Chin and Cheek Fillers for 38-year Old Who Has Never Liked Profile - Nairobi, Kenya

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Since an orthodontist showed my parents a picture...

Since an orthodontist showed my parents a picture of my weak chin and suggested I get my jaw broken to end up more attractive (I was 12), I have felt extremely self-conscious about my profile. I have been thinking about getting a chin implant for several years. When I recently reached out to a plastic surgeon, he suggested that I start with fillers. When I looked into it, I realized it was much less risky, and that there was no down time. I live in Nairobi, Kenya, where products used and approved in Europe are used here. Teosyal is basically the European brand of Restylane.

I have been getting botox for 3 years to soften and prevent wrinkles on my forehead and a crease between my eyebrows and have always been very happy. I went to the same Doctor for a Botox update, and we talked about fillers. I have been screwing up my courage to do it, and Monday was the day.

The procedure itself was a bit weird, but not really painful. She did a nerve block in my chin by putting two dental injection inside of my mouth, between my lower front teeth and gum under my lower canines on either side. This numbed up my chin in a matter of minutes. She used the micro-cannula technique. I think it was a bit disconcerting because I could feel and hear a bit of a crunching sensation as the cannula moved through the chin tissue. From what I could tell, she inserted the cannula only 2-4 times in total. I had no puncture wound to speak of, and no bruising. She spent a bit of time moulding and shaping the filler once it was injected, and smoothing out any lumps.

It was really a weird and amazing thing to walk out with a chin. I could not stop looking at it and taking pictures! It looked GREAT! One thing that I realized during the procedure is how important the nerves of your chin are. I could not talk or smile normally with the nerve block, and thought many times to myself how upsetting it would be to have those nerves destroyed and growing back from a chin implant.

The next day I came back to put a single syringe into my two cheeks, to do a mini cheek lift.

Over the next 24 hours things did change. The filler spread out a bit and puffed up. The volume of my chin peaked at about 36 hours I would say... as there was a touch of swelling, plus the filler expanding as it took in water. One thing that has shocked me is how incredible my skin looks--radiant and smooth. I was expecting my pores to look bigger and shiny, but it has been the opposite. My skin looks incredible.

As the days have gone by, the total volume of the filler has gone down a bit. It is important to know that you get used to your new look really really fast. The first day I thought I looked really different, but now I have to look back at my before pictures to realize how dramatic the difference is and I find myself worrying a bit that my chin is "melting" back into my face--though it isn't.

A lesson this process is teaching me is that insecurities are really a lot more than skin deep. When you have spent a lifetime feeling bad about something, you are in the habit of it! There's a brain reprogramming that goes along with the cosmetic procedure.

What? I have a chin? Without surgery?

I wanted to post a bit more, as my chin is 1 week old today. I am still loving it, and I am still mildly in disbelief that I actually have A CHIN!

More...One week old

Oops... premature post! I can easily see how people can get addicted to cosmetic procedures. Once you realise what is possible and cross the line of intervening, then it gets easier and easier to intervene. I don't think that I will EVER have a surgical chin augmentation, now that I know what is possible with fillers (and how important to me the nerves of my chin are!). However, I have been thinking about a neck lift, to get rid of that jowelly look and really resolve the profile issue once and for all. I am going to have a consultation with a PS to discuss it, but from the look of the reviews I have read on RealSelf, neck lifts are a pretty big deal and expensive with some real deal recovery. In any case... it's just an exploration.

All in all, I am THRILLED with the results from fillers in my chin. My only regret is not doing this years ago!

Integrating the Changes

So, I have to say that the process of psychologically bonding with your new look is an interesting thing. At first I couldn't believe that I had a new profile and was kind of worried all the time that it would melt away overnight! Now, about 6 weeks later, I feel totally at home with my new look, and feel like this is what I was always supposed to look like. The confidence boost has been amazing. A whole lot of mental noise around my chin/profile is just... gone. Nice!
Dr. Suchdeva

Dr. Suchdeva inspires a lot of confidence. There is no digital imaging, so it wouldn't be for everyone, but the fact that it was "erasable" in case I didn't like it made me feel more comfortable

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