Left Lower Lip White Bump Scar

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I had a deep lip laceration on my lower lip 3...

I had a deep lip laceration on my lower lip 3 month's ago. I didn't receive stitches & was applying vitamin e vigorously after it healed, (a month after the incident). The too poetiin of the lower lip healed fine but the lower tip reflected a white bump scar. I saw a surgeon & dermatologist both recommended surgery with a few stitches but also advised there maybe risk again of scar tissue. I've been applying oil of oregano, 70 carvacrol, apple cider vinegar, "the mother", (is acid-like, so can see it's gradually drying the scar up. I also apply tea tree oil, which has helped too. The combination has proven to be effective. Oil of oregano is about $20, sold at health food stores, apple cider & tea tree oil both are about $10 each, a lot cheaper than surgery. Will post my final pic. for comparison, once I see it gone, which I'm hopeful based on what I'm seeing so far. Natural remedies are the best alternative to healing if possible.:)

Time does heal Update - 8 mos. later

Hopefully you all can see a difference, but it's finally healing, almost un-noticeable. I've been applying g pressure & massaging the area but not on a daily basis. The scar tissue has broken up.

Same day - diff. shot


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