21 And My Consistent Struggle With Acne - Naperville, IL

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I have been struggling with acne since puberty. My...

I have been struggling with acne since puberty. My first battle with acne ended with pitted scars on my cheeks, temples, and jawline. I have used a plethora of creams, face washes, and oral medications, including Accutane. I started using Retin-A Micro .04% once a day on 2/5/14, along with using Cephalexin 500mg, twice daily. It has been a little over a week of using it and I have noticed some dryness around my nose and chin area, but not too bad. I have also started breaking out a lot on the lower half of my face including the front and back of my neck. Hopefully this is just the purging process. Fingers crossed.

2 Weeks In And My Results Thus Far

My acne is far from cleared up but I have noticed that the small spots come and go quickly. I'll have spots at night and by morning they are around 75% cleared up. I am still experiencing major purging in the areas that I normally get acne, but also on the corners of my nose and forehead. The cystic acne on the right side of my face and neck is clearing up gradually but there seems to be way more cystic acne sprouting up on the left side of my face and neck, which is quite uncomfortable. I can't wait to get past this part of the treatment! Is there any cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc. that anyone would recommend? Specifically something that helps ease dryness and tones down breakouts.

6 Weeks In And My Results Are..

Well it's been a few weeks since I last updated my review and I have to say that not much has changed. I'm still breaking out on the bottom half of my face. Still have very deep cysts on my cheeks, jawline, and neck. I am still using Retin-A Micro every night because it hasn't made me overly dry. I heard about the oil cleansing method so I have started washing my face at night with a castor oil/sunflower seed oil mixture and I just wash my face with water in the morning. I noticed that since I started doing this cleansing that my dry spots from the Retin-A are not as dry and the oil on my face does not get as bad throughout the day. I just want to be done with the purging process already, but I'm going to stick with it for now.

Over 3 Months In.

Just a quick update. Skin is looking absolutely horrendous. I'm to the point where I don't want to go out in public and I want to call into work everyday. I have made a dermatologist appointment to see what else they can do. A little background information: I can't be on birth control to help with my hormonal acne; why? I have a history of blood clots. Back on track now.. I got to the point where it was bearable to put Retin A Micro on my face every night, but then my face started to break out in spots where I don't normally get anything like my forehead and n

3 Months In Continued.

And nose. So I started going every other day and still no change. Forever burdened by acne.
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