Trim Labiaplasty - Labia Minora Reduction

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I am writing this review in order to hopefully...

I am writing this review in order to hopefully help young teens especially, but also all women. I don't want any young woman to have to experience what I experienced. It is truly a traumatic experience.

When I was 16 I wanted to get labiaplasty done so that my labia minora would not hang past my labia majora. My mother decided to help me find a doctor. I will start off by saying this, MAKE SURE THERE IS A NURSE IN THE ROOM WHEN YOU OR YOUR DAUGHTER IS EXAMINED BY A DOCTOR.

In June 2006 I had a trimming labiaplasty done for free by a gynocologist. He wanted to do a wedge labiaplasty but I told him I wanted a trim labiaplasty since my lips were brown/purple in colour at the edges and I wanted that colouring removed.

The result was I ended up botched. The left side of my labia minora was basically completely cut off and the right side there is only about 1cm of labia. Furthermore he cut my labia minora off from under my clitoris where it is supposed to be attached. This left me with two bumps under my clitoris, which looks very unnatural.

8 years later, after being pressured by a new boyfriend to see what I look like between my labia majora, I was once again naive and decided to try and get the botched job fixed so I would look more natural and less hacked.

I went to a plastic surgeon this past February who had amazing reviews. The problem is his reviews were all from boob jobs and lipo, not labiaplasty. Which brings me to my second piece of important advice, DON'T ASSUME that because a surgeon is good at most other plastic surgeries that they will be good at labiaplasty. YOU NEED TO FIND A DOCTOR THAT IS HIGHLY EXPERIENCED and has good reviews specifically for labiaplasty.

His nurse assured me that more women come to him for labiaplasty than any other surgeon in the city. I discussed with the surgeon what I wanted done and he repeated it back to me and seemed to understand. My pre-op was the day before my surgery, so I was sure he wouldn't forget what we talked about that he was supposed to do. Well he must have forgot anyways, because when I got home and looked at my crotch in the mirror, it was obvious he didn't do what we discussed. I am even further disfigured than before!! Every area he cut left me with a sore lumpy scar! And he cut in an area under my clitoris that I did NOT want cut. IT HAS BEEN SEVEN MONTHS and this scar on the side of my clitoris hood that runs down below my clitoris is still burning and sore!!!! There is no infection, it's just a bad scar in a very sensitive area and the nerves are all messed up. Try getting an orgasm from your partner when your hood area beside your clit is burning! it's not easy.

The other scars he gave me also still hurt now and then and are still lumpy. But the one near my clit is the worst. It constantly burns every day. My family doctor told me that time is my best friend in this case and to wait it out and hopefully the pain will stop eventually. Because the pain has lasted so long I went through a very bad depressed for about 6 months and lost a lot of weight along with all of my self esteem. I am just coming out of it now and am on antidepressants for the first time in my life, which are helping.

Based on my experience I do not recommend anyone getting a trim labiaplasty. If you cannot accept yourself and MUST get labiaplasty done to be happy, then get a wedge labiaplasty done by an experience surgeon and explain every detail you want to see in the results.

If you are a young girl in your teens, please please please wait to have this surgery done. We are naive as teenagers and make decisions that we wouldn't make if we were older and wiser. When you are older and have a mature partner, they will not care what you look like down there anyways. And if they do then they are a shallow a**hole and you should dump them and find someone better.

Mothers, for this same reason, do NOT let your young daughter get labiaplasty done as a teen. She should wait until she is an adult and then make the decision. I resent my mother for allowing me to get it done at such a young age. I was naive and regret the decision.

Please research your surgeon very carefully and wait until you are at least in your mid 20's to have this surgery done. If you must do it, get a wedge labiaplasty, not a trim.

Please see the photos I've attached of a few different women who have suffered through being disfigured after having trim labiaplasty. Keep in mind that these surgeries were done by so called 'professional' plastic surgeons and gynaecologists. In most photos the labia minora are completely amputated off. Lumpy, painful scarring can also occur.

I'd post a photo of my own surgery result, but it is still too upsetting for me to look at. I understand that some trim labiaplasties can turn out fine, but if you get a wedge labiaplasty then you dont have to worry about looking like one of these photos.

Vulvas have complex nerve systems

I think it is important for women to know that your vulva has a very complex nerve system. Even gynaecologists and plastic surgeons don't fully understand it or know how it works. So it can be very risky to have them cut skin away from it.

I have the tiniest little scar about an inch in length that runs down the left side of my clitoral hood to the underside below my clitoris. Yet this tiny scar has caused me horrible pain at times. I get sharp shooting pains from this area up into my abdomen. I also get heavy throbbing pains deep in the left side of my labia majora that I never had before. It has been seven months since this surgery and these nerve pain problems have not gone away.

