I am 5'2 with a very hourglass but athletic build - 4 weeks post op

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Hello Everyone! I have been stalking people on...

Hello Everyone! I have been stalking people on this website for a few weeks now, so I thought I would join in. I am 5'2 with a very hourglass but athletic build I usually weigh between 128-132, although right now I am 136 (holiday/finals season!) I was recently resized for a 32G (although one of the ones I ended up buying was a 30...F I think). FML. I had put off being resized for YEARS. When I found out how big they were I cried in the dressing room. Teh girls there did not get it, they told me people pay thousands of dollars for that. I just felt embarrassed.

I have been considering BR for maybe 5-6 yerars now on and off. I had all the reasons in the world to put it off, but I am now finally ready and getting excited! I cannot believe my surgery date is 2.5 weeks from now! I am getting so excited. Even though my dad has known the doctor (and entire practice) for a long time, I am still somewhat nervous about a 'bad' outcome: such as wound separation, lopsided breasts infection ext. I also feel unsure about how small I want to go. I think a large B or small C would be good. I definitely have a little booty on me so I want to be semi-balanced. I am also worried about just the recovery time, I only have 2.5 weeks or so before I have to fly back to school... YIKES.

Another issue is that I have not told the guy I have been dating now for about 3 months. I know, it is bad, but I just have not gotten up the nerve. I am 90% sure that after the initial weirdness he will be totally supportive.... but ... I don't know. I know I have to tell him I am going to do this and explain it.... but a part of me just doesn't want to... I am freaked out by the awkwardness/weirdness. GAH

Anyway. I have it set up so I fly home for break the day after my last final on 15th, go in for my preop/consultation on the 17th and surgery on the 19th. EEK.

Gah, I really am not sure if I understand how to...

Gah, I really am not sure if I understand how to post things on here, but man I am still really nervous. I just keep thinking about having tell this guy I am seeing. Blah. I know it will be fine, I just kinda don't want to. I am addicted to this site! Thanks to all the girls out there who have posted their stories and pictures. Knowing what to expect makes it way less scary. I will hopefully man up and put some pictures up soon!

Gah, I cannot believe I am now less than a week...

Gah, I cannot believe I am now less than a week away from surgery. I have my last final tomorrow afternoon and then I go home saturday... I am SO excited. But all of a sudden I got super nervous today for the first time really... just really nervous about getting my boobs split open and stitched back together.... I know it is not like they are cracking your chest but still --- getting cut is SCARY. I have had a few prior knee surgeries ... but something about it being away from your core made me feel better...Gah

But on the up side I finally told my boyfriend about the surgery today and he could not have reacted better.... he was SO supportive and was kind of mad I was sooooooo nervous!! He was just like why would I be against something that is going to be good for you :) awww and he talked about being able to buy me cute bras and such now :)... so sweet. I havent been in a relationship like this before but he is the best. I am lucky.

Good night :) Gotta rest up for my final tomorrow.

Hello Everyone, Well I am finally home and...

Hello Everyone,

Well I am finally home and starting to think about surgery! I am starting to get SUPER nervous. I have my pre-op tomorrow so hopefully that will calm my nerves. I really hate needles and being in that kind of pain so I am starting to freak out a little bit. But I know the results afterwards will be worth it, so I am trying to focus on that.....

I will update this tomorrow after my appointment!

Hello Everyone.... so tomorrow is the day! I had...

Hello Everyone.... so tomorrow is the day! I had my visit with my doctor today it went really well. It was kind of funny because the day before I went in for my pre op and the PA and nurse were so nice, but I freaked out when they had to take some blood. So today while I was waiting for the doctor to come in I heard the PA telling him that I was "a very sweet and funny girl" but VERY nervous.. :) which is true. So he was extra nice. Anyway, he walked me through the whole thing and then showed me some pictures. He talked about some of the possible complications. Then he kind of showed me how they mesure and where my nipple will be... so that was cool. I guess I was so nervous/anxious/unsure I forgot some of my questions so I had to call later with some more... he was so nice giving me his cell phone number. Anyway.... I will post some pictures later today (for real) :)after I take the shower with the special soap that they gave me. (which doesnt smell good!)

I am sure I will post again later when I really start freaking out!

Just got out of the shower and am getting ready to...

Just got out of the shower and am getting ready to go to surgery! :) .... I am very sleepy for some reason... maybe I am still on west coast time/haven't been sleeping that well.I am set to take my valium before I go so I feel like I am going to be dead by the time I get there :)... o well. It will be over before I know it, right? Wish me luck. I will update from the other side when I feel up to it!

Hello Everyone, so today was surgery day!! My...

Hello Everyone, so today was surgery day!! My surgery was at 11 so I was asked to be there around 11. I checked in, they took me right back asked some additional question about my medical history, set me up with an IV (which the nurse was very nice about even though I freaked). Then the doctor came in but because of the valium I didn't have much to say. He said he measures 4 times to cut once. I just remember he kept counting over and over. Soon enough I walked into the OR, and I breathed into the mast and the next thing i knew I was in recovery. Apparently my surgen took about 1 pound off of each breast... can you imagine!! I didn't expect that much! I was hoping for a full B or pretty small C.... Since I do have some curves I am starting to worry I will be disproportionate now. I have tried to sneak a look but can't really.

