35 Y/o Explant No Lift. Gummi Silicon. Original ba for assymetry.

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The 12 year old silicon gummies come out today! I...

The 12 year old silicon gummies come out today! I had a larger volume on the left to try and help with assymetry. I wanted an explant with mastoplexy, but my PS said we have to start with a simple explant and re-evaluate again in 6 months. I will write more after surgery when I have tons of time (trying to prepare right now... time -7 hours.

Recovery room

I can already tell the implants are gone. Suprisingly, I can moverify my arms and shoulders fine. I'm taking it really easy though. My biggest problem right now is that I'm hungry and my throat is sore from the endotracheal tube.

Day 1 post bilateral explant & capsulectomy

Now I'm feeling soreness & the effects of the oral meds. I think the anesthesia has worn off and the oral meds have been making me dizzy.

Day 1 continued

The drain output is slightly more on the left (about 20-25 ccs every 8 hours, still watery/light red bloody). I've been trying not to use my arms unless my shoulders stay relaxed. I walked to the restaurant down the street and ate some veggies and salmon, but I'm still dizzy. I wasn't able to get get more than 3 hours of straight sleep because of pectoral muscle pain, thirst, or needing to use the bathroom. Nausea hasn't been too bad at all, but I am still wearing the scopolamine patch behind my ear.

My throat still really hurts from the endotracheal tube. I've been drinking a half-gallon of water per 12 hours, gargling with salt water, and keeping my mouth clean, but it hurts to talk.

If I take in a deep breath, my pectoral muscles hurt and my chest feels tight.

I was able to clean the betadine from my lower abdomen and around my neck and arms. That feels nicer now that it's not so sticky. I don't enjoy the high and dizziness from the meds, so I'm hoping by tomorrow I can get away with using something over the counter (just regular tylenol without the codiene). I've felt hungover all day today with fogbrain.

I peaked through the compression bra, and they do look very small! There's also blood and betadine underneath the bra, so I need to wait until Tuesday before that area gets cleaned up. Tuesday is when the drains get taken out (hopefully).

I changed the "was it worth it" to a "yes." I already feel great about the implants being gone. I'll try not to panic too much when I see my real breasts for the first time on Tuesday... it's been really helpful to read the stories of the ladies who had this procedure done before me.

Night of day 1: right breast feels heavy

I'm a little concerned that my right breast feels very heavy and it's not sitting well in the compression bra. Im not gonna take off the bandages or bra today, but i might try to see howy right breast is positioned tomorrow.
Pain isn't too bad and I'm going to try to sleep without the pain meds. My throat is worse than when I woke, so I hope it feels a little better tomorrow.

Peek at Day 2

It's the evening of day 2, & I thought I should share the sneak- peek. OMG it looks so terrible. I haven't even seeny nipple yet, but my breast just look so sad and deformed.

The surgery process and pain and being helpless has been a little tough too. I'm just feeling really down.

I knew my breast would be different in size. I knew they would be deflated. Maybe I was just hoping they wouldnt look soooo assymetrical and soooo misshapen. I know I have to wait a few months to see how they settle in, but really I'm scared at what I saw, & irritable that I'm still getting sharp jabs of pain and heaviness... it's just day 2.

3 days post- bloated

Today I'm feeling much better (aside from last night's nausea), still draining 20-25 ccs per breast... but I noticed I'm bloated and still thirsty all the time. I weighed myself, & I'm 4 lbs heavier than when I went into surgery! Super strange...

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday when I get the drains removed and can take a shower. This surgery smell is really getting to me now. Can anyone give me tips on how to get rid of the body odor without showering or increasing the risk of infection?

1 week a little bruised but happy with results

1 week and things are going so much better. Especially with the drains removed. There is a little bit of rashing where the drains were- I put topical cream to help with that. I also see some stretch marks so I put some coconut oil (that's why I'm so shiny). So things are going great at 1 week. I'm still taking things easy. I haven't worked out yet- I can't believe I need to wait 6 weeks!

6 month update

I'm so happy I went through the surgery. The first 2 months I was overly obsessed with my breast changes, but now it's all back to the normal grind, just like before. The symmetry is much better (they fluffed and evened out at different rates), & I feel very pleased with the results. I feel less back & shoulder pain, I look much better and thinner in clothes than I ever did with those nasty fake boobies, & I'm grateful to have my own real ones.
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