Women need to know these things are possible. I never had any pain like this after my first surgery, however. It was the 'revision' surgery with the plastic surgeon that has caused the nerve damage.

There are plenty of other women on this website and on other web pages that have nerve pain and scar pain that has not gone away after having a labia minora reduction.

This is because the nerve system in a woman's vulva is very complex and dense and all those nerves are connected and related to one another. It is best not to mess with them, in my opinion.

There are also women on this website as well as other web pages who are unable to have a vaginal orgasm during sex after having a labia minora reduction. This is because they have a loss of sensation after having a labia minora reduction. Of course you will never hear about this from a plastic surgeon!!

I myself am unable to have a vaginal orgasm. I can have a clitoral orgasm. But I've tried every sex position in the book for every length of time to try and get a vaginal orgasm and I can't!

Im not sure if that is because so much skin was taken off from my labia minora and has desensitized the nerves leading down into my vagina or not. I don't know if I would have been able to have a vaginal orgasm if I had not had the surgery, because I was a virgin before having the first surgery done. Nevertheless, it is very frustrating to think about.

Just be aware that some women can't get a vaginal orgasm after having a labia minora reduction, when they could before the surgery. It is a risky operation that has its benefits if done properly, but it can also hinder your pleasure during sex.

Please see the diagrams I've attached of the large clitoral system women have that spans under the labia majora. Also, there is a diagram showing some of the major nerves in the vulva.

You are normal, however you look!

Women who are worried about how they look down there need to realize that however you look is normal. You aren't ugly or deformed or 'hypertrophed'. You are normal! I've researched into this enough to know that women's downstairs areas are all different shades, shapes, and sizes. Don't think you have to look a specific way and that if you don't that you are ugly or abnormal.

We live in a greedy capitalist society where marketers will make us feel ugly through the media and Internet in order to sell services and products. It's called shame marketing and is hugely targeted at women. Its very sad and it says a lot about a woman to be strong enough to not be affected by this.

The media tends to make us feel as though we aren't fit enough, our lips or boobs aren't big enough, our skin isn't smooth enough, our noses aren't small enough. These are all lies. Life on earth is meant to be diverse, not all the same specific look and measurements.

Don't let playboy or the porno industry or plastic surgeons make you feel like your 'downstairs area' is ugly or abnormal, however it looks, because that is NOT true. You are normal. You are beautiful. Try to accept yourself.

VERY slowly getting better

It's been about 8 months since my botched 'revision' surgery.

The nerve pain has mostly gone away. I still feel sharp prickles sometimes. And the scar near my clitoris only burns maybe twice a day for varying lengths of time. But it used to burn constantly, so at least I know it is slowly getting better.

So for you women out there who still have pain long-term after this surgery, don't give up hope! keep praying and trust in a higher power to help your body heal.

I recommend to anyone dealing with scar pain to use grapeseed oil!! It's not super sticky like vitamin e oil and I think it's really helping the scars.

Regarding the photos I posted

Also, I should mention that if anyone has been through this and wants to get their botched surgery reconstructed, there is only one doctor I've been able to find online who does reconstruction surgery. His name is Gary Alter. The photos I posted above are the 'before' photos i got off his website of women who were botched by another doctor and then went to Dr. Alter for reconstruction. if you want to see the after photos of these women after he reconstructed them, search his name and his website should come up.

He also does wedge labiaplasty for women. I wish I had know about him earlier. It probably would have saved me a lot of grief caused by this 'revision' surgery.

What a man really thinks

I think it's important for girls and women to realize that when you're in a sexual relationship with a guy, he is a lot more concerned with being able to sexually please you than he is with how your vulva looks.

Guys just want us to enjoy sex as much as they do. They want to please their woman. At least, that's what I've discovered from the guys I have been with.

Me choosing to get these two surgeries was never suggested or influenced by a boyfriend. It was all in my head and I did it because of my own insecurity.

Now I have nerve pain and can't enjoy sex as much. And my boyfriend is sad about this because he obviously doesn't want me to have pain there. He says he wishes he had known how I felt prior to the surgery so he could have talked me out of it. I never communicated with him about it.

He says he doesn't care how I look, he just wants to please me. I think that's how a real man should think, and maybe most do think that way.

I cannot stress how important it is to keep your nerves in tact down there by avoiding this type of surgery.

If you are shy about how you look, it's not like you have to spread your legs in the light with your boyfriends face between your legs or anything. If you're shy, then just keep the lights dim or the covers over you when/if he gives oral sex. There is nothing wrong with that. But just remember you are normal as you look, and try not to worry about it.

Don't get me wrong..

I realize that some of my updates seem like I'm totally against labiaplasty. However, that is not the case.

