HELP!!!! Long Awaited Rhinoplasty - Late 20's

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Hey all, I've been reading a lot of reviews and...

Hey all,
I've been reading a lot of reviews and doing a lot of research on African American rhinoplasty. I have wanted to refine the look of my nose for quite some time now, and I am finally ready and have the time to do it. I feel comfortable with my face, but feel my nose is disproportionately large for my face, and it always bothers me when I see it in pictures. My biggest concern is finding the right doctor because my nose is in the middle of my face! I am currently looking to get rid of my bulbous tip, narrow and define my bridge area and reduce my nostrils a bit. I especially have a problem with how bulbous my nose is and I hate the thickness. It's really been hard to find a doctor so far because I live in Canada, and I'm worried that not many doctors here are familiar with performing an African American rhinoplasty to produce excellent results. I just don't want to take chances in ruining my face!

Doctors I have considered so far:
1. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami (very expensive though)
2. Dr. Jason Hamilton ( Skype consultation booked for next Wednesday)
3. Dr. Wayne Perron (Close in proximity to me)

I'm really struggling and I need more options of doctors who have GREAT reputations in this particular procedure, and then I need to think about travelling, transportation, recovery and all that if I decide to go to a Dr. in the States, but if I feel confident they can accomplish my desired look, I will travel where I need to.

I know it has to be possible because I have seen MANY celebrities with noses that were very similar to mine and now they look great! I wish there was a way to find out exactly which doctors are doing these celebrity noses and making them look natural and good. I cannot afford to get my nose messed up! I don't think any of us want that, so it's a very big deal to me.

Anyone have any other suggestions that would help or great results from any particular doctors?... I'm hoping to book within the next couple of months. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time and will keep you all posted.

I attached current pictures of my nose and also pics of noses that I like (my goals). Any doctor input would be greatly appreciated as well.

Update #1 - Dr. Sam Rizk

Just to update everyone, I actually had someone message me and give me a tip on what appears to be the best doctor I have seen so far on ethnic rhinoplasty. I am talking about Dr. Sam Rizk. I had a consultation done in late November and he was very friendly, didn't rush me or make me feel stupid, he seemed to understand what I was looking for. The consult cost $350. I am pretty sure this is the doctor that I will be selecting. Dila from his office has also been very responsive to all my questions and emails. I started having some major doubts about Dr. Hamilton after my consultation with him. To be honest, I felt very judged and on top of that the response times exceeded 3 weeks for some of the information I asked for and that was promised. I also am concerned with the fact that my bulbous tip will not turn out quite how I wanted as his work may be a bit too subtle. All that being said, Dr. Rizk is about double the cost of Dr. Hamilton, but from what I have seen, I think it will be worth it. I hope to book my surgery for February, and I hope to do it this week. I will keep you all posted.

Words can't explain how nervous I am... This is A LOT of money, and I hope it turns out as great as some of his other patients that I've seen. I will be sure to post pics after surgery and let you all know the dates.

Booked Surgery

Sorry I've been quiet! I have finally booked my Surgery date with Dr. Sam Rizk.
I really believe he is going to be my best bet, and I don't want to take chances with my nose. Surgery date is in 2 weeks and I will be flying to NY!

I will keep you all posted with progress. Super nervous and excited all at once.
Dr. Sam Rizk

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