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I'm 4 days from my Breast Reduction surgery and I...

I'm 4 days from my Breast Reduction surgery and I have found amazing peace and support from the sisterhoood at Real Self. Thank you to all that have come before me in posting your honest and real stories! I am 36 DDD/E and hoping for a C. I haven't been a C since grade school. I'd love any last minute words of encouragement that anyone has to offer. I'm scared but probably just the same as all of you - the waiting is definitely the worst part.

I am most upset about the idea of the drains. I'll need mine for 48 hours. My PS has been very honest and straightforward with me. I was able to ask her nurses in the office for the names of at least 3 women who have also had breast reduction surgery with the same doctor within the past year. For anyone who hasn't done this that is pre-op - I highly recommend it as it really helped put me at ease. All 3 women told me that it was the best decision they ever made and the feedback coming from all 3 was similar in that post op wasn't that bad. Any great PS's office will gladly give you the names of patients that you can call and get their feedback/advice.

As for Arnica and Bromeline - my PS seemed to "pooh pooh" both however based on the feedback on this site I'm going to take both. I've started Arnica as of today.

The biggest and hardest decision for me was to figure out what size to ask for - My PS seems to feel that I should go as small as possible (of course not "boy ish") as my weight has always gone to the boobs first. I'll be thrilled to land in a solid "c" when all is said and done.

The only questions I have that the REAL SELF sisters may be able to help with is - should I buy gauze/nursing pads to have on hand for post surgery? I'm hoping that I can manage the drains myself however I'm super squeemish and I'm afraid that I may be freaked out by them. My husband has offered to help - however I'm trying to be a "big girl".

Anyway, any cheers and last minute shout outs is so appreciated! My surgery is January 9th Wednesday at 7 a.m!

Forgot to mention that I'm 45 years old...I'm only...

Forgot to mention that I'm 45 years old...I'm only 2 days from surgery and am feeling quite scared today! I'm pretty sure that's normal... I'm trying not to let the "what if" thinking scare me! Anyone support out there? Send me a shout out! :)

Ok - i'm down to the last day. Tomorrow morning...

Ok - i'm down to the last day. Tomorrow morning is the day! I have one more hour b4 I can't eat/drink and I'm not gonna lie - been scared today and yesterday. I just took xanax (asked the doctor if this was ok) and that should help. Everyone says that the anticipatory anxiety is the worst part. Here's a funny .... i specifically wore my most awful underwire bra today to remind me all day of how uncomfortable it is to have DDD/E's! I've had a headache all day because I decided to do without caffeine today and just drink alot of water...(not sure that was a great idea (lol!) My daughter just said good night to me (16 years old) and she's been really upbeat and funny with me all along however I just started crying! Why the nerves so much????? I guest fear is normal. This is when Faith comes in right? I once heard a great acronym for fear.... F else E vidence A ppearing R eal.... Now why is it so hard to let it go??? Prayers for me if you pray and positive vibes from my REAL SELF community! I'll try and update tomorrow!
Orland Park Plastic Surgeon

I did research on top doc's in area for Breast Reconstruction and/or Reduction - I also believe it or not got referrals word of mouth - One friend of a friend got implants put in (imagine going the "other way") and one friend of a friend got a reduction.

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