I completely understand why a woman would want this surgery. Whether it be for hygienic reasons, aesthetic reasons, or to be more comfortable in clothing or when playing sports. I understand because I've been there.

My only goal with this review is to help inform women about the other side of labiaplasty so that they do not go through the traumatic experience of being botched.

So to avoid being botched you can either:

1) Extensively research a doctors history with labiaplasty. Choose an expert that has been specializing in labiaplasty for many years. Do NOT go to a 'jack of all trades' plastic surgeon who does labiaplasty among other countless cosmetic operations. The doctor should have a lot of before and after pictures of labiaplasty. Check online with the plastic surgery board in your country to see if he has any lawsuits against him for malpractice. I think it is much less risky to get the wedge method rather than the trim, since all of the botched photos I've seen were caused by trim labiaplasty.


2) Don't get the surgery. Accept yourself as you are and realize that every woman is different down there. Don't risk the possible nerve damage or the loss of pleasurable sensation.

The choice is yours. If I had known this type of information beforehand and researched a doctor properly, rather than jumping into the surgery... twice.. then I probably could have avoided both of my bad surgeries. realself is a great resource for spreading the word and finding a good doctor.

Although, my doctor is listed on realself as a 'labiaplasty expert' but I assure you he gave himself that label, and is NOT a labiaplasty expert. I checked his work history and he hasn't even been doing the surgery for very long. If you want to know his name to avoid going to him for this operation then please send me a private message.

It has been just over a year..

It has now been just over a year since my so called 'revision' labiaplasty surgery. All of the areas that the surgeon cut and stitched are still lumpy. He reassured me they would all go down and be 'totally smooth' after healing. But they are definitely not totally smooth. They are less swollen obviously, but there are still bumps. It just goes to show that if you have a lumpy stitch site right after your surgery, you most likely will have that permanently to some degree.

I think the lumpiness is caused by three things. 1) The surgeon doesn't cut smooth lines, 2) the surgeon stitches the area too tight, or just doesn't do a nice stitch job, and 3) In some cases dissolvable stitches don't fully dissolve.

Also my top left scar underneath the clitoris on the left side is pretty sore today. Just feels like burning. And it seems a little swollen. It gets like that sometimes and I'm not sure why.

Also, two days ago I had a really firm, sore, squishy cyst-like thing underneath my lower scar on the right side. It was directly under the scar and was pushing on it from underneath and made it hurt really bad. I think that was caused by intercourse the day before. Intercourse irritates the scars.

Anyways, its still sucks having these scars. But they are still getting better everyday, I think.. I hope. I still plan to go get the lumps around the scars shaved off eventually so it looks smooth. Planning to go see Dr. Gary Alter about that, even though he is 8 hours away from me.. there is just no other labiaplasty revision surgeon around here that I have confidence in. Pretty sure the lumps can just be cauterize off so there is no bleeding. I definitely do not ever want to be cut and stitched ever again.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and given insight and support.

The vagina in the media

For anyone considering this type of surgery or anyone feeling self conscious about the way they look, you might want to first watch the video on YouTube called 'The Vagina in the Media'. It talks about how soft porn magazines and websites sensor what women's vaginas actually look like by photoshopping out the labia minora and clitoral hood that may show, and change it so that all it looks like is the crack with the labia majora.

The porn industry is very misleading for both men and women regarding the truth about the diversity of how vaginas look, and how common it really is to have labia minora or clitoral hood showing past the vulva crack. It's a very enlightening video on this subject.

Just over 2 years post-op

It's been just over two years and the scar pain is finally diminished. One of the scars still hurts when I get my period. But for the most part the pain is gone. So for those of you who suffer from scar pain after this surgery, hang in there. However, my 'revision' still looks like crap. Really bad scarring and very lumpy. Very asymmetrical.

For those of you who insist on having this surgery, remember to choose a PLASTIC SURGEON who SPECIALIZES in labiaplasty (Such as Dr. Gary Alter or Dr. Red Alinsod). Do not choose a 'jack of all trades' surgeon who does labiaplasty once in a while, among countless other surgeries.

If you want the wedge method, Dr. Alter is great at it. If you want the trim method, Dr. Alinsod is very skilled. Traveling a distance to get it done right the first time is worth it. Paying a little more to have it done properly the first time is also worth it.

Anyways, good luck to anyone who is looking into this surgery. And please learn from my mistakes so that you don't have to go through the same horrible stuff I did.
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Big ego. Greedy. Rude and somewhat cold. Shows little emotion or compassion. He's not very personable and has a huge wall up. Denies his obvious surgical mistakes. His nurses are bimbos. They lie to you about certain things and they don't keep personal information confidential.

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