and so even at a higher weight, I still have small B's. I would love to feel feminine and balance out my shape with a large C. I am also afraid of looking ridiculous and too large so that is also on my mind. Fitness is an important part of my life and I don't want extra large breasts to hinder me. Thank goodness I'm not a runner, that would give me more pause! My breasts have some asymmetry in size naturally and the doctor said he will be putting more cc's into the smaller one. I'm STILL not sure about what size, I'm going to trust my doctor on the final cc's. I don't want to be extremely large nor too small. Implants that are too small also have the potential of looking unnatural, like small round balls attached to your chest with a huge gap in the middle..no thank you. I will be super lean again and at that point you can tell a good boob job from a not so great one. I also understand that when you're very lean, your boobs can look faker. However, in the end, I wish to be as natural as possible and for them to fit my frame. I'm thinking around 435 ccs??

My Vectra 3-D imaging before and after

These are my before and my simulated afters. I'm posting a bigger and slightly smaller implant option. I think the bigger ones are 435-440 and the smaller implants are 425 cc. I'm not petite or small-boned and so it seems to me that the bigger implants don't seem to be huge at all on me. Although I don't want to go too big, I think the bigger ones close the gap in the cleavage area better, fit my rib-cage, and seem to be natural-looking still. Excuse my bloated pics, this was like a few weeks after a fitness comp where I was eating like an animal and my body was still trying to catch up lol.

Did it!!

I did it!! Feel fine actually we'll see about tomorrow. I THINK it's 371 cc in the bigger one and 391 in smaller. Natrelle style 15. Ate yogurt and jello. Still feel extremely loopy lol

Here's first pic!

They feel a part of me now:)

Update on real sizes and I feel great physically!

The sizes I got were the following: Left 397 cc and Right 371 cc. Periareolar incision. I was close! And wow, thank you Dr. Turk. From what I can feel I don't think I have any numbness! From my anesthesia haze I think I heard them tell me I had some pretty thick pec muscles (I lift) and so they took longer understandably. But I'm in minimal pain. I had it done at 8 AM this morning, only took pain meds twice so far and Valium once just after surgery. Nucynta is a new type of pain med and I really like it because it does not make me loopy like other options and there's a supposed less risk of nausea. Which is what I was worried about the most, who wants to puke over the toilet with sore breasts? So I'm happy about that. But it's still early, I'll keep it updated. My breasts right now have just a faint soreness! I will take a scheduled pain pill probably a few more times just to prevent anything from escalating just in case but it's been great. Anesthesia however f**ks with your emotions BIG TIME. Be prepared. Was a crying snobby mess and my boyfriend was NOT helping there. Feeling better now, though.

First look uncovered, Post OP day 1

I literally gained 9 lb of water weight in a day so I'm so freaking bloated and swollen all over. But I'm loving my breasts so far, hopefully they get even better with time. They don't look frankenbooby for POD 1! I was surprised.

POD 2, simple t-shirt, feeling good and happy :)

I feel a bit swollen today, morning boob wasn't pleasant but now I feel fine. Here is POD 2 with just a simple tee and still wearing my post-op bra. I get to shower today yay!

People are correct, Danskin Now zip front is the most comfortable

I decided to try on the Danskin now 360 zip front bra, which meant I had to make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart, but it was worth it. I slept with this and the support is good and it's not too tight or uncomfortable. I'm wearing a Large. However, have someone help you zip it up at first because that's the tricky part, especially when your arm movements still make you sore. I had to connect the zipper and hold it while someone zipped it up for me. I got a fruit of the loom front-hook one as well, but I think it's something to wear when I'm less swollen, it's a bit too much "support" and compression for now.

I can still fit in most of my clothing

Ok last pic for now I promise :) Wearing simple things and still looking feminine and natural was my goal. I can downplay them or make them sexier. I can still fit in most of my clothing since my padded huge bras were what I used to wear a lot of the time. Next time, I'll update pics when they take out my areolar stitches. I think look like a full C, right?

