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9/7/10 Okay, tomorrow morning is my procedure. I...

9/7/10 Okay, tomorrow morning is my procedure. I had my consult last week, my pre-op today and surgery tomorrow! I know it seems fast but I have been getting ready to this for quite a while now... and we have some scheduling complications due to family illness that make this the perfect time.

First of all, kudos to the office for being so willing to work with my schedule requests! I am nervous because I tend to faint around needles. I want to be as out of it as possible while still able to breathe and not piss myself, haha. I took my measurements and a good look at myself in the mirror. I wanted to say goodbye to this version of myself, thank it for having gotten me to this point and welcome the idea of a slightly different vision from now on. I don't know what else to say tonight, I am excited to shed this baggage, literal and emotional (and mostly not even my own) and I hope this becomes a positive step toward the life I wish to call forth. The no exercise bit is going to be a challenge for me as I am an acrobat and I do intense training. Hopefully in my downtime I can supervise the construction of my new training rig! Hello pants that fit in the waist and hip and don't rip at the butt seam anymore! Hello everything I have been dying to wear but always hang back up because of my hips! Lumps and bumps, don't even think about it.

They have my before pics so we'll have to wait for that.

9/8/10 It has been 12 hours since I came home...

9/8/10 It has been 12 hours since I came home after my procedure. I was only there from 7:15 to 10:30am. My mom and I took a taxi and because she is undergoing treatment is unable to drive so a friend came to wait with her and take us home.

The nurses were okay. I expected them to be a little more friendly and interested but that's a minor detail since they weren't bad. Do not expect to maintain much modesty during this time! I put on the bizarre compression stocking that went up to my top thighs (kind of like the ones that make me cry when I want to dress up for my bf). Then my regular socks and then booties. Paper gown, then spa robe which unfortunately only stayed on for a bit. I took extra Ativan the night before and I still felt it when I took my morning dose. I don't condone self-medicating but I am glad because the needle in the hand almost made my crazy come out. The onto my stomach, baring all, the doctor said hi and all I remember is waking up a few times to say OWW and then it would go away. I had twilight sedation which I wholly recommend. Apparently I pulled my IV because when I woke up at the end there was a lot of blood right next to me. Ew.

I fell asleep for an hour right away and since then I have been hanging out with my mom, watching tv, cleaned the kitchen, changed all the pads on my little cuts (8 in all, 2x knee, 2x saddlebag, 2x butt crease, 2x lovies). The nurses forgot to give me the sterile one so we got creative with cut up sterile bandaids and put period pads on top, leaving the plastic wrapper (sticky tab removed) so that they would slide under the garment. I wish they had just given them to me but whatever.

I am shocked at how good I feel. I am spot tender and my lower back is achy but that's it. I want to walk the dog, clean out the garage, go to my classes, everything. All in theory hahaha! I think I may get a reality check tomorrow morning, and if I do, I just hope it is moderate like this whole thing seems to be. Just as I write this I am a tiny bit queesy. I would usually go for a little green amigo to help that but I'm trying alternative methods in my commitment to the best possible outcome.

I am so grateful for this site, I read so many other experiences and because of that I felt really prepared and calm about this whole thing. I hope this will help somebody else.

Thanks for the comments people have already left! Photos still on the way...

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My doctor has been informative, realistic, personable, and even though I wish he had said yes, he said he could no do my arms because I would not get a good result. His honesty gives me more trust. Also, (from what I have heard from others around town, so don't beat me if I'm wrong) he does a lot of pro-bono work in developing countries, fixing cleft lips kind of stuff, and other surgeries that make a big difference for people who usually have to suffer their entire lives. And they sent me flowers!

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