Breast Lump Removal Left Me "Disfigured" and Lop Sided. Would Breast Re Constructive Surgery Be Covered Under Medical? - Nanaimo

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The reason i got my breast lump removed was...

The reason i got my breast lump removed was because i felt extremely self-conscious having it in my breast. when i looked in the mirror i could see the lump through my skin. it was 2inches all around. I got sent to the hospital after many appointments to get it removed. i was so exited to get this "alien" out of my body. The lump was in my right breast, and because the lump was so large, my breast also got significantly larger.

After the surgery my breast was extremely saggy. i waited 6 months hoping for my skin to go back to normal, and when it didn't, i was devastated. I still to this day wont wear bathing suit tops, wont get intimate with anyone, and so on. I feel very disfigured and STILL self-conscious. My doctor never told me how my breast would look after the surgery so i didn't know what to expect. If he told me my breast would be saggy and lop sided i wouldn't have gotten the surgery in the first place. The removal and dis-figuration is ruining my life. I now see a therapist to help me through the emotional pain I'm feeling, and the lack of self-worth i have for myself.

I am hoping that i can somehow get breast re constructive surgery, and was wondering if it could be paid for through medical?

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This doctor did not explain any detail about the surgery, leaving me clueless, which i thought was unfair and left me devastated.

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