36 Y/o Had Metal Braces As a Teenager, SmileCareClub Now.

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I am trying the clear aligners by SmileCareClub...

I am trying the clear aligners by SmileCareClub after wearing braces and not wearing my retainer. My teeth arent horrible but they arent perfect either. I will give a clear and honest review and answer any questions I can answer. I am on the Smile20 Plan. I thought I needed something less but we will see what happens.

6 month dental cleaning. Tray 2, Week 1 Day 2

I wasnt going to update my review until i was 3 months out and had something to show. I went to my regular dentist today who did all my dental work just a couple of months ago (changed all fillings to white, a crown and sent me for a root canal). During my cleaning he discovered tooth #25 was loose. It hasnt always been loose, only since this last set of aligners. I will monitor this and see if it tightens back up, and i am going back in 3 months for him to check it out and make sure nothing is getting worse. He is very on board with my clear aligners.

Possible setback. Hopefully not.

Literally 2 days after I had my cleaning I broke my back left bottom molar, the very last one. I originally thought I would ask to jut have it pulled but that will mess up my aligners. I am going to see if he can make a crown that wont effect my aligners. I saved the tooth piece.

First quarter of the way done.

I am pleased. I can tell my teeth are moving. You can tell from the 3D video they are moving as planned, from the left to the right.

Halfway done!!

Looking at the pictures its hard to tell but i can feel SUCH a difference in my teeth. I started my 11th tray last night. I have a semi annual dental exam next Tuesday. Loving it still.

3/4 of the way done. Tray 15

I have 5 trays left.

Everything has been easy so far. Impressions were accepted the first time around.

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