Rinoplasty and Brazilian butt lift in Tijuana Mexico

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Hello Everyone. I am 25,from West Africa. I have...

Hello Everyone.
I am 25,from West Africa. I have been on realself for about two months now,off and on? And Finally I have chosen to seek advise and help from my fellow women. I live in Nigeria,Africa and I have always wanted to have theses procedures done. Been researching and finally stumbled on realself. The closest and most affordable place to get my dream come true is India,but I am so unsure of getting the near-perfection surgery I wish for. I need help to find good surgeons in India. I contacted Tour2india4health and have been in contact with then discussing the procedures. They have advised I go with Dr Syed Ilas, but I am unsure because it seems as though he is their only surgeon(The lady from realself that contacted them was given to Dr Syed as well) Confused and need help. Thank you!

My World in stitches xx

Hello everyone,
I have been on realself and I get encouraged from posts I read and figured why not share my journey as well.
Let me start by saying, my thirst for butt started sometime when I was 19, I noticed I did little or no growing at all in the butt department. I was teased in high school about being bony but that never registered, needless to say I started trying to grow butt. I started out buying drugs which only didnt work but made me fat in all the wrong places, I tried maca root& squats,no good. I finally found out about bbl and have been obsessed ever since.
I add weight in the worse places, my tummy, my arms :( , back and face. Its horrible!! And about a year ago I started the obsession with my nose too, its a typical african nose, some are blessed with better anyway. Im stuck with a flat wide nose that gets wider and flatter when I smile :( sometimes I feel pretty other times self esteem issues kick in big time. And I just never want to go out. I never wear dresses, although I looove them. Sometimes I buy a few & keep in hope for a new body. Jeez I need this. Painful is no one understands, do u ever feel like when you talk about wanting surgery you get the "oh but ure pretty this way" sermon? Anyway.
I have been researching here and finally found the heaven sent to make my life all better..
I considering Dr Jaime Campos leon in Tijuana for my bbl, his work is perfection!! And Dr Manuel-Gutierrez-Romero in Tijuana as well for my Rhinoplasty, he has the natural but beautiful outcome I need.
I am hoping to have this done by december, but I worry on how I can achieve both procedures in one visit and with two different Drs although residing In same city.
I need advise on what to do.
I am sorry for the long writeup. Since no one around understands, this here feels like my safe haven. Thanks everyone & may our quest for beauty be achieved xx

More wish pix

These dint upload earlier xx

Rhinoplasty&Bbl in Tijuana Mexico

Cant seem to change my initial title. I initially planned to go to india but changed my mind as I was not satisfied with the information & there were no reviews on the doctor I chose.
Needless to say the journey is still on and i'll be posting as I proceed in my pursuit for perfection. And oh, I have contacted both surgeons and I'm waiting on their opinions as to how I can achieve both surgery in one trip and have my wish. Questions and advise are welcomed. I'll be posting wish pic of the nose I want below cheers everyone xx
Dr Syed Ilas

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