Stitches still in. "Sisters not twins"

I just wanted to post some pics with my stitches still in. They will come out in 2 days and I want to start taking care of my scars properly already. One of my breasts is still tighter than the other one and one is dropping a little faster. My breasts were uneven before and my areolas were not the same, so while I expect great results from my doctor and I know he is very skillful, I'm glad that I decided to do this now and not like at 18, because I still have realistic expectations. What exceeded my expectations is the amount of gap in between my breasts, I really like how they're not too far apart or too close together. My natural breasts had a large gap! And it's funny how I feel they look larger than they do in photos. I am looking forward to them rounding out and fluffing more. They are not rock hard at all and have some give already. My boyfriend is saying how he'll get used to it but he hasn't really seen them really. He is being less of a jerk than he was. The hardest part of this recovery were mental for me..the days coming off of anesthesia coupled with no emotional support. Physically, I feel I can handle almost anything. And I have been healing very fast for implants under the muscle, imo. In fact, I'm so stubborn and refused to be needy as much as possible. I even used a selfie-stick (not mine lol) to reach for and knock down certain things around the house because I was determined to be as independent as possible. After all, it is "my choice" and I have to deal with the consequences. Although, I guess do understand where the bf was coming from, I guess he felt he had no voice in this. He has been sleeping next to me, looks a little guilty, said he's "sorry for being a jerk" and that he loves me. Sigh.

I think it's important to note that I was confident in my body before this. Even now, when I'm curvier than I like, I love my body as I've never before. I used to hate my body growing up but now it's different. I did not get these because I hate my body and I'm glad I didn't do this when I was 18. Another thing, I was afraid of having boob greed but I'm glad I didn't go bigger, I feel like this size is perfect for my body and I will be getting back into the gym hard-core eventually, so I don't need anything bigger!

Settling more

Still settling (one faster than the other). I don't even mind the slight difference right now, I was way more asymmetrical before. And they keep looking better with time and I'm only 3 weeks post op (not even!!) Areola scab scars slowly peeling off. I'm very happy with my incision choice, going back for a checkup again in 2 days.

One day can make a difference!

Am I seeing things.. or do I see changes only one day apart? It's crazy how it can take weeks to see a difference and sometimes it can take a day or two for some changes as well.

They're mine :)

I had my approximate 3 week post -op appointment today. The doctor said everything looks beautiful and that things shouldn't drastically change from what I have now, besides some settling and softening. And I'm happy with that! I am instructed to do gentle breast massages..mostly from the outer edges in (pushing towards cleavage) as well as from the top. He asked me to come back in 2 months for a checkup and he wants to take some pictures! My before and after is definitely an improvement and this procedure, so far, has definitely been "worth it."

Still changing, back to working out, still love them

They are becoming even softer and are still evening out too. I continue to be very happy with my decision to augment and I love how my doctor gave me the look I was asking for. I feel like I should have been born with these! I'm also very happy with my incision choice. I've been using Scaraway for about 12 hours daily and Mederma in between and massaging daily. I'm also back to working out (lower body strength is almost 100 percent back, starting to get stronger in the arms and shoulders now). I've been putting off back workouts..it's difficult to isolate back without pulling with your chest muscles. If anyone has tips how to ease into back workouts, I'd appreciate it!

I would do it again. I love my natural-looking breasts.

I have been back to working out as I used to and I feel great. I have been avoiding direct chest exercises..because why? I have a great one now and I don't think I need to develop my muscles there any further. I will probably do light toning chest much later though. I also avoid pull-ups for now.

My breasts feel great and I believe look very natural, which is what I wanted. It's funny, but they look bigger in real life than in pictures! I am having no size regrets (I don't want to be a bit smaller or bigger..at all). When I lean down, I believe they will still look proportionate to my body.

I'm so glad I went with my gut and chose Dr. Turk for my breast augmentation! He is both professional and warm, never rushed me, actually listened, and most importantly--delivered the natural results I was looking for. His credentials, experience, and good reviews also put me at ease. I trusted him without even deciding on specific sizes (in my opinion, a good doctor that you trust does not need micromanaging). The Vectra 3D imaging at his office was also very helpful during the consults. I also felt very comfortable that his plastic surgery center was located in an actual hospital (however, it still felt very private). He gave me the natural-looking breasts that fit my body perfectly. I feel like these are the breasts nature should have given me! Thank you Dr. Turk. You are truly an artist.

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