I am in minimal discomfort know since my surgen shoots some kind of numbing something in to stitches. Surprisingly I have gotten sick a couple of times after every time I have moved.... but it has not been bad.... throw up a few times and I am good to go. Not idea why ...this has not happened to me in previous surgeries. I am holding off on getting up again to see if I can bet that to pass....Overall so far so good! fingers crossed.

Gah can't sleep on my back. no real pain. keep...

gah can't sleep on my back. no real pain. keep freaking otu that I went too small!! Anyone else feel this way? FML

I am just really freaking out that they are too...

I am just really freaking out that they are too small. I had my drains taken out today which wasn't bad (it hurt, but mostly like a large pinch). I asked for a large B or small C. It just freaked me out when the nurse taking out my drains said I would have a medium B.... I don't want to be that small!! I feel like a C right now and she said that I did not look like I had that much swelling... gahhh I don't know. I cried all the way home. I hope I did not make a mistake!! I mean I obviously needed some kind of breast reduction but maybe I should have asked to be a bigger size!! Just I noticed many girls here ask to be a C and end up a D ... and I DID NOT want that. D's are even too big for my frame. Gah, I don't know. I am probably just freaking out over something that will be fine but..... I don't know. I have had huge boobs most of my life so I guess I just don't remember what it is like without them.

Any words of wisdom?

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after...

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my melt down yesterday! I clearly really needed it! I no longer think they are too small - it was just such a drastic change!!
since my melt down I have been feeling much better. I have only taken 2 pain pills and am doing tylenol only at night. So that part is going really well. I was kind of bored out of my mind today and am trying to force myself to take it easy! I feel like I could be out doing things!! o well. I know my body needs the rest to recover.

Anyway, I have updated my pictures... it seems like I am having some bruising ... but kinda red bruising. Is this normal? has anyone else had this? I am kind of concerned about it. I cannot tell if I am being a worry wart or not! I mean the redness was there a little bit yesterday and the doctor said everything looked great so.... IDK

Update - okay, I finally just had my dad look...

update - okay, I finally just had my dad look (semi embarrassing but he is a doctor) and then we called - everyone thought it was normal but if I wanted to come in tomorrow or monday morning they would be happy to see me in person. I think their reassurance is enough but if it gets worse tomorrow perhaps I will run in quickly to see someone there.

am such a worry wart.

Hello again. Well the past two weeks have been...

Hello again. Well the past two weeks have been fairly unremarkable. Once I got over the initial shock of how much smaller they were everything has been going well. I had my drains out the next day which wasn't bad at all. Like a big pinch. Then I was told to just hangout/rest. I had my follow up at 8 days and she said everything looked really good and my scars looked like they were at 2 weeks rather than just 8 days so that was exciting! I guess I am a good healer :). At that time the PA took off my steri strips which was probably the worst part!! Man those things are sticky!!

Anyway since then the bruising has faded a bit and I have had no pain. I stopped taking my pain meds after the second day and have just been taking tylenol when needed since (about 6 times?). The hardest part is still getting to sleep. Is anyone else really tight/sore from all this sitting around/heeling?! It is SOO hard to take it easy still when I feel essentially fine.

I have my follow up with my Doctor again tomorrow to see how I am doing.... fingers crossed. As you can see my bobos are heeling at different rates.... and I THINK that is why they are differently shaped right now --- I REALLY hope this resolves itself... I will definitely ask tomorrow. I hope you all are enjoying the new year thus far!! :)

So far my recovery has been a peace of cake... I feel as though I could have gone back to work (at a desk job) by now..Knock on wood. So for all of you considering it just do it! It is amazing how light I feel! no more back and shoulder pain! :) yay!!!

Hello Everyone! Well I can't believe today...

Hello Everyone!

Well I can't believe today marks four weeks since my surgery. I am now back at school full time and work part time... yikes it is a lot. But having those three weeks off was great! I just started easing back into working out and man between finals, the holidays and this surgery I managed to get WAY out of shape! gah! O well.

Here is an updated picture... one looks bigger but I swear it doesn't really look like that in person. They just look slightly different shapes. I also started using Palmer's on my scars (after reading all the reviews on here) just this past weekend and I feel like the scars are already less red! yay!! Still some puckering around my nipples and maybe some dog ears on the sides.... so that kinda stinks but overall I am very happy! It is so cool how much lighter I feel - plus everyone keeps asking me if I have lost weight! yay lol. (even though I have actually gained 3 since the holidays/my surgery).

Overall this whole thing has been amazing. While my new boobs aren't perfect yet (and maybe they wont ever be) it is SO much better than what I had before.... I finally feel free! I can workout without them hurting and being all over the place, people can actually see my waist in things and my back feels so good! SOOO much lighter. crazy. It is almost hard to remember what it was like before.

Anyway, I will update you again soon.
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My father has been a doctor in my small city for a long time and knows most of the local the medical community. I feel very luck that I know I am going to a good surgen... still nervous though! :) so many 'what if's even with a good surgen... and good surgens are still people and have bad days!

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